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  1. thank you so much. my problem b is from laser. b laser error when the machine is turned on :( no problem in old prints, the machine cannot emphasize the yellow color . Do you know where the b laser current settings are made? machine cannot emphasize white in full.
  2. thanks tiago for your comment. I do not have a problem when I remove the same photo on a thermal printer. the photo is very good. but I am having problems with the frontier minilab. photos at 4.5 * 6 cm and 300 dpi. the white parts in the eyes disappear. I think it originated from b laser or kristals.
  3. hi. I have my fuji frontier 340 minilab. I do not see the white spots I should have in my puppies when I press the photos 4 * 5 cm in size. appears when I take the same photo 10 * 15 or larger. I'm just having problems with passport photos. b laser is said to be an error in my part. what are your views? Is there a problem with the laser or the crystal?
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