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    davidlam got a reaction from Big Dave in EZ-controller needed!   
    ok.. checking with my supplier for stock ( one piece of USED EZC Dongle retired from QSS machine). Will come back to you ASAP
    IF you have  free time, please help to reset my photo quote so I can paste photos in the future... now is over-quoted
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    davidlam got a reaction from Forestyl in PC NRT RD4 power supply trouble   
    thank you for teaching
    then QSS-3111 ( unfamiliar model to me) is using Noritsu PC power supply that QSS-3001 (familiar to me) are using . . .. power supply with com port similar  .  :-)
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    davidlam got a reaction from Big Dave in Noritsu 430 ailing   
    Totally agreed with Dave S.   it is due to poor Solid state relays solder joint with machine age. 
    check and re-solder all bad joints . . . or make wire bridges bypassing burning area.   I had met a few times this Relay PCB had burnt with hole
    Need to be very carefully and once it is done. . .  .
    After repair . . . Better don't use program timer mode to warm up in the mornings   while  430 was unattended (nobody in shop I mean ) unless you are 200% confident with the repair
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    davidlam got a reaction from daperna in Negative Carrier 3011   
    Yeh. Agree that we stop here to wait for more information...  
     i think the said "technician" won't tell Damian Perna which carrier sensor is bad,,,,, or technician doesn't know himself.
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    davidlam got a reaction from daperna in Negative Carrier 3011   
    Sensor pcb ( Noritsu part no. ) please.  There are many sensors, sensor PCBs and LEDs etc. on the negative carrier
    which negative carrier is it  ?    AFC gen. 1  ?  film format 135 ONLY,  135/240  or others .
    please provide more information so we can comment / help . . 
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    davidlam got a reaction from Ljiljana LM in dks 1500   
    Those filters are genuine one under KIS part no.  N060376662     [ REPRISE FILTER ] KIS calls it
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    davidlam got a reaction from Roberto Peluso in Ez Controller With Dongle, How Is Much ?   
    Dear Sirs,  Is Noritsu EZ-controller Software with Dongle,   version. 6.10.011 good for Windows 7 & 8  ?
    Let me know what is the approximate price in U$S. If you have it let me know.
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    davidlam got a reaction from Jorge63 in Helpful Video For Kodak Printers   
    Dear all,
    Here are some HELPFUL video for Kodak printers NEW USERs     A B & C 
    Kodak 305 printer
             Paper jam                                               https://youtu.be/BLP-pRcEevU
             Ribbon repair                                         https://youtu.be/XGMORpakogg
              Thermal head cleaning – for retailer               https://youtu.be/LFqtkxzmAR4
              Thermal head cleaning – for technician         https://youtu.be/6ffFff_t3lM
    Kodak 68xx printer
              Ribbon repair                                         https://youtu.be/f943Q14CKEw
              Thermal head cleaning                          https://youtu.be/LfpSLe_khJM
    Kodak 8810 printer
              Ribbon repair                                         https://youtu.be/aimObD-EZo4
              Thermal head cleaning                          https://youtu.be/G8sha3JAGZE
    MORE COMING . . 
    ENJOY !
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    davidlam got a reaction from matteus in Bleach Rack On Kis 1550   
    ? ? ?
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