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  1. DO not use auto-correction with bw files (those with RGB colours).
  2. http://uloz.to/xDAon...5-0e-976-xp-iso PWD:"frontier"
  3. http://uloz.to/xDAonWb/c4c5-v5-5-0e-976-xp-iso PWD:"frontier"
  4. So here you are. Just stick teflon tape in to the path of paper going from paper magazin on the bottom of paper cutter as you can see on enclosed images.
  5. Hello Vinay, Can you obtain 100cm of teflon strip or tape? If yes, there is easy way how to help yourself. I will take some pictures of paper cutter with aplicated tape and hang them here
  6. It very common problem. You should ask your fuji technician for "modification of papier cutters by teflon tape".
  7. Hello guys, We would like to buy sleever for 120 films. It is hard to obtain one. New Labokey is 3200€ that is too much. Is there something like that which you can not use, or is no more useful for you, and sellit to us? Thak you in advance Vlado Petras
  8. Check chemical filters first, than check replenisher unit ...
  9. We use Fuji Frontier 355 with C4/C5 V5.5 on Intel Core Quad @2,8GHz. We usually don t have any problem at 3k to 5k prints 4x5 daily. From time to time we use very easy to use PLiska Image Resizer to "set-up" adequate size of images. You can use it to resize images located on Order-It directly from C4/C5 computer.
  10. Hello, We usally buy such things at http://www.gme.sk/sk/elektronicke-soucastky/ssr-do-dps-do-10a/162961694.html Bud this shop is still retailer only. You can write your request directly to:[mail]maloobchod@gme.sk[/mail] or [mail]praha.maloobchod@gme.cz[/mail].
  11. Thank you very much!
  12. petras@foto.sk plz