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  1. Itachivan39

    ez controller error

    Thanks, i need all software and instructions to install. The bad thing using Windows 7 is the issue of their system recovery doesn't detect external drives. How much weight the software?. One more thing i recently install windows 8.1 so is really necessary downgrade to windows 7?. If it is will do it. You can guide step by step please.
  2. Itachivan39

    ez controller error

    Hi everyone, i need some help. I want to upgrade or change the PC from mi QSS-3501i Plus so i have a pc with Windows 8.1 64bits. My question is what versions i need and my dongle key sentinel safenet superpro still works?. The machine still works wtih the original hardware but i want to upgrade and we have a problem with the colors at the time to print the colors of the pictures are weird. If i wanna do that(UPGRADE) what things a need(instructions, sofware and utilities). Thanks.