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  1. Lines on prints parallel to transpor

    Thank you Minilab service. I decided clean it again when new filter arrive.
  2. Lines on prints parallel to transpor

    Hi! I'm printing on my frontier 370. I have some white lines on the prints, all sizes. They are parallel to transport. All optics of laser unit were cleaned with a camel hair brush, soft swab and anti static microfiber for optics. Also the mirrors were cleaned (some dust on them) but I didn't clean the polygon. The filter of the anti dust fan is full of dirty (it is no more white, I never replace it) After the cleaning, these white lines changed the position on the print. They are visible only in uniform and half tones backgrounds (for a common costumer are not visible). What more a have to do to solve this issue???
  3. MS01 Tethered Printer

    Hi. Wich version must show the printer on the lcd panel for running MS01 as tethered printer?
  4. Strips On Print

    I have the same problem in my SP2000. Did anyone solve this issue?
  5. Bright And Dark Banding On Prints Frontier 340E

    I have the same problem in my Frontier LP2000. I opened the paper unit, I cleaned the dust inside, but the problem still exist. The technician said to me not to open the polygon unit, maybe is full of dust too. Did you solve this problem in your Frontier?
  6. Auto Washing Nozzle cause overlaped prints

    Hi guys! Finally i found the cause of overlapped prints in my frontier 370: the Auto Washing Nozzles. Maybe I made a mistake during the assembly of them, and for some reason the crossovers gears doesn´t work well with the racks. So, i´m working without the nozzles and all prints were OK. A technician friend of mine told had the same problem in a Frontier 500, with nozzles out the problem was fixed. Try with this if you have the same problem. EstimuloVisual
  7. Prints overlapped in Fuji Frontier 370

    Thanks for your data Jason. I´ll check out all shaft holder brackets, although I´m still thinking the problem appears because of soft rollers... Greetings from Argentina EstimuloVisual
  8. Prints overlapped in Fuji Frontier 370

    Hi white06lacrossecxs!! Wich rollers did you replace it? Could you tell me exactly wich ones i should replace? Thanks!! EstimuloVisual
  9. Prints overlapped in Fuji Frontier 370

    Hi Eoughphily !! The problem still... and deffinately is in the stabilizers, not in developer or fix/bleach racks, the prints came wet as water, with no chemicals. The rare thing is this: when you use distrution function, only in one side overlap the prints, i´m clearly? when i set Distributor "NO", the prints came OK, all of them. So, yesterday i tested with 160 prints 4x6" with distrution function activated and the processors covers opened, using paper feed... no one were overlapped...... unbelieve, 15 minutes before y made 4x6" prints from a coustumer and the overlap problem happened.... So, as you said, I´ll check out rack 6 rollers if their sahpe are in good conditions. Thanks again Eoughphily!! EstimuloVisual
  10. Prints overlapped in Fuji Frontier 370

    Thanks for your help !! I did all indicated before, but the problem still appears... I checked out all processors racks, all crossover racks, all shafts, gears, dryer net and everything it´s OK.... Most rare is yesterday i made more than 250 4x6" prints (the problematic size), no one were overlapped. Today I made about 200 4x6" prints, too many were overlapped.... In fact, after finished all works, i did tests with "paper feed", checking one by one all racks and crossovers, and no one were overlapped!!! It´s make me crazy, ´cause the problem didn´t appears everytime I made 4x6" prints. I´m still looking for the cause of this problem, i hope i find it, when i´ll make it I tell you what cause this. If you know any other way to fix it, please let me note! Thanks a lot again MasterLaser, manager & Eoughphily, EstimuloVisual
  11. Prints overlapped in Fuji Frontier 370

    I did that, and everything it´s OK, also i tighted the springs... :-/ anyway, thank you!!
  12. Prints overlapped in Fuji Frontier 370

    Hi !! I have this problem with my Frontier 370, when i make only 4x6" prints, (I didn´t try in a smaller size). Not always but somedays the prints come out overlapped, so the counter sensor check one print, not two. And then the alarm sounds, "paper jam in dryer section". So, i tighted all racks springs, i tested all crossovers, and the problem still appears. If you have the solution to this trouble, please let me note!!! Regards, EstimuloVisual
  13. sfa 238

    Hi Mario, the FUJI SFA-238 had a conversion kit, who´s at this time, i think is difficult to find it (but not impossible). We have 2 FUJI SFA-238 converted to CP-43 FA. First of all you need a dispenser, new hoses connections and replenishment filters and modify the replenishment rates. I hope help you with this data. Best Regards, Estimulo Visual
  14. Dimensions of SP2000 & DIC worktables

    Hi, Jvc1986, Congratulations for the investment, you can download a .PDF with the dimensions of the SP2000 at: www.apsimaging.com/catalogs/350_370Specs.pdf or http://aaaimaging.brinkster.net/pdf/fuji_frontier350_370.pdf Best Regards, EstimuloVisual