October 2018

Mini Lab Help.com is now in the final stages of being handed over to new owners.

We would like to thank everyone for the support over many years and we wish the new owners all of the best to drive this web site for another 20 years. 

A sad time to say goodbye, but also a happy days as this site goes in a new direction.

Goodbye - Neil Taylor 

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  1. davidlam

    Dks 750 Problem

    Dear [ 705 joys ], PCB photos emailed to you . . . Done ! I have Qty. 2 [ Brand New ] first come first serve David Lam davidlam@sinopromise.com
  2. davidlam

    Dks 750 Problem

    0-60982063A KIS part no. Write me email so I can send you the photo of PCB I have in stock
  3. davidlam

    Spots on Negatives

    can spots be washed away manually ? Rinse / clean all processing racks and dryer rack. check for any roller surface have the same sports pattern. Check film loading box too. Good luck !
  4. davidlam

    DKS 750 prints interval

    KIS DKS-750 = another name is called "System 88" built for Kodak [ same machine ] I do have 306 pages (14M) Technical manual PDF to share with fee. Surprise to see your DKS-750 still alive and working . . Wonderful ! My email ... idyndavid@netvigator.com
  5. Sorry for my misleading IF I DID ... I don't have QSS-39xx. I am working to introduce / promote it to my client :-)
  6. Thank you Yustas Sir, you are right ... ... EZ controller software ver. 6.72 is the minimum version to work with QSS-39xxG. I asked as I want to ensure IF my existing [ EZC with Dongle ] will work . . .Thanks again !
  7. Dear Sirs, what is the minimum (lowest) version no. of EZ Controller software that will work well with the latest QSS-39xxG ? Please teach . .
  8. Dear All, any Sir can SHARE with me the "Optional Accessories" for the latest QSS-39xxG ? It will be appreciated if the coming listing has Noritsu part nos. on it . thanks My email . . . davidlam@sinopromise.com, Hong Kong
  9. SORRY to inform everQuestion that J340038 or its New no. ALL both supply discontinuance by Noritsu Japan since this March. Thus the only way COULD BE to get a 2nd hand PCB somewhere else. . . or to have faulty board repair :-(
  10. J340038 is the [ Power 1 PCB ] UNIQUE for V-100 film processor ,,,, different part no. with the [ Power 1 PCB ] with the V-50 one. checking source of J340038 in progress . . . will let you know IF GOOD NEWS
  11. Big Dave please read my email to you ...
  12. davidlam

    Brochure of QSS-39 series

    thanks. will see
  13. Read above. . about 6136. what are the suffix nos. if there are after 6136xxxxxx
  14. davidlam

    Brochure of QSS-39 series

    Will it be QSS-3901G in Photokina ,,, or QSS-3904G ? Booth no. please . .
  15. Both Z009021-01 and Z009020-01 are black in colour . . . As of today still orderable from Japan