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  1. SP3000 + MS01 increase resolution

    Hello, I've been able to succesfully install MS01 + MS11 v.4.2 from zero on a Fuji SP3000, but I can't get scan size larger than about 19MP. When I was using A1 software I was able to scan up to 25MP just by setting the greatest print size (305x457mm), with MS01 the exact same size is giving about 19MP also when exporting TIFF. I read somewhere in the MS01 4.2 manual that the SP3000 should be able to scan up to 50MP, interpolating 8 scans by moving the CCD with piezoelectric actuators. Does anybody here have any suggestion on what I can do to increase max scan resolution? Do I need to use Frontman to export larger files? Thank you very much, Luca
  2. Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum. I'm the owner of a fully working (standalone) SP3000 with both 135 automatic film carrier and MFC10AY manual carrier with all the masks. I'm looking for a NC120AY auto carrier, from what I've seen it's pretty rare, but maybe here there's somebody who's interested in selling one. Another question, since I couldn't find any manual of the NC120AY, does it need different masks for each frame size (6x6, 6x7, 6x9) or it doesn't need any? Thank you very much, Luca ImWaffe