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  1. I recommend to check the frequency of each laser in the morning while lab makes such prints. Report here or to me.
  2. I doubt that Initial data from other printer will correspond yours one. Ask the vendor of the printer to provide you with Initial Data CD.
  3. We analyzed the prinscreens you sent us earlier and found the problem. Please read the e-mail message with a solution.
  4. Please be careful. You try to perform action beyond of your skills. It is very easy to kill the optical surfaces by wrong cleaning actions. Better to ask a qualified personnel to do ut.
  5. Finally, do you need QSS Printer or QSS Printer driver software... ? We have both.
  6. 1.Did you swap AOM drivers by their places or just changed the wires? 2. Could you make a printscreens of the following menu: You have the menu: 45D 45E 45G 45F 45K(all history) or B laser data G laser data R laser data Laser exposure check Laser History (Last table) It will be easier to judge about lasers' condition having such sort of information. You can send it all to info@minilablaser.com
  7. The last version of QSS printer driver is ver.18.00 released by Noritsu in 2016. We have it. Supposed to be used under WIIN XP but you can try to use it in compatibility mode to work in Win7. I do not have any information regarding Noritsu NetOrder Printer Driver for Macintosh. Sorry.
  8. You can find it here: http://minilablaser.com
  9. You can find it there: http://minilablaser.com
  10. Questions: - What lab model do you use? - What Profile Data CD version do you use? - What is the exact name of the paper which you use? - What profile do you need? Maybe you search for ICC profile?
  11. Laser diagnostic software has the wrong name and it confuses all people for many years. It does not check the laser! it shows the condition of all chain: AOM driver-cable-AOM crystal. In your case, the green laser generates a magenta rain due to its weakness and must be replaced with new one or repaired. We can help.
  12. Usually, the cause of such magenta rain is a defective green laser module. Please read more about it here
  13. Did you mean a "service password"? If so - you can see it at any page (see top) of my website here So you are welcome.
  14. Please send your inquiry to our email address: info@minilablaser.com if you want to have a full set of manuals for your minilab. Thanks.
  15. What if to read a service manual? I recommend to have a service manual. Here a short extraction from it: