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    Hi I have e-station from KIS last week the monitors stops working, but PC and touch screen is working but the screen itself i totally black, i can connect it to another monitor but would like to have it working original. Any idea what could be wrong? Best regards jorm
  2. Hi I need circulation pump for the DKS1710 anyone with spare pump?
  3. jorm

    Circulation Pump For 1710

    Hi Davidlam Im not sure what you are suggesting, i can't buy them locally, so what are my options? Best regards jorm
  4. jorm

    Circulation Pump For 1710

    Nice Send me price, im located in Iceland. jorm
  5. Hi This morning the film processor started with strange sound and came up with 100V power failure Any idea what is going on jorm
  6. jorm

    V30 Film Processor Problem

    Hi and thanks for the help And yes, the diagram was very helpful, my technician did the work, and after some working he found out it was the bleach pump that pumps air into the bleach tank that was the problem, and caused the blowing of some (im not sure what you call it in english) items on the PCB. But machine is now up and running (whitout the pump) but that is ok because i use the machine for black/white processing. Best regards and thanks again jorm
  7. jorm

    V30 Film Processor Problem

    Yes First it comesn up with error cutter L and then R and rhen ca10sec later 100V failure jorm
  8. jorm

    V30 Film Processor Problem

    Thanks for this But no, i don't have any diagram Jorm
  9. Hi This morning the V30 started with strange sound and then came up with on display 100V power failure. Any idea what is going on? Best regards Jorm
  10. jorm

    Dks 1710 Dryer Foam Replacement

    I cant understand, why not just buy orginal from KIS and have no worry. i did that and it works for years. jorm
  11. jorm

    Dks1550 Turret Noise 5X7?

    Hi Relaxia What you call SCSI cable, then you mean standard floppy disk cable? jorm
  12. jorm

    Dks 1710 Dryer

    I think it has more to do with the rollers inside the dryer, are the doing there djob, and make sure the dryer heater is clean and no dust inside. jorm
  13. Hi Can i use this printer to produce 10x15 and 15x21 using 15cm paper? (CK9069(K) Is there someone who is doing that on e-station from KIS Best regards Jens
  14. Hi all I had HP Z3100 but it gave up after heavy use, so i bought Canon IPF8300 and wow i should have done that earlier, ink cost is not the half of the HP and everything from loading the paper to driver settings are much better in the Canon. That is my experince Jens
  15. jorm

    Optical Init Failed

    Well he isn't the first one, happend to me some years back.
  16. jorm

    Optical Init Failed

    i seen this many times on my 2 DKS1710 machines, but after 4-5 restarts is goes all the way and you can start printing again jens
  17. Dear sirs Im looking at PakonF235 film scanner that i can have for good price, but the problem is that i need some software to operate the scanner, the person who owned the scanner has lost the software. So i checked pakon themself but they tell me that this is so old model that the new software from them PSI 3,0 dosen't work with so old model of the Pakon F235. So is there any other software i can use? Best regards Jens
  18. jorm

    Thick Line In Middle Of Prints

    From my experience, this has nothing to do with the rollers in the machine, more likely the developer itself Best regards jorm
  19. jorm

    Dks 1550 Monitor Failure

    Not in UK, but in Iceland, if possible in Iceland then for sure in UK.
  20. jorm

    Dks 1550 Monitor Failure

    This same happen'd to my old 1550, and i had i repaired. jorm
  21. jorm

    Axelcolor Chemistry

    Hi Axelcolor is having some good offer for chemistry this spring, im using Tetenal at the moment and it is working fine, but the price for the Axelcolor is very good so i ask if there is someone that is using that chemistry, and what the experience is. I have DKS1710 Best regards jens
  22. Hi I have this film scanner, but get this error when scanning An insufficient light condition exist, Scan may not be optimal and i can see that they are very dull. Any idea why this is happening, and how to fix this? Best regards jens
  23. My friend got some photobooks from Albelli in the UK, i really would like to know how they make these books, it looks like paper is put into some plastic covers, and then pressed together. Any idea where to get this?
  24. jorm

    Dks3 From Europaminilabs.Co.Uk

    Hi Im sure you will like the DKS3, at least i like my 1710 machines, but you can look into this if you want to get your DKS2 up and running again. http://photo-me.ru/Upgrade-DKS2.html