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  1. I would say "Image tilted" symptom of above photo . . .I will get advice from my engineers tomorrow ... now almost midnight here
  2. Although H016866-00 is called [ Belt ] by Noritsu. It is actually a (O-Ring) diameter. 3.5cm rubber band like .. Dear yustas, Do you have W410414-01 LVDS cable for QSS-32xx ?
  3. Those filters are genuine one under KIS part no. N060376662 [ REPRISE FILTER ] KIS calls it
  4. .. z ... zz ... zzz Sorry for NOT hearing back from sun360 !
  5. hello tranduc72, 7 days since your 1st post of problem, has it been fixed ?
  6. J490371-00 Sensor PCB (receiver ) and J490372-00 Sensor PCB (LED) Go Service Mode - - input sensor check to check sensor performance to identy before pcb replacement
  7. insufficient sensor cleaning or sensor replacement
  8. Dear Sirs, help me know Noritsu Green & Green II print head part nos. and approximate cost (used and new) please specify currency. Thanks ! David Lam email address::: davidlam@sinopromise.com
  9. the image seems a complete one except those lines. It seems to me that your rotor / print head are still okay Is your printer having Old type Gen II rotor / print head -or- machine had been upgraded to DISK ROTOR & related PRINT HEAD ? every line starts with a different postition / timing. First time I see this artifact. Does this artifact happen on every prints made, big and small ? If you need led Printer PCB 100, 200, 300 & other spare parts, please contact me davidlam@sinopromise.com I am from Hong Kong
  10. eBay auction ended I saw . .
  11. where are you from, Molnar Daniel Sir ?
  12. please share a photo for us to look at . Age of your R2 ?
  13. contact me davidlam@sinopromise.com
  14. Replace part no. N060376662 REPRISE FILTER ( replace old part no. N060225192 ) will solve your problem