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  1. Beach Photo

    Dks 1770 service manual

  2. Beach Photo

    Color Profile

    I find that it is the chemistry not the profile that is the problem
  3. Beach Photo

    Beach Photo

  4. Beach Photo

    Developer Pump Does Not Replenish Dks1710

    Your welcome. At one time I had the drain hole in the bleach tank clogged up and bleach was getting into my developer tank and killing it real fast. It took me 3 changes of developer before I found out the problem.
  5. Beach Photo

    Developer Pump Does Not Replenish Dks1710

    That was kind of my point. You have to lower the level of the tank to force a signal. I have never seen foaming developer either. In that machine the recirculating circuit is so weak I cant believe is is foaming the tank. I think the eauRev pump works on a formula instead of fluid levels.
  6. Beach Photo

    Developer Pump Does Not Replenish Dks1710

    Have you tried to lower the fluid level in the Developer tank to force a signal to the pump and get it going? It seems to me the pump is not getting a signal to replenish.
  7. Beach Photo

    Kis1550 Stb Chemistry Goes Bad

    Here in NY I use tap water which is flourinated and chlorinated and filtered by reverse osmosis and irradiated. I think the small amount of chlorine in the water slows down the algae.
  8. Beach Photo

    One Rack Stops Turning Dks1710

    I also had prints jam in the Blix tank, but it was once in a while. It was hard to find the trouble because when the rack was on the bench and I ran paper through it there was no jamming. Put the rack back into the tank and make prints, and there would be jamming again. I found the problem being the black gears were worn on their shafts and would wobble and miss the matching gear to turn the shaft. That would stop the internal rollers and cause a jam. If you test all the gears and look for a little wobble, replace them and solve the jamming problem.
  9. Beach Photo

    Usa Technician Needed For Kis Dks 1710

    did you find a tech yet??
  10. Beach Photo

    Kis1550 Stb Chemistry Goes Bad

    ​I started using FUJI water conditioning tablets in all my stabilizer tanks and the tanks lasts months before I need to clean & replace. You can also get water from another source and see if that makes a difference, starting with the worst tank only. This way you do not have to carry too much water and it is a good test to see if it is your current water supply.
  11. Beach Photo

    Imagus Film Scanner

    I bought 2 PSU's for my scanner at $850 US and it turned out to be the USB CABLE!!!! Try a brand new cable first, it could save you money. By the way the diagnostics said the bulb was burned out.
  12. Beach Photo

    From Photo Shop To Mobile-Photo Shop!

    I agree completly. I spend a lot of time looking through the files for one or two photos, and make pennies. Customers on the Kiosk have to upload 2,000 pictures to find only 1 photo!!! And then ask for help because they cant find the one they want and accuse your machine of deleting it!!!!!! I have many customers with very expensive cameras that I have to fix EVERY photo because they do not know how to take pictures........even with auto everything. This is so time consuming that making a living is impossible. With digital I get a hundred customers a week, with film it was thousands and I made a great living. Digital is fantastic in what it can do, but for us small guys, its the end of a wonderful and rewarding business.
  13. Try another paper response and if that doesn't work to your satisfaction use color overrides to get better color
  14. Beach Photo


    I use the 12 inch magazine and make the print 12 x 15 and trim it. They don't make 11 inch paper in rolls and 10 inch is not wide enough.
  15. Beach Photo

    Dks 1710 Chemistry

    I have used Champion for maybe 15 years and it has worked very well for me. It also was cheaper than manufacturers products.It ran clean too.