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  1. T15F scratching film

    According to our database A085322-00 costs 86,00 US$. I am afraid this roller may be discontinued. Let me know if you accept the price by email: parts@minilablaser.com and I will ask Noritsu for the stock information.
  2. Yes, I do agree. QSS32 series is the best choice for you.
  3. T15F scratching film

    Did you try to catch the leader with a film BEFORE a dryer? Did you try to load the film directly in the first tank without a loader section?
  4. T15F scratching film

    I recommend localizing the cause of the issue by removing the film after passing of each rack and inspecting it for the scratches. Sometimes a few films maybe spent for it. The crystalized (dried) chemicals on the crossovers are the common cause of the scratches (by our experience). Therefore a manufacturer recommends storing all crossovers in the water if the lab does not work.
  5. Noritsu QSS 34 PRO

    Please provide me with: PP model LP model control station (scanner unit) model. Please contact me by email software@minilablaser.com If you need direct contact and more information.
  6. AGFA Dlab2 plus

    We can help you. We make upgrade old fashioned DPSS Shimadzu laser modules into SLD design (semiconductor laser diode) modules. Please read more about us here: https://www.minilablaser.com Price is very attractive. We supply lots of EU service companies (such as Veritek, for example) with AGFA, Noritsu and Fujifilm lasers. Welcome!
  7. NORITSU 3300- laser settings adjustment

    There are no adjustments needed in your case. Please read more about this message on my website here: https://www.minilablaser.com I have described the probable cause of the information message there. See " Nortisu troubleshooting" page, please.
  8. c4/c5 software - Network Problem - not connecting to SP3000

    Please specify what way of connection of the scanner to the server do you want to establish? If you want to use C4/C5 on the server (DI) - you should have C4/C5 installed on the scanner also. We recommend using MS01+MS11 software installed for SP3000 if you want to have it as a standalone unit. Please contact me for detailed information to : info@minilablaser.com
  9. DX-100 Service Tool

    This is a software for Service Centers only. Sorry. We offer it to the service centers and word "share" is inappropriate here.
  10. Is there any color quality difference between fe and ms software

    Please visit our website https://www.minilablaser.com/ and find the page SPECIFICATIONS. There you will find brochures with all data for all labs on the market. I spent much time doing it...
  11. DX-100 Service Tool

    We have.
  12. Is there any color quality difference between fe and ms software

    Strange... :-) I always thought that FE is newer because in some cases it is more convenient for use. For example, an operator can send the order partially to print, by six pictures. MS cannot do it, so if you have an order for example 200 prints, you will have to wait when a lab finish it. Anyway, it is really good to know, that this forum always gives me new pieces of knowledge. We had MS and FE installed in our labs. There was no difference in pictures' quality.
  13. Is there any color quality difference between fe and ms software

    1. Although MS software was released before FE software, MS 01 Basic software is not worse than FE Basic software. Currently, Fujifilm has released the ultimate version of MS01 named as MS01 ver. and MS01R ver. (I do not have it so far)... So as you can see Fujifilm supports its development and seems has forgotten about FE. 2. How to control the chemicals? Hm... Some customers still use control strips and make the weekly reading of them on colorimeters. I recommend applying to your local chemicals distributor and ask them about their way of control of the chemicals they sell. Each manufacturer has its own control system. What you can do: 1. In my company (a long time ago) we had a rule - replacement of all chemicals (in working tanks only, of course) once a year with a complete cleaning of all tanks. Yes, maybe it was just waste of money but we had the best quality of prints in the city. 2. Constantly check the condition of replenishing pumps and their output volume. It must correspond to the amount given by chemicals manufacturer. Sometimes the pump cannot output the required volume of fresh chemicals and working chemicals fade. It makes the quality of pictures worse and worse. And clients run and run away from you. And all due to a small broken broken pump forgot in the dark. 3. Check all the hoses from replenishing pumps to the replenish tanks. Very often it can be bent or clogged by the dried debris of chemicals and it can be a cause of poor replenishment. 4. Keep an eye on circulation in each tank. It is important. So control the condition of all circulation pumps. Same problem with these pumps like with replenishing pumps exist. 5. Be very careful when you remove the BF rack from the tank for any reason. If the chemicals from Bleach-Fix tank (2nd) will come into CD tank (1st) - Color Developer will be killed. Use the special protective covers to cover the CD tank during BF rack inspection. 6. Try to use the chemicals of one manufacturer in one lab. They have been developed as one chain and if to "marry" two or three different chemicals of three different manufacturers in one lab - it will be difficult to have a good result at the end.
  14. Oh.. I read the first message of the topic starter not attentively... Of course, if you want to use qss3301 with just a scanner without wet processor you will have to do a lot of work for it... Sorry, I thought you needed just to convert the qss3301 into qss3301 PRO and do not use the scanner at all.
  15. Is there any color quality difference between fe and ms software

    Only UI (user interface) and way of control of the whole process of printing is different. No difference between FE and MS software in color or contrast at all. I recommend paying attention to the condition of chemicals if you want to have a stable quality of the prints.