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  1. Thanks Minlab Service, I'll have a go testing this when I get the chance in the next few days. Thanks
  2. Something similar recently happened to my LS-600. I did a few scans and the colours went strange and pixelated. I tried calibrating again and it wouldn't calibrate. Got error 06322-00001. When I go to scanner sensitivity to look at the waveforms, the red channel is jumping about and very low. Green and blue look normal. And on the self-diagnosis menu I get Scanner Control PCB as No Good. So it looks like the control PCB has a problem. Does the scanner control PCB have opAmps for the colour channels on it? Does anyone know what the self-diagnosis tests do to determine if a board is bad? Thanks!
  3. goldsea

    Calibration Mask SP3000 wanted

    Ok great, thanks for that minilab service.
  4. goldsea

    Calibration Mask SP3000 wanted

    Hi, does anyone have a Calibration Mask for the MFC10AY they can sell? In the UK so would need shipping to there. Thanks!