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  1. adem

    i have frontier 550 the probleme machine is not booting the msg is frontier ........(8 dots) you can help me please

  2. sisir

    Rom Mode

    How to access ROM Mode in Frontier 550. I can access It in Frontier 370
  3. sisir

    Rom Mode

    How to access ROM Mode in Frontier 550. I can access It in Frontier 370
  4. sisir

    Frontier 370 Menu Display Combinations

    Menu-Menu-Menu-Enter down arrow-down arrow right arrow down arrow enter enter enter
  5. sisir

    Solid Grey Is Gradient

    This is dirt on the glasses inside laser optical unit
  6. sisir

    Upkeep Ng

    As you are using AD300 most often you will get OK.
  7. sisir

    Sos Detection Failed.

    Always seller install the unit, so it is recommended to contact with your supplier.
  8. sisir

    Shadows In Photos In Frontier 375

    I am facing this problem with 5 machines about 5 years and they are till working...!
  9. sisir

    Shadows In Photos In Frontier 375

    @bil123, please describe your comment clearly.
  10. sisir

    Gpa23 Failure - E-4241

    Try to change the memory.
  11. sisir

    Frontier 375 Please Help. What'S Is This?

    Not for Metalic Belt.
  12. sisir

    Stain Of Photo Print

    you should check your FMB20 PCB first.
  13. sisir

    Condition Setup Problem

    You should check the chemistry, also paper may be heat fogged. Just check the difference of whiteness between the two papers. If both are same you should take care about chemistry.
  14. sisir

    Frontier Minilab 350 Lp1500Sc

    Just install FMPC.
  15. sisir

    Start Up Precut Paper Dirty

    This is from you chemistry. Replace the Tank solution. Firstly try by changing only the PSR tanks (PS1~4). If problem does not disappear, change the P2 Tank solution.