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  1. Hi,
    J391179-00 costs 1050 Euro + 50 Euro shipping.

    If you agree- send your inquiry.

    We work by order, sent by email only.

    1. vazma


      I have to confirm that that card does not work.

      Last week I bought you the update for that machine but I have not got it installed.

  2. Please send your inquiry to info@minilablaser.com for this PCB. I will try to find J391179-00 for you in Japan directly at Noritsu Koki. The price I will send you by a private message now.
  3. I guess you need to look inside of the fiber connector and search for debris of fiber. They may block the light. Then you should check the PC INTERFACE P.C.B. J391179-00. Very often this defective PCB is a cause of the problem.
  4. W410414-01 has been discontinued. Sorry.
  5. Thanks for the information. I can help you with spare parts - we have been selling spares more than 23 years already. All will come to your home address, directly from Noritsu (Japan). H016866-00 is not expensive - only 9,00 US$ But delivery is 50 US$ by EMS If you need anything else- you can order it to reduce shipping expenses. If you do not need any parts to add to this belt - so, I think, you should look for this belt at your local market. Good luck!
  6. Time Left: 3 days and 18 hours

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    Capacity Boosters Information for the owners of Noritsu QSS 32 / 32SD and QSS 33: Capacity Boosters A & B is for sale at a VERY attractive price. Using a Capacity Booster Software you will easily convert your slow speed minilab into a fast working machine. Please send an inquiry to our email: info@minilablaser.com for detailed information.

    1.00 GBP

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    We have one kit of EZ Controller which works perfectly on Win XP/ Win7/8 [32-bit]. We offer so-called a Service Edition version (SE). Fully functional. There is no dongle required for Service Edition version. The unlimited number of installation. The set of manuals for EZC is in a kit.

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    Spare Parts for Noritsu and Fujifilm More than for 23 years we have been selling original High-Quality Spare Parts for all minilabs made in Japan! We have a Platinum dealer status at Noritsu Koki Co. Ltd and Fujifilm Co.Ltd. so we can offer you the spare parts at very attractive prices. Hundreds of customers around the globe use our service. If you need any spare parts for your lab, all you need is to send us your inquiry and we will quote you at the same or next day with actual stock information. All parts will be delivered in short period of time from Noritsu or Fujifilm warehouse in Japan directly to your office by EMS or any other major express delivery service (DHL/UPS/Fedex). We also sell: - AOM drivers made in Russia by us ( read more here: http://minilablaser.com/aomdriversale_light.htm ) - AOM crystals - laser modules ( read more here: http://minilablaser.com/newlaser.htm ) - laser unit and parts for repair lasers - software for all minilabs - manuals for all manuals and ready to help you to have your lab running.... NOTE: Also many different used or the brand new PCB are available for urgent delivery to you. We accept payments by T/T to our bank account and Paypal. Please send your list in Excel to: parts@minilablaser.com or just fill the form here: http://minilablaser.com/parts.htm Just compare our prices with the prices of your supplier and join the club!

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  11. oh... Did I write anything about quality? Or about how it goes out from dryer unit? Of course, it will go out without bias from the dryer. I wanted to say that the problem is in the initial stage of exposure when paper sheet hit something inside of the exposure section and laser makes the image not like it prescribed. Your problem is there. Maybe somebody has another thought, ask them, please.
  12. There is a lot of probable causes for such image bias. The main cause of the bias of the image is: something does not allow paper go smooth during the exposure process. First, check the quality of all relay contacts in Printer I/O PCB (it controls the pulse motor responsible for paper movement during the exposure process). Check the condition of this motor. Sometimes the brushes of the motor are worn out and the motor can make the stop during the paper move.
  13. The image is too small to see what is there wrong. Please make gray test and scan it with 600 dpi. Then pace it to any file exchange server and place the link here. May be such way we will see what you have.
  14. We can supply you with I/F PCB the brand new from Japan. Additionally, Noritsu offers QSS Printer software ver.18 (the last version).
  15. We inspected the scan. This sort of banding has no attitude to power supply unit's problem or ground. It seems some sort of vibration makes an effect on laser unit during the start of exposure (a few moving parts [like arms] are in use at this time). Pease try to print the picture with open front door and a top cover (use magnets to cheat the lb's brains). Placing your hand on the laser unit try to catch the moment of the start of vibration. Maybe the laser unit has a problem with fixation? Check all screws and damping resin under them.