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  1. Can I upgade the hardware in my G3 kiosk

    chris C it took me 3 days to crack it in my upgraded g3 ,.. but it took me several weeks to find a g4 with hav the facebook app n other apps ,and to convicts the owner of the g4 to allow me to copy some the files from it, then it took me another one day to crack it in my g3. i am looking for the new v5 apps. now, anyone here hav it??
  2. Can I upgade the hardware in my G3 kiosk

    Sorry guys but there is only one thing i can do to help u guys.. i'll let u know the hardware spec ,.. for the g3/g4 upgrade later ... and clone a image for u guys... jz drop me a mail. Hope this will help u out ,photocare. if u read the above i have already gav you the most important data, the key to upgrade the g3 or g4 is in the windows registry. Pls study it.
  3. Can I upgade the hardware in my G3 kiosk

    Sorry to reply this late, i wz very bz this few months, kodak g3 can be upgraded to v4 with all features including facebook,.. using any type of mainboard,card reader or dvdrom. Even faster than the latest g4x spec. Don't ask me how , i wz warn not to tell.
  4. kodak kiosk problem

    have you tried to reset the bios?? probably can do..
  5. Can I upgade the hardware in my G3 kiosk

    i won't want to be going into very details on this , but i can let you know..the things you need to make it work , first you need to have the ghost CD , not any kodak cd , the one which comes with the amd processor version. The ghost cd for the G3 or g4x doesn't work. secondly you need to have a little knowledge on windows group policy editor , registry as well . As you all know , most of the functions are lock, so you need to unlock it using gpedit. frenchman , do you have the installation disc for the picture dvd maker ?? i can actually enable most of the function in by bypassing the software but some of it require installation of some specific files. i will post the pictures of the g3 station to prove it,.. when i m free.
  6. Can I upgade the hardware in my G3 kiosk

    frenchman ,.. sorry to tell you that you are wrong , i manage to use any board to upgrade the g3 to the latest version V4.0 ,.. you jz need to know how to install the device driver in it n set the usb port. i am willing to share this secret if anyone who can offer me the enabler disc.
  7. kodak V4.0

    ok , thanks for your info.
  8. kodak V4.0

    kodak kiosk v4.0 , is there a way to exit te program to windows?? ctrl + alt + del wont work.. anyone tried before?
  9. kodak kiosk problem

    thanks guy , .. its the board faulty.. jz got it replace again.
  10. Kodak G3 Picture Kiosk

    http://www.kodak.com/global/en/business/retailPhoto/support/downloads/printerFirmware.jhtml?pq-path=2300879/2300944/2300720 try this link, there is two types of firmware , one for kiosk and one for the standalone printer ,.. try downloading it , it might work.
  11. DKS 1500 General Questions - General Needs

    Do you have the backup for the constant, parameter and variables files? Coz if you dont then you have a big problem in the getting your setting back to its origin.
  12. kodak kiosk problem

    thats the cd.. im using to do the installation ..but its still the same.
  13. kodak kiosk problem

    yes, i have my 6800 printer connected to it.
  14. kiosk G4 calendar print out problem

    its from the thermal printer.. and on 6r size paper... sorry to reply u guys so late
  15. kodak kiosk problem

    need help urgently,.. i just got my pmg4 mainboard replace from kodak, and i started reinstalling the whole program, the problem is when the installation completed.. there is only one function available which is the save cd function only, all the other application ( prints, photobook or greetingcard ) are not available. i check in the setup, the available setting for the function is missing too. what did i do wrong during the installation??? i ghost the hdd using the gsos cd then install it with initial cd v1.5 and then the application cd v2.0, i even tried v4.0 is still the same. anyone have encounter this problem before?