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  1. good luck then and have a happy new year to all !
  2. dear Shutter, what is wrong with your CPU board and Relay PCB ?
  3. dear Bakul, which country is your QSF-R402L machine in ?
  4. please contact me by my email address davidlam@sinopromise.com Hong Kong
  5. Not familiar with T15 but in V50 model film processor. . .there is a battery on the main board -AND- a pair of dip switch for battery turn on and off suggest check the dip switches position and / or replace the battery on the main board battery is to save machine settings... Good Luck !
  6. anyone has [ NEW ] squeeze rollers on the #8 Squeeze rack on Noritsu 450L film processor ? Let me know . . and thanks Noritsu part no. A131129-01 and A513182-01 davidlam@sinopromise.com
  7. davidlam

    Dks 750 Problem

    Dear [ 705 joys ], PCB photos emailed to you . . . Done ! I have Qty. 2 [ Brand New ] first come first serve David Lam davidlam@sinopromise.com
  8. davidlam

    Dks 750 Problem

    0-60982063A KIS part no. Write me email so I can send you the photo of PCB I have in stock
  9. davidlam

    Spots on Negatives

    can spots be washed away manually ? Rinse / clean all processing racks and dryer rack. check for any roller surface have the same sports pattern. Check film loading box too. Good luck !
  10. davidlam

    DKS 750 prints interval

    KIS DKS-750 = another name is called "System 88" built for Kodak [ same machine ] I do have 306 pages (14M) Technical manual PDF to share with fee. Surprise to see your DKS-750 still alive and working . . Wonderful ! My email ... idyndavid@netvigator.com
  11. Sorry for my misleading IF I DID ... I don't have QSS-39xx. I am working to introduce / promote it to my client :-)
  12. Thank you Yustas Sir, you are right ... ... EZ controller software ver. 6.72 is the minimum version to work with QSS-39xxG. I asked as I want to ensure IF my existing [ EZC with Dongle ] will work . . .Thanks again !
  13. Dear Sirs, what is the minimum (lowest) version no. of EZ Controller software that will work well with the latest QSS-39xxG ? Please teach . .
  14. Dear All, any Sir can SHARE with me the "Optional Accessories" for the latest QSS-39xxG ? It will be appreciated if the coming listing has Noritsu part nos. on it . thanks My email . . . davidlam@sinopromise.com, Hong Kong