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  1. Good morning Christina my name Juan Carlos I need software N1 ver:4.0 FUJI FRONTIER 7700. Do you have this? Can you share with me please.

    My email. is carlos_2170@hotmail.com


    Best Regards..

  2. Bonjour, utilisez le manuel d'installation ms v4.2 pour lp7500 avec sp3000



    1. minilab francais

      minilab francais

      Merci c'est ce que j'ai fait mais toujours pas de connection sp3000 vers frontend  lp7500 pouriez vous me dire là ou j'ai peut etre fait une erreur

  3. Christina Rose

    Epson d700 using Frontier S Software ?

    Hi, Did you check Fuji MS01 support Epson D700 printers? Because One of My friend who has D700 and want to use Fujifim MS software. Regards CR
  4. Dear Christina my name is Juan Carlos I have a problem with minilab fuji frontier 370, when I printing the photos shows Shades of different colors,  I swap AOM driver but my problem continue, please check my  file.


    I hope your answer

    Best regards..





  5. Christina Rose

    Installing Frontier Ms01 In 5700 With Fmpc

    Solved ??
  6. Christina Rose

    F340 Can'T Print When Srgb Color Conversion Selected

    I think its one of the limitation of S2 program. It allows just No conversion option only.
  7. Christina Rose

    Frontier 570 Software Needed In Full For 2 Pcs

    you have to make sure which software is going to be used with machine like FE, MS01 etc...Again need to arrange those softwares. As far as my experience, its not so easy task just like installing MS office. So better check with local engineers those who carry out minilab software installations.
  8. Christina Rose

    I Need Software Ms Ver.4.0

    Your MS13 lan spool version should be match with your current MS01 version. So whats your MS01 version ?
  9. Christina Rose

    Anti Dust Shutter...... Solutions

  10. Christina Rose

    I Need Software Ms Ver.4.0

    Would like to know how did you make copy from original?
  11. Christina Rose

    Ms01 V4 Installation Manual

    I have the installation manual.
  12. Christina Rose

    Yellow Upkeeb In Frontier 340

    Could be laser. I have had the same problem with frontier 550 and found that it was the problem with laser.
  13. Christina Rose

    Fujifilm Frontier 330/340/550 Aom Repair.

    Hi, I understand that Original JAPAN made AOM's are quite expensive compare to china made. But Quality will be excellent. It may last many eyars compare to china made. Its True that even as its new, some china made AOM wont start ( SOS error on start up) . ( Have had some experience). But they give warranty for one year. so there is no harm to try. :-D Regards, CR.
  14. Christina Rose

    I Need Software Ms Ver.4.0

    Hi, As far as i know MS software cd's are comes with high level copy right protection. you cant make simply copy out of that. Correct me if i am wrong. Thanks, CR.
  15. Christina Rose

    Optimal Temperature Of B-Laser Is Ng

    Hi, You need to clean the anti dust shutter / sensor which is at the bottom of laser unit. Regards, CR