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  1. yustas

    Used fuji minilab seller in Singapore

    Please send me your inquiry by email info@minilablaser.com if you need Fuji LP5700 or similar. We have a lot of different very good labs in Germany and no need to risk sending your money to the unknown seller. You can come and test all before purchase. No visa required (yet). Thanks. FF550 - https://yadi.sk/i/jERXKOMQcGWILw FF570 - https://yadi.sk/i/Pbs30yRSs57h-w we also have FF570R The low and fair price. I can also offer you a special offer by email for one more good lab FF7700 - this one is a really good choice.
  2. yustas

    EZ-controller needed!

    We have it. Please read PM.
  3. yustas

    E-2521 G laser (G-SHG) current exceeded

    You can send your module to me and we will replace the whole internal content from old design to the last diode design. We have been doing it for the whole world for 11 years already. Please read more about us: https://minilablaser.com Or we can send OUR module to you and you will replace it. Then you will return your old one to our exchange fund. 2 years guarantee.
  4. yustas

    E-2521 G laser (G-SHG) current exceeded

    I am just afraid to imagine what you will write when you see: "Printer head to be replaced"... It costs around 4500 EURO and you can meet with this message in a very short time. Repair of laser costs 1000 EURO. Self-cost of each print is higher if to compare with prints made by wet labs... So I would think twice before purchasing any dry lab in your financial situation.
  5. yustas

    E-2521 G laser (G-SHG) current exceeded

    I can repeat the expressions of your engineer: "The laser is broken. Replace it." All your tricks with changing of the values will definitely kill the AOM driver. And then you will ask here: "how to make a dead AOM driver working again? It is very expensive to repair it". Sometimes you have to pay if you want to earn. Sorry.
  6. yes-inbox was full. Now all is fine, please send the PM.
  7. Oh, sorry. I missed the notice that there is no scanner. Yes, you need a QSS32 PRO system program for your lab. Contact me if you will fail to find it at Noritsu.
  8. 1. Check the condition of the ARCNET. 2. Check the cable ARCNET for damage. 3. Check the Scanner AFC PCB. What scanner model do you use?
  9. yustas

    Daily setup print error

    I recommended performing the Initial Setup in the first message. Why not do it right after that?
  10. yustas

    Daily setup print error

    Try to perform an Initial Setup. Seems something wrong with the brains of the lab.
  11. yustas

    Fujifilm Frontier DE 100

    So you have a right to ask to return your PH if you are sure in its good condition. Although they can return to you, but not yours. All depends on the honesty of the service center now.
  12. Try our service, please. Ask for a quotation by sending us an inquiry to parts@minilablaser.com with the part numbers and we will respond within one day. All will be delivered directly from Noritsu Japan to your address by EMS (+60,00 US$). Hint: It is reasonable to order something else to reduce shipping expenses (like gears, rollers, filters etc.). All our customers do like this.
  13. Let us return to the solution of this issue after receipt of the module test. Please let me know the results of the measurements. Thanks.
  14. Hi, I have almost all manuals in my magic box but I do not have any docs for QSF-R410L-3U. E-6 film processor. It is a quite rare model and it was manufactured as a limited edition so I do sorry, but I cannot help you with it. Please let me know if you find any manual for this model. Thanks.
  15. I forgot to mention that there is a visible magenta noise. It says about the problem in the green channel of the lab.