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  1. Getting my D700 on Monday, no more Kis and chemicals . Kis can kis my arse haha
  2. Hi Our lab's dryer fan stopped working. Machine is working fine, prints coming out wet. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. LJ

    Thick Line In Middle Of Prints

    Looks to me lcd board is going, common KIS problem.
  4. LJ

    Kis Dks1510 Dongle

    Its working thanks Pskaro, It was software for the hasp that was missing, appreciate your help and hope you have and have a merry xmas.
  5. LJ

    Kis Dks1510 Dongle

    Hi cant seem to find the right driver for dongle, I think I met have used wrong speck motherboards, does anyone know what type of motherboard I'm supposed to use. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. LJ

    Kis Dks1510 Dongle

    It is on the motherboard.
  7. LJ

    Kis Dks1510 Dongle

    Hi Pskaro thanks for your help, I have set LPT port to LCP, installed the driver but no luck still.
  8. LJ

    Kis Dks1510 Dongle

    Hi I"ve replaced motherboard on minilab pc, everything is working but its not picking up dongle in lpt1 port. Any help would be appriated. Thanks System 80 minilab
  9. Hi I am looking for software Kodak Cts template generator to use with system 80 minilab. I'll appreciate anyhelp. Thanks (South Africa)
  10. LJ

    Get Wither Whites Dks1510

    How do you do a custom paper response?
  11. LJ

    System 80, Print Off Center

    Hi, it says system 80DLS, but takes two cartridges at same time, one on top and the other at the bottom. Both cartridges are single track though. Any help would be appreciated on how to centre the top cartridge. Thanks and a blessed Christmas to everyone. Regards Lambert
  12. Hi I've got a kis system 80. It takes two cartridges, but if I use the top loader I get prints that is off center. When I take the same cartridge and put it in the bottom deck, it prints fine. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  13. LJ

    FUJIFILM MINILAB SFA-238  Problem E-6650

    Check levels and top with water. If that doesn't help, take machine cover off on right side. On each tank there is a thermostat and level sensor, unscrew and pull out, then you will be able to clean level sensor. Hope it helps
  14. LJ

    Mitsubishi 9550 dw help

    I had the same problem with mine, was sorted out when they replaced the cutter. Wasn't too expensive.
  15. LJ


    You can get it from Uni-Colour in Beijing. They wrote the program. http://www.uni-colour.com Hope it helps.