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  1. I agree with yutas. it is "magenta raindrops" caused by defective Green laser. We met many times before.
  2. replacing the printer I/F pcb solved the problem, thank you Sirs.
  3. Our company "Sino Promise GROUP Ltd." had acquired Kodak Masterroll cutting Plant in Xiamen in China and Kodak chemical plant in Wuxi in China too. See http://www.sinopromise.com/en/2015-12-01.php or www.sinopromise.com/en/ for more details. We supply Kodak paper and chemistries in Gretaer Asia and is growing. If interested please contact me BY EMAIL so I can pass forwards to our responsibles colleagues. thank you ! david Lam davidlam@sinopromise.com
  4. Reply to Dave S. . . thank you and we will try what you suggested. just don't understand why it happens daily .. once in the morning after QSS- power up
  5. Reply to Yustas. . . . frequency is once every morning
  6. Yeh. Agree that we stop here to wait for more information... i think the said "technician" won't tell Damian Perna which carrier sensor is bad,,,,, or technician doesn't know himself.
  7. , Agreed !
  8. result to share . . . please. People are waiting to hear good news from you. .z..zz...zzz
  9. 1) driver please see this years ago link 2) spare parts for HS-150 & 100 scanner I still have some in stock, please feel free to ask IF NEED or Interested . David Lam davidlam@sinopromise.com
  10. Dear Dave S Sir, it is a common "laser type" laser unit and NOT iBeam model light source. thank you !
  11. Dear Sirs, we have 1 QSS-3501 Plus that every morning we will have prints come out with many strips (see attached), No error message. After power restart machine becomes normal / good for rest of the day. It happens again next morning for several days already. Please advise what could be problem coming from ? ? thank you very much see problem prints here https://app.box.com/s/s1duy6l9cmbto9s3gdi2us7g6y80iwqq
  12. be specific what / WHICH software(s) & manual(s) you need, please
  13. be specific, please
  14. I need to find out latest version no. (as of today )FIRST, then price, then I can quote to my client for both above 1) and 2). If client finds out what I sell him is not the latest version no. I will be in trouble. . . . Hope I have explained my situation clearly, Sirs !
  15. Dear Yustas Sir, thank you for reply your ver. 18.00 I believe is the [ QSS Printer Software ] to be installed on customer's EZ Controller PC ONLY ! . . . while . . . what I asked above " 1) " is the part no. Z811288-01 Description [ QSS- Printer Driver for Windows ] to be used in ANY PC(s) from customer. Sorry that names of different Noritsu software sometimes look similar causing CONFUSION sometimes. Anyway thank you again and Good Day ! David Lam ( davidlam@sinopromise.com )