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  1. EzController — Using .RAW files

    What is EZ controller version? Older versions can't open big files. Latest versions can do it. Try to upgrade.
  2. EzController — Using .RAW files

    Do the same how you make scanning to .jpg ( using scanner ) . Choose channel ( should be selected scanning and dis-selected print and indexprint ) , change source ( HD instead film ) , press Start and open .raw files. Then process and save files. If you set .jpg scanning service files will be saved in .jpg. Also can try to open .raw files with third parties software. If you can - just save as .jpg.
  3. Slow Digital Imaging Controller Computer

    Yes, you are right. To use MS01 you need re-install all ( scanner and server ) . If you do not want change system and work with FDIA software then take some faster computer, install there Windows XP or W7 x86 ( 32 bit version ) . Then install import export software and can work as you worked before. On scanner do not need to change anything. Pay attention - on Windows XP , or W7 x86 have to use the latest version - 5.5-0E-976.
  4. Ez Controller Program Timer

    Timer settings are stored not on EZ controller. Timer settings stored on minilab. From EZ controller you can just change timer settings. Even if EZ controller is OFF your minilab will start, if your timer enabled. Timer settings can change during post operation check, or go to menu directly.
  5. ARCNET Error - remove scanner from QSS 3300

    Original QSS3300PRO software need USB dongle. I have software and know how bypass no dongle error.
  6. Exchanging SP3000 software for long prints software

    Long length software for LP7100/7200 and LP5500/5700 are absolutely different. LP7100/7200 long length software was created by Noritsu for Fuji branded minilabs. Software not enough to have long length - need add hardware. If to install can print 914.4 mm ( instead original 610 mm ) . LP5500/5700 long length software was created by Fuji. Can be two long length options - to print 914.4 mm ( software + expensive hardware ) , or 640 mm ( only software ) . Without them - print length 457 mm. Have long length software for all these minilabs. All software from your your list also.
  7. Hi, May I know Changing of  Red laser in 570 Frontier is easy  ? Is there any adjustment  in software is needed? If there is  anything to take care, please let me know .thank you.

  8. EZ Software V. 6.72.004

    Hello. On which Windows you tried to install? Did SQL installed correctly? It should be installed automatically before software instillation. C++ also. Try to run EZ controller testing tool. Look hardware and software status. Is your QSS Green IV connected through RIP computer? Which software version there? Do you have error, when RIP computer not connected?
  9. Ez Controller Settings Input Selection Help

    Have to install third parties software to map camera as a drive. I know "MTP drive" ( can see all files and folders inside camera - the same as to open from Windows ) , or "PTP drive" ( can see only pictures, video and audio files - from all folders, can't see folders ) . These software are not free, but not expensive. If you use these software on Windows you see your camera twice - regular ( as was before ) and mapped ( with drive letter ) . Ez controller software will see only mapped camera. Both these software have demo versions, so can test them.
  10. D1005 ceck cable

    Your software is not the latest, but good enough. The latest - printer software version 7 and profile 4.54 ( your version 5 and profile 3.20 ) . If your printer connected to RIP computer then problem on RIP computer ( driver, USB hub, USB port ) , USB cable , or printer ( USB port, printer board, power supply ) . Have check all. Can replace USB cable, connect to other RIP computer ( have to install driver, printer software and Epson printing module ) . If even after that have error then problem inside printer. Have to check power suppliers, USB port, internal USB cable ( between USB port and control board ) . If all OK - probably control board faulty.
  11. Noritsu QSS3111 Arcnet Error

    On some minilabs is possible reserve error. On other - wait quite long time ( about half of hour ) . Few times had to run minilab software without minilab ( installed on regular computer ) and managed bypass ARCNET errors ( got them, because minilab not connected ) . Even if can't get to menu you have to see different error extension ( it should depend which boards disconnected ) . ARCNET noise is noise coming from one of boards. Noise can cause faulty board, or bad ARCNET connection. Many times on ARCNET test software saw that ARCNET communication with all boards doesn't work. It was enough disconnect one board and all board worked ( except disconnected ) .
  12. Noritsu QSS3111 Arcnet Error

    Go to software version check and look which boards you have communication and which have not. Maybe you have ARCNET noise from one of the boards. Try to test step by step. Disconnect ARCNET from printer. Then should be communication with scanner and image processing board. If OK - try connect back printer and inside it from printer control pcb disconnect ARCNET cables, which are connected to other boards. When disconnecting ARCNET cables error extension should be different. This way you can find what doesn't work.
  13. D1005 ceck cable

    How your printer connected - directly to EZ controller computer, or using RIP computer? Check printer driver on device manager. What is printer software version and Windows?
  14. SP3000 - Lines on scans

    Yes, can be that test is OK, but have noise. I see your GPA23 is in SLOT4. When one board used default position is on SLOT3.
  15. SP3000 - Lines on scans

    If GPA23 works then lines can cause RAM, or GIA23 board. Have replace them, or test on other scanner. Software upgrade not required, when change them.