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  1. A letter - film processor with film automatic load system. With this option can be models QSF-V50A and QSF-V100A. Can be film processors with many letters and digits at the end ( -50, A, AB, ABSM, AEX, AJ, ASM, B, BSM, E, E-1, E2, EX, J, P, S-1, S-2, S-3, SM ) . For example QSF-V30P - pull push option, QSF-V100J - Tetenal ecojet ( tablet ) replenishment, QSF-V50SM - Kodak SM replenishment, QSF-V100ASM - automatic loading and SM replenishment... Difference from regular models ( QSF-V30, QSF-V50, QSF-V100 ) - only options, which they have.
  2. Noritsu V30 tank times and replenisher rates

    QSF-V30 processing speed - 307 mm/min. Time CD 195 BF 69 FIX 136 STB 122 DRY 122 seconds. On models QSF-V30P speed can change. To find replenishment rates and temperatures look your chemicals datasheet.
  3. QSS2921DLS recovery

    The latest are DLS System software version 3.0 and enhanced service software version 3.0. No latter versions. Probably you didn't install enhanced service software. If on server 5 HD then also have archive and have to re-install software for it. After re-instillation can load backup ( if have it ) . Then all previous Kodak software settings will return. There are Kodak updates 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 120, 121, 122, 124, 125,126, 905, 922. Some of them already included on version 3.0. When have SCSI the best to make image files of hard disks. Then will not have problems, if one of them will be broken.
  4. V30 for black and white developing

    Yes, it is possible to change processor speed. There are QSF-V30P and QSF-V50P models, which have pull - push ( speed control ) option.
  5. QSS2921DLS recovery

    I'm not owner, but engineer and have recovery, software, upgrades, optional modules, manuals and many other. Also know how to reinstall all. Your model is QSS-2921 DLS ( not DLD ) . Write private message, if really need them. Why do you think that have re-install all? Maybe just some problem with IBM server ( BIOS settings, hardware ) . Before reinstalling check all SCSI hard discs. Is your server with archive board ( made by IBM ) . If yes - have this software also.
  6. Pac20, ctp20, pwr20

    All they are not printer boards. PWR20 is on scanner. CTP20 and PAC20 - on processor.
  7. Pac20, ctp20, pwr20

    PWR20 power supply distributor, CTP20 processor control pcb and PAC20 processor output board to control pumps, heaters and etc.
  8. Paper Feed Motor go Inverse Frontier 370

    Have change board, or repair it. Board repair is not driver changing. Engineer should be experienced and change what is really faulty.
  9. Paper Feed Motor go Inverse Frontier 370

    Problem on PDC20. It is typical fault on 350, 355, 370, 375. Many times repaired these boards, when motor randomly rotated to different direction.
  10. Do not know, why to replace fuse ( or some other element ) , which is not broken. Use my troubleshooter ( March 16 post ) and you find what doesn't work. All possible ideas are there. Check all step by step and you will find what is wrong. Now we even do not know what does't work - motor, or sensor.
  11. Using Ezy Controller

    Hello. I think when Noritsu supply equipment they explain how connect what you have. To minilab can connect few computers with EZ controller. Just have install minilab software and register it. Can use order managers ( to set priorities ) . Also can be used EZ LAB software. Other possibility to install LS-600 and HS1800 on the same computer. Of course at the same time can scan just on one of them. When scanner is connected to the same computer where connected minilab then you just choose picture source ( film ) and can select what to do ( print pictures, print index, scan, or few services ) . If in short - the same as you see on older minilabs ( for example QSS32 ) . Noritsu has optional hotfolder software. If want can use it . Also to print files can be used print driver. I have all software and know how to install. Just you have to know what you need.
  12. Brochure of QSS-39 series

    Thomas told that will be QSS3904G. Anyway what is difference, which minilab to see? QSS3901G and QSS3904G printer the same - different only processor. It is similar system, as was on QSS37 series. QSS390xG processor can have only standard replenishment system, or replenishment from Fuji cartridge ( CP49 ) . These minilabs will not have SM, or J ( Tetenal ecojet tablets ) replenishment options. Noritsu will be represented by Noritsu Germany ( Dipl-Ing. Thomas Mumken Sales GmbH ) . Hall 03.1, Stand A-020, the same where they where on 2016.
  13. Brochure of QSS-39 series

    These minilabs where released. Just two minilabs in QSS39 series - QSS3901G and QSS3904G . QSS39 is based on QSS37 - just slightly improved. Who want to see this minilab can see it in one month on Photokina. Also there will be dry printers - QSS Green III and QSS Green IV.
  14. frontier 330

    Probably AOM driver faulty. Change G and B channels ( G input with B input and G output with B output ) . If after that see SOS error ( 2529 ) - replace AOM driver. Have repaired AOM driver. Also can exchange your not working with my working, or repair your faulty AOM driver.