October 2018

Mini Lab Help.com is now in the final stages of being handed over to new owners.

We would like to thank everyone for the support over many years and we wish the new owners all of the best to drive this web site for another 20 years. 

A sad time to say goodbye, but also a happy days as this site goes in a new direction.

Goodbye - Neil Taylor 

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  1. EstimuloVisual

    Pac20, ctp20, pwr20

    PWR is located in the printer or scanner?
  2. EstimuloVisual

    Pac20, ctp20, pwr20

    Hi everyone, Does anybody knows wich functions delivers these circuit boards on Frontier 370? PAC20 CTP20 PWR20
  3. EstimuloVisual

    Paper Feed Motor go Inverse Frontier 370

    Thank you Minilab service!
  4. EstimuloVisual

    Paper Feed Motor go Inverse Frontier 370

    To solve this problem I have to change the drivers or the entire circuit board? Thank you Minilab Service
  5. EstimuloVisual

    Paper Feed Motor go Inverse Frontier 370

    Hi everyone, About a month ago, one of the paper feed motor went to the inverse direction. For me is not a strange issue, since a had the Frontier 370 this happened every year, mostly when I have a lot of prints to do. An electrical technician friend of mine change the four step motor drivers from PDC20 circuit board. And I changed the four stepping motors from the printer. All works fine until today. One of the stepping motor get inverse. I been using the lower deck paper magazine during this issue, and check this out: the upper cutter did the cut 3 times....so strange. Before that, just turned off the Frontier. Back in process, I could print about 600 6'x8' sheets without any problem. Could be the wires from the PDC20 to the stepping motors? Could be the circuit board? (It has several time working -about 19 years-, and several stepping motor drivers changed) If anybody know something about this, please let me note. Thank you!
  6. EstimuloVisual

    Buy Spare Parts

    Thank you Minilab service
  7. EstimuloVisual

    Buy Spare Parts

    Ok! There is the only shop who sell the lamp for AD100?
  8. EstimuloVisual

    Buy Spare Parts

    Hi, the last days i've been searching the AD100 auto densitometer lamp and a kind member, 'minicab service' of this forum sent me this link: http://minilab.com.ua/shop/product_info.php?products_id=271547&language=en Any of you purchase some products in that shop? I have no experience shopping without PayPal payment method. Thanks!
  9. EstimuloVisual

    Lamp for AD100

    Thank you Minilab service.
  10. EstimuloVisual

    Lamp for AD100

    Hi everyone, Last year, calibrating CA Type Fujicolor paper, the AD100 densitometer couldn't reach density measurement OK. So, I took an AD300 and measurement was OK. I want to know where to buy the AD100 lamp and which brand is it. Thank you.
  11. EstimuloVisual

    Lines on prints parallel to transpor

    Thank you Minilab service. I decided clean it again when new filter arrive.
  12. EstimuloVisual

    Lines on prints parallel to transpor

    Hi! I'm printing on my frontier 370. I have some white lines on the prints, all sizes. They are parallel to transport. All optics of laser unit were cleaned with a camel hair brush, soft swab and anti static microfiber for optics. Also the mirrors were cleaned (some dust on them) but I didn't clean the polygon. The filter of the anti dust fan is full of dirty (it is no more white, I never replace it) After the cleaning, these white lines changed the position on the print. They are visible only in uniform and half tones backgrounds (for a common costumer are not visible). What more a have to do to solve this issue???
  13. EstimuloVisual

    MS01 Tethered Printer

    Hi. Wich version must show the printer on the lcd panel for running MS01 as tethered printer?
  14. EstimuloVisual

    Strips On Print

    I have the same problem in my SP2000. Did anyone solve this issue?
  15. EstimuloVisual

    Bright And Dark Banding On Prints Frontier 340E

    I have the same problem in my Frontier LP2000. I opened the paper unit, I cleaned the dust inside, but the problem still exist. The technician said to me not to open the polygon unit, maybe is full of dust too. Did you solve this problem in your Frontier?