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  1. dudao

    Frontier 570 - Dirty paper

    Friends, We have not done the cleaning for lack of time, but something crazy happened rsrsrs ... We changed brand of glossy paper. Before, we used kodak paper and now we're with fujifilm. And it's not messing up the paper ... Very strange!
  2. dudao

    Frontier 570 - Dirty paper

    Hi, thank you very much for the help. I'm going to do the tests and come back to say the results in the future. Thanks.
  3. dudao

    Frontier 570 - Dirty paper

    Hi friends, how are you? I have a dirt problem on paper. Every morning, my first photo revelations on glossy paper become dirty. When the machine is producing, this does not happen, but if it runs out of production for about 10 minutes, again the first pictures will be dirty. I've done all the cleaning of the racks, put all the new chemicals, did not solve. I will attach a photo of the first sheet of paper condition setup for you to analyze If you can help me, I'm very grateful. Happy 2019 !!!