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  1. Fuji Frontier DL650 Pro Grays Come Out Greenish

    my friend also having this problem too, his is pinkish. Print pattern is ok. Call fujifilm also can't fix it. His DL650 haven't been operating seen month.
  2. Help On DX100 Problem

    Hi all, After few day of Printing, the fault came back again...... After doing Normal and Power Cleaning, gap or no colour on only Magenta. (The Rest Of The Colour is OK!) Change New Printhead & Capping Unit Pump..... Anyone face this problem before ?
  3. Help On DX100 Problem

    Update: After changing the Decompression Pump the result still the same then I change the Capping Unit Pump which solve the issue. What is the purpose and function on Capping Unit Pump?
  4. Help On DX100 Problem

    Ok, will try changing it and see any improvement or different. Thank@!
  5. Help On DX100 Problem

    Ya maybe and hope my old PH is fine. I bought only the PH didn't come with the pump. https://goo.gl/images/ecLQnq - Capping unit Pump https://goo.gl/images/nxqioP - Decompression Pump Unit Do you still remember which one?
  6. Help On DX100 Problem

    The Print Head is brand new just bought it. The gap is at the same before and after changing PH. Which pump do u mean? Decompression Pump Unit or the pump at Capping Unit? Thank You for getting back to me!
  7. Help On DX100 Problem

    Hi all, I got a DX100 having a NG Print Pattern. After doing Normal and Power clean a few day, only Magenta keep having gap or no colour The rest of the Colour perfect. Thing a done : Changed Capping Head and Print Head Anyone know what else can i do?