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  1. Dryer lamp dks kiss 1530

    Zar vam Milan inače ne servisira stroj ?
  2. Dryer lamp dks kiss 1530

    By the way, I charged the customer only 50€ for that repair, probably too little, but it was easy to diagnose and fix, and I did not have to go on site, so...
  3. Dryer lamp dks kiss 1530

    If the prints are coming wet from the dryer, then there is a problem with in a dryer. There are several items to check, most common is blown thermal fuse (there are two inside, replace both, less then 1€ each), bad motor capacitor and that is the most common reason for blowing of the thermal fuses as it starts later and heaters are already ON (it should be 1.5uF, but over time it's capacitance is going down, replace it, less then 3€). Then it could be the heaters itself, but they are wired separately, so if one is bad then the other should work, thermal probe (NTC resistor) or the bad contacts of that probe on the board or in the connector, and on the end, very rearly, the heater or blower SSR relays. Two days ago I repaired one same dryer (customer brought complete section blower+heater assembly to my work place), I found one blown thermal fuse (I replaced both, as the other one looked bad), and blower capacitor measured at 1uF and it should be 1.5uF, I replaced it with the same value, checked the heaters and thermal probe, and both were OK, and that was it
  4. Dryer lamp dks kiss 1530

    That is the densitometar lamp, it should be ON only during during measuring the paper test
  5. DKS3 sharpness problem?

    In the ZIP file (beside 3 sharpness test iamges for DKS2, but it should be OK for DKS3) there are also 2 PDF files, one explain the procedure, and in the other one are markes for tracking changes while doing mechanical adjustment off the angles screws or changes in up/down position off the lens, to be printed on regular A4 paper. This is the download link: https://jumboiskon.tportal.hr/download/37755b7c-8531-442a-9514-c562679503f4
  6. DKS3 sharpness problem?

    By Monday I will post a link to download few test images which I made a long time ago to help you with sharpness procedure, together with some technical info about it and KIS reference marking tables for easier tracking off the screw and lens ring adjustments;)
  7. DKS3 sharpness problem?

    Time consuming process, but there is no other way, piezzo test would also help a little bit. Also, the lenses on DKS2 were better quality, Rodenstock, I think ?
  8. problem with lenses DKS1710

    You need to do few tests, but for some (like Zero Adjustment, the top cover have to be open to mechanically adjust best sensor zero position) and some understanding what you are doing, maybe the best is to leave it for the technitian, but.. 1. Zero Adjustment Go to SU/Settings/Zero Captors + LED 2.Lens and LCD offsets adjustment: GO to tab SU/Settings//OPTICAL/OFFSETS/START 3. Optical centering: Go to SU\Centring\Lens 4.Centering setting: Go to SU/Centring (fine tune on the end, can be skipped if the top 3 solved the problem)
  9. Dks 1710 Dryer

    You can also change the dryer temperature in TransportPapier.ini [CUVE] PasSeparOrdre=860 PasSeparPile=14 TailleMaxPile=1 AttenteNbTopDensito=285 ConsigneAirHaute=70.0 (+10C from standard, used after new dryer start after pause, for limited time period) ConsigneAirBasse=60.0 (standard working dryer temperature)
  10. Beside bing technician for minilabs, in the past I was assigned to monitor E6 process and I run control strip every day and plot the parameters, and correct the process with NaOH and dilute or make more concentrated baths if necessary together with checking the chemistry concentration measuring it for specific gravity, and along that I run C41 and RA4 control strips if needed for some minilab owners. But last time I did it was 10 years ago
  11. Im1500 scsi interface

    Only Adaptec SCSI controller will work, SCSI-2 is I think OK 😉
  12. dks 1500

    It was a long time ago, I was there for 2 or 3 days during installation because there was a lot off work to be done as it was used machine, but it was out off work for a couple off years. On the end, I got paid for my work, but before leaving I realized that just by sound off printing speed that it was slower then it should be, and I stayed couple off hours more to solve that, as I am perfectionist I did not wanted to leave before solving that last issue
  13. dks 1500

    Is that the minilab which I installed in Sibenik ? Anyway, change the filter even with similar car fuel filter, as long it is new it will work correctly for some period, or you can bypass the filter as a short term solution
  14. dks 1500

    Dirty filter or blocked tube (hose) ? Disconnect both input & output tubes from the pump, blow on both to verify if they are clogged, but probably only the filter is clogged, remove it, rinse it or change it for new one. Is that original filter or car fuel filter ?
  15. Im1500 With 120 Mask

    Resolution is the same, Pro is connected with USB, lamp cooling is much better, some improvements in motor which drives the belts, and this are the main differences, I think ?