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  1. G, B Laser (SHG) Optimal Temperature Setup

    Yes, "minilab service " is right. Ignore of a warning message or an information message was not a good idea. Sometime minilab needs to be adjusted and you should have invited a service engineer to do it (or perform the simplest actions by yourself)... Please read more about the problem troubleshooting of Fujifilm labs here: https://www.minilablaser.com/ Hope it will help you to find some answers to your questions. If you need a laser or AOM driver repair service - welcome!
  2. Please contact me if you need the spare part from Japan (Directly from Noritsu/Fujifilm). We also can supply you with such kit and PCB. parts@minilablaser.com
  3. Need Ms01 Software

    Please read Private Message. P.S Thank you for writing in English.
  4. Frontier PC Upgrade

    I never heard about the transfer of the OS of LP2000 from WinNT to WinXP and I doubt that it will work. Better to find a one-core simplest PC and have it controlled by the OS prescribed by the manufacturer. It is not a problem to find A1. We have ALL software for all minilabs. Almost all. Just send me an inquiry. Also, I would recommend using MS01 v.3.1 for your lab. Much better. One software for the whole equipment items: Basic software, FMPC software etc. To MS01 you always buy different optional modules to have 6 frames viewed on the PC screen, ID photo, etc. Please send me a private message where I will try to describe what you need. or email me at: info@minilablaser.com
  5. how do i download ez controller?

    There are no trials versions exists. The use of EZ Controller is highly recommended (if your model supports it).
  6. FRONTIER 570 white turn to yellow

    Hi, Yes, sure we can help you to have your minilab running again. Please send your inquiry to our email: info@minilablaser.com to receive a quotation for AOM crystal unit. Regards, Eugene
  7. FRONTIER 570 white turn to yellow

    Depends on WHAT to repair... Specify please.
  8. FRONTIER 570 white turn to yellow

    Please read the article I wrote about it on my website: https://www.minilablaser.com See the page "problem troubleshooting" please.
  9. Need Ms01 Software

    :-) Но я думаю, это бесполезно ему намекать, что на международных форумах следут писать по-английски...
  10. Hola Yustas. Veo que tienes mucha actividad positiva en este mundo del laboratorio compartiendo tus conocimientos. Te consulto. Cuanto seria el costo mas barato para convertir en alone una frontier 350. Software. ROM y IEE1394. Gracias

  11. The next probable cause of magenta fogging is a faulty AOM crystal of a green channel. Check it also.
  12. QSS37 has a weak point: DPSS green laser module. We have plenty customers who had similar cases like yours. And at the end, repair of green laser was required. We can upgrade your old DPSS module to the diode one and you will forget about problem with magenta for a long time. Please visit our website : https://www.minilablaser.com to know more about us and our service.
  13. Fuji340 Bad photo

    Thanks. Everything is clear to me. I will respond you by email.
  14. Fuji340 Bad photo

    To understand your problem we need to get the following: - Last print screens of the following menu: B laser data G laser data R laser data Laser exposure check Laser history (Last table) you can send it to our email address: info@minilablaser.com for free consulting.
  15. I always wonder why people spend so much money on such expensive (QSS37!!!) lab and have such results during use? No control? Neglection from the operators? And yes, Dave was right - you should have informed us that your PCB was trash. Of course, the faulty PCB is the cause of your issue. BTW: If you want to order it - let me know the p.n and I will inform the price for it in Noritsu stock in Japan.