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  1. Possibly the floppy disk DRIVE on your QSS-2901 is not working with age. Try to read the floppy disk on other PC QSS-2901 [ calibration plate Unit A ] part no. should be Z021440-01 (replacing old part no. I090171-00 ) at crazily sky price Noritsu Japan is still selling Data inside the floppy disk is unique and MUST match the calibration plate as is sold as a SET. Good Luck !
  2. @DaveS, so far so good after alcohol rubbing rollers inside the magazine. thank you
  3. cleaned again rubber rollers inside the magazine. Let;s see any progress
  4. supplement . . . customer ONLY has one 24" paper magazine so we fail to try on another 24 p.m.
  5. LPS-24Pro was using Kodak paper without transport issue. However after Fuji paper (Tender) replaces Kodak we start to have paper transport from the 24" paper magazine to the printer I don't have paper thickness/ stiffness figures information handy yet ... what other possibilities will cause the problem Driving rollers had been cleaned and cleaned, any other adjustments we can perform ? and 24" paper magazine internally had been checked too. Please teach . .
  6. @kevbo37, had your problem solved ! what's wrong please share hopefully so we can learn from each other ..
  7. @rob22_ what printer replacement parts you need
  8. Sharing of EZC dongle latest look .. 1st time I saw / received them. Experts in the forum know better than I do . SHARING ONLY ! Please Don't ask me price I don't know
  9. Agree with Dave S . . but . . . SeyiAra said relay PCB had been replaced old part no. of Relay PCB could be J390976-xx, the former part no. of latest part no. J391274-xx @SeyiAra, any new findings ? to share
  10. Dear Admin, see my today email sent to you
  11. Normally, the Over-temperature sensing is auto-reset by itself. BUT from our engineer experience it could be dead (permanently open-circuit) and need flow switching assembly.
  12. more..from me IF one Flow switch assembly has 4 wires, that could mean 2 wires for the (Magnetic REED ) FLOAT sensing and the another 2 wires for Over-temp sensing IF one Flow switch assembly has 6 wires, that means the assembly has 2 FLOAT rings and last 2 wires for Over-temp sensing. Hope information helps
  13. Firstly make sure all your CD and BF pumps are working fine... In some QSS- minilabs models.... some of the chemical level sensor Assembly has "over-temperature sensing device internally. that may need replacement in few cases I had met. But I cannot explain why both your CD and BF have over-temperature messages showing up. Good Luck !
  14. @JJJG . . . my other thoughts machine asked you "to remove the film from the carrier . . " means LED light intensity was not sensed properly or still too weak after cleaning so machine thinks there is film (not true) what Scanner model ( ? S-4 ? ) & AFC-II you have with your Noritsu 3212 ? you didn't tell. IF it is AFC-II, it could be failure of W412792-01 Sensor PCB which has many extruded leads of LEDs & sensors outside PCB. Not easy to replace & aware of electrostatics IF Scanner S-4, It could be the J391201-01 AFC/Scanner control PCB problem. Check FIRSTLY the power supplies inside S-4 first IF possible you buy borrow a AFC-II from somewhere else to isolate the problem coming from S-4 scanner or . or .. from the AFC-II carrier Good Luck !
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