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  1. A couple of weeks ago, I was getting this error along with several others (mostly Image Processing PCB and Arcnet communication error). They would come and go randomly. Sometimes I could print with no problem, but only for a few hours at most until the errors returned. It gradually got worse and worse. I suspected it was a problem with one of the connections to the Laser control PCB or image processing PCB. I removed and refit all of the connections, but the problem was not going away. Finally, I removed some dust from the laser control area, and cleaned and refit the RAM on the PCB. This seemed to have solved the problem. The printer ran for 6 days with no issues at all. Today, this Laser Control PCB error has returned. I was printing normally when all the sudden the printer became unresponsive. It stopped printing completely. I restarted and got the error after initializing. I have restarted several times, but I keep getting this same error. What could the problem be?