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  1. p2 heater thermostat activated - formation

    Hello Vinay, I got the same error several times. In my case it was always cleaning the heater that solved the problem. First drain P2 tank in some clean containers and filterthe solution with some cloth. Clean your rack and tank and most importantly, take your heater down and clean it on the inside! Change the circulation filter. That should work. It did for me.
  2. P2 safety thermostat activated. Heater turned off.

    @manager SSR was changed about six months ago. i don't think it will cause problems soon. This time it was the dirty heater. i also changed the filters. thanks @chanti32 I really think that its a bad ideea. you're only keeping the safety thermostat from powering the heater off, whitch means your heater is overheating. it might work on short term but you will eventually have to fix this. Why else would fuji put a safety thermo there. Have you cleaned the heater as well? or just the pumps? I bought the SSR relays from an Omron distributor, took about two weeks, aprox. 50$/pc. good luck
  3. P2 safety thermostat activated. Heater turned off.

    PROBLEM FIXED! As Sintar said, i have cleaned the inside of P2 Heater and it worked. Thanks Good luck
  4. Hello, My fuji 370 has been showing E-2625 every morning for the past week. P2 safety thermostat activated.Heater turned off. After a while, the temperature rises to 38, but this can take a few system restarts an 1-2 hours. Does anyone know how i can fix this. Thanks Radu

    i would recomend Fuji pearl instead of kodak metalic. maybe it's just me but the colors are much more vivid on pearl
  6. help - red lines when scaning film

    No one knows what can cause this?
  7. help - red lines when scaning film

    anyone, please!
  8. help - red lines when scaning film

    Screenshot of scan Screen: Scan from one of the prints
  9. help - red lines when scaning film

    Hi, without any error message showing, my scanner - sp2000 - began to make these red lines on the film. i've cleaned the mirror box, carrier, lamp, filters, etc. recalibrated my scaner, but nothing worked. Fuji 370 I'm opened to sugestions. best regards Radu PS:I will upload screenshots tomorrow.
  10. Scanner temperature to high

    i was thinking about AirConditioning. But i thought that this was a more severe problem. Come to think of it, i only have this problem in the summer. Thanks
  11. Scanner temperature to high

    Hello, i keep getting an error "Scanner temperature to high, keep room temp. under 30 degrees" obviously room temp. is lower and i checked the cooler and the filters, they all seem fine. does anybody know what this is? Thanks, Radu

    i've sent you the software at sajalbhagat@gmail.com
  13. Frontier 375 stuck on startup, very strange...

    My 370 did that a few times when i tried to start the printer alone. You should try switching of the printer and scanner, and after setting them on standby from their switches, start the scanner and let the scanner start the printer.
  14. please help - P2 solution heating very very slowly

    Problem fixed. changed SSR on PAC board. Thanks
  15. Printing Longer Prints with 370

    If anybody knows a method/trick , even if it means physically altering the machine please tell me. This is very important.