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  1. Kis 750 problem

    the mirror sits above the paper magazine. Remove the mirror and then replace it making sure that it snaps into place
  2. Bushings (green one in racks)

    Try prince rubber and plastic in India (exteramly cheap)
  3. Racks Not Turning

    Hi I am also looking for a tank can board, if you find a supplier plrase let me know.
  4. Kis 750 problem

    Hi Try re-setting the mirror
  5. dks 3 spare parts manual

    Hi Does anyone know where I can download a spare parts manual for the DKS 3
  6. DKS 3 colour is green

    The minilab was in the middle of an order when the prints started to print green. Does anyone know what could be the cause? We suspect it to be the green LED.
  7. dks 1750 colour issues

    Hi I am still having problems with my DKS 1750. We are using Kodak Rapide Developer & fixer and we use Kodak Lorr Bleach fix, with Kodak Edge & Royal Paper. Kis have said that it is a paper response problem and have sent a Baberri densitometer to calibrate the paper. The kodak service engineer contacted Kis when the densitometer arrived to let them know that no software had been suppiled with the densitometer which they then emiale to the tec. After trying to get this densitometer to work with not luck we then contacted France once more and were told that they have trid the densitomter on thier machine and it does not work. This all took plce between 12 Dec 2008 and 17 Dec 2008 and we are still awaiting a response and this is now going on for almost 1 year. All I can say is that the service from Kis really sucks. Hope you can assist in any way. Rgds Ravi
  8. dks 1750 colour issues

    Hi Guys I have been having colour issues with my 1750. I cannot get the machine to print yellows and greens. The yellows print mustard and bright greens(neon greens) print a dull green.I am using kodak chem. and paper. I have complained ot Kodak South Africa and non of the tecs seem to know what is causing the problem. The french say that a paper response needs to set for the kodak paper, so the kodak tec trid to change to a different response and it did not make any difference at all. I have even tried changing to Konica paper and RT chemical with no luck. There als0 seems to be no deffinition on all my prints and I am getting better colour out of the Kodak Dye sub printer than my million rand digital minilab. Kodak have now decided to replace the entire print head so we'll see how that pans out. I was just wondering if anyone else has a similar problem.
  9. Kodak Endura Paper

    Hi I have the exact same problems as you regarding thumbnail images, software freezing, and the endura paper have a brown cast, in addition I am having colour issues with my machine. I cannot get the machine to print yellow (it prints mustard) & bright greens (it prints the green a dull green).