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  1. elmo4599

    QSS 3101 Magazine Emulsion Change

    I forgot all about this post but operator selections are not it. We can restore from the "good one" to another 3101 and it does not ASK for the emulsion change so it has to be a setting maybe in service mode or somewhere embedded that is not seen. Any other ideas. (Promise not to wait to long for the next post...lol)
  2. Lab has three 3101 that we still use for production work. We have one 3101 that is set up differently than the other two and I cannot figure out where in the software the different setting or selection exists. Two 3101 run the F series software (same version) and the other runs the G series software. One machine running the F series software when the magazine runs out of paper it prompts a magazine change just like all the others do as well. BUT one 3101 allows us to run a paper emulsion balance before it continues on to the print job. The other two 3101 do not "ask" for this and I cannot for the life of me find where in the software this selection exist to change the other two machines to prompt the emulsion setup after magazine change. Getting too tedious to select no on restart and then have machine error out and I have to reload job again from where it left off. Hope that makes sense as I really could use an answer.
  3. elmo4599

    Sending Data Issue--Help!

    I have many MP1600 and this issue comes up as we operate stand alone. While XP can be used over Win 2000 I would not recommend it unless you are an experienced Windows user. I assume you have canned the SCSI hard ddrives at this point and found everything running very smooth. I assume you run etiher 5E or Cat 6 as well. We have had this problem and have found it to be a Newtork Traffic problem. When you send to the hot folder (See your Regedit netorder path) how many other computers have network access to the computer that feeds your Noritsu MP1600 computer? If you have over eight connecctions with XP PC to PC then you can always install another network card with a static IP specifically to talk with the MP1600 computer or isolate antoher computer to just feed the images to the MP1600 computer. I know it sounds redundant but Noritsu talks its own language altogether. This solved it for us but you may also check your network connections as it may be marginal. If you are using the netowrk connection on the motherboard, try a PCI network card or PCI Express network card for the computer. One of these should solve your problem but we have not found it to be any part of the Noristu system.
  4. elmo4599

    2711 - Flatbed scaner lamp

    I am new to the forum but your answer is easy. Ebay for a 9600XL Scanner and that will solve your problem. The only difference between an off the shelf 9600XL scanner and a Noritsu 9600XL scanner is the eprom chip they installed. You can swap the two chips out and the assuming the EBAY bought scanner is functional, it will interface perfectly wit hthe Noritsu system. Otherwise it will not interface with out the chip. Good luck.