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  1. hi you must reduise zoom you in cadrage
  2. hi all its possible to install cts in normal computer if yes how ? thanks
  3. hi send picture please
  4. HI poste picture please
  5. hi look you private message i have send you message good luck
  6. hi PM me i will help u
  7. hello all somebody have some idea for this error error synchronous and after error laser B thanks for help
  8. hello all somebody can share for me ez mall for qss 2611 please thanks all
  9. hi until mong time i have this error but nobady can help help please thanks
  10. Hi Guys Im looking for a copy of the EZ mall software. Can any help me to share it i have 2611 thank s all
  11. HELLO ALL i search service manual for qss 2921 dls somebady can share it for me thanks my email is cndgora@yahoo.fr thanks for help
  12. HELLO how to turn off digital ice thanks
  13. hello i hve QSS 3011 if i print digital image i dont have noise but if i print negatif film i have noise in picture somebody can help me to solve this probleme to obtain best quality thank s all
  14. hello error is here help please
  15. hi all connection are good sometime the machine can print pore than 200 pictures after error came but until SIX days he cannot print