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  1. computer on frontier 330 damaged

    Hi ! My pbm is that the computer on frontier 330 is damaged. I am soliciting your help to build a new one to increase the speed of image treating. what hardware & software to use for optimal speed ?. any help is welcome.
  2. Shared Ms01 Ver 3.1 + Frontier Program Kit + Ms Option

    Could you please send to elhoussaine1950@outlook.com Thanks a lot
  3. Mcu Of Frontier 330

    Hi everybody one more time i'm having a problem with this computer now it seems that the mother board is dead the hdd's still working ; anyone knows if we can build another unit keep using the hdd's because i don't have installation cd's. Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. Frontier 370 Won'T Turn On

    Hi sir I mean the scanner part
  5. Frontier 370 Won'T Turn On

    Hi everybody As mentionned on the title , the WORKSTATION of the FRONTIER 370 doesn't start up , when connected to the power source only the light on the keyboard illuminate for 1 second and then nothing happened . seems like an electrical problem Any suggestions plz ? Thanks for answering.
  6. Frontier 330 Pbm

    hi all the main control unit inside frontier 330 not starting when turning on the machine but starts when used separately any idea about the source of this problem thanks
  7. Fr 370 install help

    Merci pour ta réponse
  8. Fr 370 install help

    No one knows :-/
  9. Fr 370 install help

    Hi to all I hope i'll find answers to some questions about FR370 installation 1- is it possible to make a new installation without having floppy disk data backup ? 2- what config if must change the hole computer of the workstation ?
  10. Frontier 370 Workstation help

    PM sended
  11. Frontier 370 Workstation help

    hello. first thanks for the help the hard disk is dead i succed to install a new one and NT 4.0 os then sp6 but failed to install A1 due to devices drivers i think it's a problem of configuration of the toshiba equium XL10 cause some drivers are missed and i don't have cd recovery any suggestion please?
  12. cd recovery

    cd recovery of toshiba equium on Frontier 370 needed please really on trouble so thanks for helping
  13. Frontier 370 Workstation help

    Hi to all Hard disk on equium of frontier 370 must be changed some help on how to proceed and which softs to use thanks
  14. nobody can help?

    i wanted to know if someone had replaced the main control unit of a frontier 330 if yes i'll be grateful to know how as i have no way to consult a fuji technical.
  15. nobody can help?

    Thanks for answering