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  1. I cleaned the rep tanks. I didn't do the rep pumps or hoses. I'll add that to the list of things to clean. I thought the filters in the hose line would take care of that. Water tank looks clean, but I just bought some fuji wash powder to add to it, so I'll drain it anyway.
  2. Update. It has been six hair-pulling months and this still is not fixed. Every time I think I find the solution, it isn't it. I am having this issue where my T15RA is leaving spots down the center of my negatives. The spots are barely visible to the naked eye. I have to hold the film up to the light just right in order to see them, but they are definitely visible on the scans. Weirdly they only happen on Portra and Ektar, I'm guessing because of the film base of those films. I'm also guessing it is stabilizer related, because the spots come off if I rinse the film enough. It happens with fresh stab or not. It happens if I just have water in the stb tanks. It happens when I swap the dryer rack out with another one. I've taken apart the racks and cleaned them. The filters are new. I've changed the crossover racks. I've cleaned the circulation pumps. The circulation is moving. I've flushed the tanks too many times to count. Even so, it seems like every week or two I get more little, hard deposits in the stab tanks and filters.Today I rans some bleach water through the three stab tanks for about ten minutes and flushed them. The second tank had a bunch of gunk come out that I'm guessing was algae. I'm attaching two pics. One of the spots on the negatives. They are really hard to see, but you can see them around the lights behind the negatives. The other pic is a crop of what the spots look like on a scan. They are sometimes much worse than these. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Wolley, when that happens, I turn the scanner off for a bit and turn it back on. It tends to get worse on positives the longer the machine has been running.
  4. While I have never found the answer to this issue, I find that running a calibration gets rid of this problem, at least for a while.
  5. T15

    Kodak DP2

    Anyone know where I can get an old copy of the Kodak Digital Print Production Software? I'm running an older scanner and would like to use it with DP2 instead of the Twain software. Something like Version 10 is what I'm looking for.
  6. I've been using my t15 for a little while now and there are a few quirks I'm trying to address that I believe are related. First, it doesn't save my roll count. Second, when I hit timer and the machine starts warming up, it reads Input main data. Even though I have entered the date and time, it still reads this every time. I can bypass the error with the Yes and No option, but that is still a pain. Also, if I leave the machine sit for bit and the dryer stops, and then I go to put a new roll in, the machine will kick off and take a few tries to reboot. Finally, not only does it not save my total roll counts, it also doesn't save any settings I change, eg temp or replenish settings. It just reverts back to the standard settings every time I turn on the machine. Any thoughts as to what is causing this issue? I think it works pretty similarly to the v30 / v50. Maybe someone has seen this in one of those other machines.
  7. Thanks, Neil. So the machine does nothing but dispense tape? I thought the two wheels on the side that spin in different directions were meant to do something.
  8. Been using the little plastic film pickers for a while. They work well enough, but I have this thing lying around and thought I'd give it a try. Any idea how it works? It's a Crown Photo systems retriever. I have the tape on the spool but can't seem to figure it out.
  9. Turns out it was the foam roller at the bottom of the dryer rack. It was leaving an impression on the negatives as they rolled over it.
  10. I can wash them away, but it is difficult to do so. That makes me think it has something to do with the final rinse. I'm wondering if using tap water to make the rinse would do it. I've flushed the tanks and am using distilled now. There's also a foam roller right after the squeegee that could be the culprit.
  11. I finally got my Noritsu up and running and I'm seeing these spots right across the center of the negatives. I'm wondering if anyone could help me determine what they might be from. They are very small and seem to happen the more I run film through my machine. The spots streak across a few negatives and then stop in a rounded formation, almost like a droplet made of dots. I've already changed out the squeegee rack and that did nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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