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  1. 2901 upgrade problem

    In my opinion, the most important thing is that you have to uninstall 2 driver of LVDS and arcnet before you install QSS application. after restart, PC automatic install driver for two above Noritsu's cards. The second thing is HDD compatible with mainboard and scanner. it seem some error when LVDS card import data from scanner to CPU and write data to HDD. Some model HDD easy to accept and machine can work well. In case It can not work well, you can got main control error, some white or black print out while printing, in some case it's very difficult to feed negative into carrier.
  2. thanks Rashty007, Which model of your 27? Mp1600 with new load voltage pcb, new Image PCB type? In my case, beside load voltage pcb, data boards pcb inside mlva head, head, do you think problem come from data itself or data output pcb(the pcb has 2 big cable connecting to data board inside head? or any other pcb? in the past i've used to face with Konica minolta R3( using SEAD technology) print nothing( blank print out), in that case, we have to replace a control pcb inwhich, a FET has problem. do you think there is any FET on data board? Best regards,
  3. Thanks Rashty007, I've tried to replace Load Voltage PCB, but again, 2 transistors on this pcb spoiled. I check any shortage on Minolta BPC-Data PCB inside MLVA head- but no any shortage. I will try to test filter wheel PCB today on 2901, But how to indentify which PCB is spoil? VOAD VOLTAGE, Micro lens array or DATA PCB located inside the MLVA-Minolta branch- spoil), ANY TEST POINT ON pcb or ANY TESTING COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER NORITSU MODEL? Pls. advise due to this machine is only one in my country- VietNam Who can repair MLVA head?Price?
  4. even I initialize data, that mean I use original data from factory for all head, it still has problem. Does it has any realtion with load voltage PCB? due to I replace a new Voltage drive PCB, do Load voltage, error 9005 - Auto gain error and 9000-load Voltage PCB error happen. Now print out are all blank - nothing print out. I will touch inside MVLA today, will update to you later.
  5. that data is from Retired's machine HDD, I try ghost again to another HDD and machine still has problem. I wonder data inside PCB? is it right? but anyway, I did software update from HDD, It's still same problem. FYI
  6. according service manual, you can select type of machine, drive voltage PCB, head type for working depend on part number, I checked and confirmed Drive voltage PCB type is correct: Type 2,While I confused mlva type: mlva head type: 1:(four line? - when I see direct to head, and on the head there is a green mark - type 2), but I tried with both case, same problem. FYI: with current setting, in the past, I can print normally
  7. My machine use DLS, I have a initial data of another machine, use HDD, data, or only initial data from another machine. same problem. In the begining, it can print without abnormal line(duplicated line), after I clean the head, it become worse, after second cleaning and initialize all data, it print nothing- white all print. Found Drvie voltage PCB spoil, repair the PCB, still white - no any light emission out on MLVA head. Try replace new Drive voltage PCB today, will update to you. By the way, in case can not solved, i will open MLVA inside, does anyone has any experience inside MLVA head? Pls. advise. Thanks
  8. CTS Template Viewer Utility

    I sent to you CTS viewer install via email. pls. check
  9. My type of MLVA is type 1, machine type: type 2, load voltage PCB: type 2, This machine is just overhaulted, but HDD is ghosted from a normal-working machine and machine can print out without any error. I've not did uniformity as well as daily setup yet due to even I initialize all data, this still happen. It's seem fixed at indentified position. I've not try with other size, will update when print check on large size, but I think it's same. Lamps is new. About sensor frenchman mentioned, where that sensor? inside head? I think Mlva not moving, pls. advise. In my opinion, banding has stripes horizontally but when you print a line in some test print you can not regconise( in this case, you can see double lines horizontally while vertically is ok), uniformity has stripes vertically, So I confused this is a uniformity problem or not? Pls. advise.
  10. pls. advise what is wrong on my system 27mf-dls. it's print out seem has a shadow duplicated. it make print out blur. But it is not a out of focus case due to it still has a part of print out is ok and just has abonrmal at a fixed position ( horizontally of MLVA head). Pls. help me. all your experience about this abnormal and MLVA principle are wellcomed.
  11. pls. advise me if you face with problem like this for qss2901: print from film and file has some abnormal print: some strike(with yellow or violet) across the print. abnormal print frequency: around 6 print / 36 print. this m/c was upgraded for main, but after upgarding, it can work well, after around 3 week normal working, it got the problem. sometime, m/c has main control error. but I've faced many time for this error and never see this case, is there any noise around? supply voltage is fixed 220V. Do you used to face this error? any PCB abnormal?... pls. advise, thanks
  12. 2901 uniformity canceled

    do u have any backup data before? I think u can use any old backup data and you read a backup data. I'm sure you can find out MLVA data - initial as well update MLVA data in service data backup. At the last solution, you can use any service data of any other 2901. It's recommended to read mlva data only in service mode. it still work well after you do uniformity. I have a set of service data, if you consider this way, pls. pm to me.
  13. speeding up 2901

    in my experience, you can replace whole motherboard which has enough pci slot for lvds, arcnet and for display cards as well as atleast 1 com port( may be in 27dls need atleast 2 com port- because I saw 27 use 2 com port). driver for lvds and arcnet will be automatically be loaded when you install QSS system software. in my opinion, difficulty is that you select which motherboard is compatible with HDD you use, if not you face with main control error. I think you try with some couple main and HDD for pass this compatible.
  14. pls. help me to know up to now, which version of QSS3001 is newest, is it K001? it accompanied with what profiles version? And pls help me to get sys K001 with profile and 1 set of service data. Thanks you In advance.
  15. Hot folder software

    I used to know hot folder in Kodak LED II using PC. Normally hot folder work as a printer server and it can not compared with KPIS in machintosh system. specially in gradiation, it seem less gradiation step compaerd with KPIS. FYI.