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  1. Qss 27 Prints Only Black - Help

    Hi Dave, I have repaired it. Thank you!! To resolve: Changed the lamp and resolved the problem. I think the lamp died. The last time changed the lamp was 2014-12-12.
  2. Last year, I changed the Processor Control PCB. And resolved the problem.
  3. There is no error when printing. But will only output BLACK Paper, either when I printing the Emulsion, will output the same result. (As the 1st image) I used the Dichroic Setup (and output the blue color as 2nd image) When I use the Lamp Measure (3rd image), appears 164% !? Please help me!! thank you!
  4. Qss 2711 Dls - Cloc Printer Card

    My card can be detected by windows and can be installed the driver. Worked perfect. But yesterday, my local had some problem with the 110AC electric, my parent cut the cable accidental, so cause the "ground, neutral, live" were shorted. After that, I open the DLS PC, and I found that DLS Software can not read the card. But in the Windows Device, it appears like normal. Then I saw the 4 LED on the CLOC Printer Card are OFF. So, I think the CLOC Card was shorted. Please help. thanks!!
  5. Who have the CLOC Printer Card for the QSS 2711 DLS? The card number is: H143059-00 thanks.
  6. Currently I have the serious problem with the chemical faded. I use the QSF-V30 RA. The chemical use C-41. There are 1~2 rolls per month. But after developed the roll, the image and the numbers/code(1,1A,2,2A...) of the film is too light. Just like you developed wrong type of roll (something like positive). I think the chemical CD is the main problem with the chemical faded. I added 2~3 liter of new chemical per each time i want to use the machine, But it is too high cost to me. The BL, FIX currently I added 100% juice of the chemical without any water. (I don't know is it too strong for the film?) The STB just only 100% water. So, please anyone can help me, what is the best thing to do? thank you.
  7. I need the MP 1600 SYSTEM PROGRAM 1-A,1-B,1-C and 2. I lost the floppys. Please help me, thank you!!
  8. Page ? which book? I would like to know which book are you using for that problem. thanks.
  9. I have same problem with this error, I just wait some minutes (around 2~4 mins) after boot up the machine, then they are communicating each other again. It is very common happens every morning of day to me, but I don't know what happen with it.
  10. I will probe on next month
  11. Now, I fixed it. You must enable the QSS2711 printer on the DLS Software and never disable it.
  12. Mp-1600 Stand Alone Garbled Prints

    It could be the Data output PCB (J380168)
  13. Hello all, 3 days ago, I did the "film advance correction" and the system appears error that it couldn't be corrected. So the strange problem was coming, the scanner can't correct the daily correction(can not work the full correction neither minimum calibration) which request by the DLS Software every day . I went to the "scandiag.exe" and intented to correct the error, and I restore the NVMemory but it appears error of the checksum that sound like my backup data corrupted, and then my magnification motor position and focus motor position had been changed and I didn't copy the data, so now I don't know the correct values of these datas(something like attached image). Now the scandiag can not correct the focus neither the magnification automatically. I will be very appreciated if you can provide me your NVMemory.dat and/or the magnification motor position and focus motor position. thank you, David
  14. Who can tell me how to use the Uniformity Manual Correction for QSS2701? There are some options for Detail Setting 1-2 Block 2-3 Blok.... 9-10 Block 1/9 Correction Width : 0.00 mm (0.00~9.99) Correction rate: 0.00% (-9.99~9.99) Dot Correction rate (left):0.00% (-9.99~9.99) Dot Correction rate (right):0.00% (-9.99~9.99) thank you
  15. Noritsu 2711 (Image control Unit Error)

    I think there are some posibilities: A, Problem with the LVDS Cable. and its conection. B. Reinstall The LVDS Driver for windows. C. Virus on the Computer that the DLS System can't operate correctly. -> Reinstall Windows and its components OR Call the Backup of the system. D. Reinstall System-1A,1B,2... of the Noritsu QSS2711 DLS. D. Image Control Unit could be defeat. -> Buy one or ... hope can help you..