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  1. Frontier 350

    Please invite a servic engineer and pay him money. if you even do not know where the processor located it is very dangerous for you to interfere in this area. Sorry, but sometimes you must pay to other people for their work.
  2. Ez Controller Software Download

    Send me e-message to info@minilablaser.com to receive more information regarding this software kit.
  3. Check the PSU (Power Supply Units) of the lab. I recommend to invite a service engineer to find the cause of it.
  4. anyone know how many 8x10 print per hour for LP 5500R

    https://www.minilablaser.com/spec Here you can download the specification for FF5500R.
  5. Frontier 350

    Yes, I agree here with Jesse Chan. Overheating maybe the cause of restarts of the lab. Even if you cleaned the PSU, fan maybe clogged and temperature raises, and protection switch off the PSU. Dig that way first.
  6. LP7700 Minilab software

    What software do you need? System software? MS optional software? MS basic software of newer version? Please specify... minilablaser.com
  7. Frontier 370 . stripes and error E-2529...

    This is not a virus. please do not open laser unit - there is no end-user serviceable parts inside! Please read more about this error code here: https://www.minilablaser.com See page "Troubleshooting" for Fujifilm, please.
  8. 3702 poor output on red object

    If you have an old profile and use the new type of paper - no need to be surprised that colors differ from desired. Anyway, you will have to obtain it. Any minilab owner must keep the versions of software of the equipment on the high level. What is the sense to try to win the lab if you have no weapon?
  9. Frontier 340 print out got line

    Also, I suppose that you have a problem with the "ground" of your minilab. Please check it also. Poor grounding is the most probable cause of the banding.
  10. Frontier 340 print out got line

    hm... judging by the given link - you have a problem with a green channel of your minilab. Don't you see magenta lines all over the photo? First, try to check the AOM driver. How to check it- read here: https://www.minilablaser.com/fujifilm-troubleshooting Then report here the result of the test, please.
  11. 3702 poor output on red object

    Sorry for the delay in responding to your question. I am on Christmas vacations in Poland in mountains and really do not want to work during it. Moreover, "minilab service" has responded you. In short: if your profile does not correspondent to the paper (for example you have an old paper profile and at the same time use a new type of photo paper) - you will have lots of troubles with color. So if you need the fresh paper profile - just buy it. We also have it.
  12. I recommend downloading of the technical information for Champion chemicals from our website: https://www.minilablaser.com See Noritsu manuals webpage, please.
  13. And moreover EACH page of our website https://www.minilablaser.com has a daily password on the top of it. Just open any page at any time if want to know a password for Noritsu minilab. Fortunately, your minlab does not require a daily changeable password as minilab service has said.
  14. Why cannot you have access there? More than 3000 professionals have already registered without any problem. Just click on "sign in" and input your email and password you like. That is it!
  15. Ez Controller Software Download

    It is a bit tricky. You will have to use EZLab software to use EZ Controller in old labs like qss32... Ask "Minlab service" for it.