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  1. We always do them as negatives and then batch invert in photoshop.
  2. Have you run a control strip to check your chemistry? It is pointless trying to make corrections in your printer if you chemistry is out of balance. It may be incorrectly mixed, not replenishing correctly, or contaminated. Have you checked the replenishment rates on your pumps and calibrated them? Forget playing with the printer until you know your chemistry is OK. Fuji and Kodak both have RA4 process control strips, and even if you do not have a densitometer, a visual comparison of a strip from your machine, and the reference strip will help to rule out a chemistry problem.
  3. There are things out there called control strips - these tell you what your chemistry is doing. To run a lab requires investment - investment in control strips and a densitometer. Sorry to be so blunt, a control strip would have told you what you need to know in under 10 mins.
  4. We have the latest version of Ezcontroller (2 licences/2 dongles) running on 2 separate Win10pro computers with no issues at all
  5. This may not answer your question, but EVERY Noritsu lab owner should have a spare AOM sitting in the spares box. They are so easy to change over, and so easy to see if it has fixed the problem.
  6. We have just installed a 3901G, upgraded our S4 to an HS1800 and are getting an S600 scanner soon. we are still sorting through all the paper work and discs.
  7. Ours will be standard RA process, just like our existing 3202.
  8. We have just ordered a new 3901G as well as an additional film scanner (LS600). We will be running an LS600 on the new lab, and the HS1800 will be on a separate computer running the latest EzyController, being supplied by Noritsu. My reason for putting the LS600 direct to the 3901 is that 70% of our work is 35mm scanning and printing, and slides and 120 are more time consuming and not usually time dependent. My plan is to have 2 staff working on the lab - 1 of them scanning 35mm and printing digital files, and the other doing 120 and slides on the HS1800 with Ezycontroller. Can anyone give me an idea of how the 2 will work? We won't have the new lab for about 4 weeks, but I'm trying to get my mind around workflow. I'm guessing that the HS1800/Ezycontroller will put the files into a hotfolder which can then be printed later - or am I not understanding how it all works? Any info would be gratefully received
  9. They still have to make it, so it will be a little while yet - pretty excited about it.
  10. Don't know if you have the info now, but it is here. http://www.noritsu.com.au/qss3901g.html We have just ordered one to replace our 3202.
  11. Sorry for not getting back on this, but that did solve the problem and was a whole lot cheaper than other options. Machine is now running nice and quietly!
  12. I'm ;looking for a fan for a 3202. Part number is W409647-01 and description is DC Blower unit. I suspect the same part might be also on the 3711, but with a different part number. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks Alan
  13. We have a 3202 with all the options, but when we get large orders with high camera resolutions, from cards or discs, we drop the file size down in Irfanview to 1200px high (4" paper @ 300 dpi). This works fine, and we have done it for 5 years now. We also have Whitech and Kodak kiosks - the Whitech still send the full res customer files to the lab, but the kodak units drop the file size down to the actual print resolutuion. The Kodak kiosks are MUCH faster in that regard - there are probably other kiosks out there which also reduce the file size down.
  14. Can you uncheck it in option registration? I'm not in my lab at the moment, but I'm sure someone else will chime in.
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