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  1. KIS DKS 1550, 24 pixel line

    full of scammers there
  2. Epson builds machines for Fujifilm who call them DX100
  3. Need Rollers for Noritsu 120AFC

    we have recently reconditioned one 120AFC-II by replacing ALL upper & lower rollers on it and we are out of stock of some of those too. also.... Rollers replenishment order out to Japan already For 120AFC-II ONLY = 1x A081727-01; 1x A064472-00 ; 2x A064471-00 and 4x A064468-00 David Lam, Hong Kong My email address : davidlam@sinopromise.com
  4. Noritsu qss 2901

    Dear Dave S, good management of old / useful service tips links Dear All, in case someone is looking for a NEW QSS0-2901 Drive voltage PCB part no. J390638-00 I have a last piece 100% new UNOPEN / sealed
  5. Spare parts Qss3300

    which country is retired 3300 machine in ?
  6. damage epson dks 1500

    Dear relaxia, you are replying to a January ( 4 months ago) post. :-)
  7. kodak 7000 printer mainboard diagram pdf file

    Kodak NEVER share out PCB diagram, trust me
  8. J391490 processor I/O PCB#2,,, QSS-37xx paper processor what I saw from the PCB photo
  9. 6913-0004

    I would say or guess 1) faulty of either one of the two PLL PCB or 2) Try to re-seat the RAMs on the Image processing pcb for luck
  10. PC NRT RD4 power supply trouble

    thank you for teaching then QSS-3111 ( unfamiliar model to me) is using Noritsu PC power supply that QSS-3001 (familiar to me) are using . . .. power supply with com port similar . :-)
  11. Hi Herbert images,,, , problem solved ? and how? please share your success story . .
  12. PC NRT RD4 power supply trouble

    Dear Dave S, thanks for check. THUS Forestyl's pc power supply is a common one easily found compatible in pc hardware shops
  13. PC NRT RD4 power supply trouble

    I am wondering if Forestyl's QSS-3111 computer (unfamiliar QSS model to me) is using the expensive power supply with com port from Noritsu Koki ? I mean part no. I038337-00 or I038419-00 ? Just a wild thought.
  14. T15F scratching film

    scratch(es) on film emulsion side or base side ? IF micro scratches, your scanner (IF equipped with Digital ICE feature) should be able to compensate it. in checking rollers on rack, make sure rollers can turn freely when films pass In case of Noritsu V30, 50 or V100 film processor I will check also some roller wearing "rubber ring skin" with many protruded spots... I mean the skin may get swollen creating excessive pressure to films passing by. Good luck !
  15. 2901

    1) Will there any differences IF you expose small prints output in 2 lanes - vs - expose big size print output in 1 (single) lane ? 2) Is "Daily setup" coming out okay ?