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  1. Info on Fuji Fp350

    What sort of information do you need? I placed a few specifications on my website so you can see them here: https://www.minilablaser.com You will find it in the Information section. if you need any manuals for FF350 - let me know, please.
  2. Frontier 330 masks

    We have all that you need. We can offer you a FUJIFILM Frontier 330/340 M69D negative carrier with a set of the inserts for the different film sizes. Please contact me by email if you need the photos of the kit and price: info@minilablaser.com Thanks.
  3. Frontier S Dx100

    I understood you...Please read a private message.
  4. Frontier S Dx100

    What do you need exactly? Basic MS01 software or MSP48 Connection software for DX100?
  5. High-quality Laser modules for all minilabs are for sale. 2-years guarantee. More info on our website: https://minilablaser.com

  6. Buy Spare Parts

    We accept Paypal. Visit our website minilablaser.com and send your inquiry filling the form
  7. Seems your advice is precious but useless in this case. Only the change of the plate will help them. if you need a new calibration plate- send me an inquiry to parts@minilablaser.com
  8. Please check the condition of your calibration plate. Sometimes it may be a cause of such issue.
  9. Tank Capacity For A Noritsu QSS 3202

    You always can download the specification for your minilab here: https://minilablaser.com/information/specifications/ Please sign up if you have no registration at our website. It is easy and worth doing.
  10. Brochure of QSS-39 series

    If you need any brochures for your minilabs- visit my website here: https://www.minilablaser.com you will be able to find it in the "Information" section.
  11. Yes, we have these p.n. in the database... Z009021-01 - 35,00 US$ Z009020-01 - 30,00 US$ But I doubt that they can be ordered because a long time ago we had a notification from Noritsu that QSF V30/V50/V100 are no more supported. So these p.n are subject to check availability.
  12. It is just old so the rubber is such bad condition. Everything is getting older so no wonder that this part has died. Unfortunately, this model is no more supported by Noritsu and it is not possible for us to provide you with the brand new part. So you need to search for it on the second-hand market. There are lots of film processors for disassembling. Some people give the whole lab for free just asking to take it away so I hope you will find the part easily. Just a piece of advice for the future: after each working day - take out all the racks from the working tanks, clean them with warm tap water and stay on the tray for drying. Be careful not to contaminate developer with the drops of bleach during the process of removing the racks. First take out the first rack (left) and then close the tank with a protective cover (some labs have it) or any protection against the drops of bleach from the second rack. I hope it will help to have a longer lifetime for the similar parts.
  13. Noritsu V30 RA - Low volume film processing

    1. you can run exposed films to have the chemicals active. It is difficult to say the exact # of films to be developed daily. But I think 10 pcs enough. Do not forget about the compensation of chemical evaporation. 2. I recommend having the full set of manuals for your lab. You will find lots of answers to your future questions. Send me PM, please...
  14. And it is not possible to make qss3705 from QSS3701 without a certain hardware, Just a Capacity Booster PCB "i" is not enough.
  15. I know that each lab of qss37 series has only one Capacity Booster PCB. No need to write it to me in every message. The only meaning of my listing of all possible Capacity Boosters was to show the process of the upgrade, Each Capacity Booster PCB for QSS37 contains ALL previous boosters' features - that was a meaning of my post. I have never written that qss3704 has 3 PCB at once installed. Thre is no need to make the upgrade of QSS37 like on QSS32 series adding one by one booster to increase the printing volume.