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  1. Hi, can someone help, I need ms01 v4.2 install instructions.


    Thank you

  2. yustas

    Need Ms01 Software

    Please read a private message where I advised the right person to apply.
  3. Please perform laser beam Alignment procedures described in the service manual. I have explained it to you in the chat.
  4. For MS01 v.4.2 you should use MS13 V2.0-0E-011 only. All other versions will not work. please contact me if you need it and I will recommend where to apply to get it.
  5. I guess you could damage or move out of its place a flat wires inside the scanner by pressured air so some sensors have wrong information. reconnect all of them.
  6. Good scanners cost good money. You can spend less but then use it as a furniture in the shop. We have been selling scanners for many years and know in what awful condition it can be. Right now we have LS1100 for a very good money. Contact me by email info@minilablaser.com if you need it.
  7. you can use any scanner for use with Fujifilm minilab. Why only made by Fujifilm? You can use Noritsu LS600/1100 or HS1800 as a standalone USB scanner. If to take a Frontier with SP500 or SP3000 - you can have the scanners detached and used as a standalone ( extra software required - we have it).
  8. Fujifilm Frontier 330/340 series have integrated scanner unit int he main body of minilab. Thus, it cannot be separated and be used as a standalone unit.
  9. First of all, you need to define what part of the minilab makes this line: a paper processor or printer-processor. Close the laser output window by paper and make a paper feed. See at the photo after dryer and if you will see the line- the cause is in the paper processor. it may be the crystals of dried chemistry on the crossover or rack rollers or in the dryer unit. If you will not see any lines - the cause of the issue is inside the laser unit. It has a lot of holes so the dust can cover the optics inside of the unit. The help of a specialist required to clean the optics. Yes, sometimes you need to pay for such works. More detailed, the similar cases I have described on my website: https://minilablaser.com
  10. Max width of the photo is 20 cm (~8cm). Max length of the photo in Frontier 330/340 is 30 cm (~12 inches). No longer pictures are possible to make using this model. Sorry.
  11. A very comprehensive recommendation of where to dig. I think it will be very useful so I am going to place it to my website for all lab owners for the future reference if they meet the same issue with the cream-colored pictures. Brian, Could you send me a scanned photo of the photo paper with this hue?
  12. I recommend to download two brochures from my website and compare all characteristics by yourself. it is here: https://minilablaser.com See under the "Information" menu category "Specifications". you will find there a lot of useful information. Welcome!
  13. Please send us your inquiry to email info@minilablaser.com to receive more information. We are manufacturer and refurbishment center for any Laser modules for any minilabs for 25 years. Minilablaser.com
  14. Not at all. Hope it will help. Send us your inquiry if you need the brand new calibration plate from Japan. It will come to your address directly from Noritsu. parts@minilablaser.com
  15. Of course, the addition of different brand of replenisher might be a cause of the pinky (creamy hue). The next probable causes: - a defective AOM driver of the gree channel (your lab has one AOM driver) - old calibration plate - a defective green laser module We can define the condition of the laser module by measurement of the voltage of the certain components on the laser driver PCB J391160. I have already written the probable causes of the similar issues on my website here: https://minilablaser.com/ Please visit us, register and you will get access to the webpage where you can read the detailed descriptions of troubleshooting of different cases of the problems with image quality. Welcome!
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