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  1. HN have done 8 cents a few times, 15 cents at the moment. Officeworks 10 cents for thermal at times.
  2. Cheapest I've seen in my area was 8 cents for silver halide and 10 cents for thermal. Not that cheap at the moment, I think everybody has decided its all a bit pointless.
  3. So before you turn it off maybe do daily setup just to show a print of the issue. But don't feed the result in, just decline and turn off.
  4. Thanks everybody, I'll go through the documentation and work out if we are capable of setting these carriers up. Thanks!
  5. Its an MMC-II, and have attached a photo of the tools I have.
  6. Thanks Greg, I understand the 120 carrier won't be all that difficult but the slide carrier is a different matter!
  7. Yes, I have a full kit of charts.
  8. Hi everybody, I need to set up and focus two new carriers for a 3202. Does anybody have any written instructions for a 120 carrier and for a 35mm slide carrier that they could send me? Any help would be appreciated! Regards ... Tim
  9. Do people still use flash for passport shots? Crazy! Its so much easier using cheap continuos light systems with a couple of soft boxes, so easy and so good.
  10. I thought the 1912 was a 10" machine, it was a great machine for its time!
  11. Thanks Dave, might get a PC guy to look at both. I know I should have upgraded the PC years ago but thought I would create more issues than I was capable of sorting out. Thanks for all your help!
  12. Everything running smoothly but every now and again it freezes in the middle of the job. No error numbers but have to restart PC, remove paper from inside machine and start again. has done it about 6 times since yesterday. We did think that it used to freeze because the hard disc was on the way out but this is a new one. It only used to freeze about once a month.
  13. Thanks everybody ! Yes agree, floppies are useless!
  14. Thanks! Sounds like the procedure we did a couple of months ago to get rid of a faint blue line!