October 2018

Mini Lab Help.com is now in the final stages of being handed over to new owners.

We would like to thank everyone for the support over many years and we wish the new owners all of the best to drive this web site for another 20 years. 

A sad time to say goodbye, but also a happy days as this site goes in a new direction.

Goodbye - Neil Taylor 

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  1. Minilab service

    MS48 with Frontier DX100 - Failed to communicate with job server

    I have MSP48 and instillation manual. Have all other manuals ( service, user, maintenance and etc ) . Also have Epson software, which can use with this printer. Have two maintenance software for Epson ( SL-D700 ) and Fuji ( DX100, Frontier-S ) printers ( to reset counters and make high level adjustments ) . Write private message, if really need some of them.
  2. Minilab service

    DX100 help.!

    Ask software supplier. If he sold - should explain how to install correctly. To install DX100 choose MS01 Server with Printer Support ( recommended option ) , but I can connect DX100 to other servers also.
  3. Minilab service

    Need Epson Order Controller

    The latest version is 3.2.0. I have it, but it is not free. Have two versions - full and light. Also have service manuals, maintenance software ( to reset counters and make high level adjustments ) . Write private message, if really need some of them.
  4. Hello. 1.Do not understand why to correct files using EZ controller. If really want - can do it. Just choose export to media mode ( on main window can choose print, index print, media export, or few of these options ) , 2.Hot folder is optional software. 3.You can write where you want. Choose destination on print channel ( HD, CD, DVD, USB, SD...) . 4.Do not understand question. If you asking about engineer password then it is 2260 5. Have all EZ controller manuals. Also have the latest EZ controller and all optional modules ( there are many of them ) . EZ controller can work on any Windows ( even W10 x64 PRO ) . EZ controller can work with dongle, or online can be activated and work without it.
  5. It is just reset and nothing else. Reset takes few seconds.
  6. Minilab service

    Input Main Data Fuji FP150SC

    Fuji FP150SC is film processor made by Noritsu. It is QSF-T15F. Some adjustments do not need any passwords - just select and can adjust. Other settings are protected by password. It is "+ − + −". To make highest level settings have insert Noritsu service floppy and on keyboard have enter password "SHIFT + − + YES". Floppy disk and floppy drive should be working.
  7. Minilab service

    will the fuji dx100/de100 be able to connect to kodak kiosk g4x?

    For Fuji printer there is Hotfolder software. If your Kodak can support Hotfolder then you can use it.
  8. Minilab service


    Self check for fiber optic doesn't test Digital Ice pcb. This board doesn't have ARCNET connectors. Probably you have not connection with Digital Ice control pcb. It is small board with ARCNET hub on it. Do you have connection with other boards ( processor, printer and etc ) ? If yes - it is quite strange, because other boards are connected through hub on Digital Ice control pcb. Can you upload ARCNET test result screenshot to see what you have.
  9. Minilab service

    Fuji Frontier 340 - upgrade of software and hardware

    Even the latest Fuji software MS01 4.2 can work only on W7 32 bit version. For this software resolution - 1024 x 768. If they used Fuji 500 software then you use FE software ( S2 installed on server ) . It is old, but quite good. On this minilab can use FDIA, FE, or MS software. Do not see very big difference, if to use them on this minilab. You can open one frame to edit it. Also can reprint order, if need it.
  10. Minilab service

    Calibration Mask SP3000 wanted

    You can order it from Fuji - p.n. 345C1066194 . It is just piece of plastic and not expensive. On other hand easy can make it yourself ( from plastic ) , or print on 3D printer.
  11. Minilab service

    Aom driver unit 3501 PLUS

    Hello. Glad to hear that all where solved. You not first and not last who had to change AOM driver. It is typical fault on Noritsu, Fuji and Agfa minilabs. Do not though out faulty AOM driver. Can give it to repair and have spare. If do not need it - I can buy this faulty AOM driver.
  12. Minilab service


    S2 and C4/C5 are not important, when we are talking about densitometer. A1 version is correct and it is enough to work with densitometer. It should support AD200. Maybe really have some hardware problem ( connections, board ) , or some problem with software. On other hand if your minilab works with AD100 you can use it with this model.
  13. Minilab service


    Select correct densitometer from Fuji menu ( on minilab computer ) . To use AD300 A1 should be version 4. By default selected AD100 and that is the reason why AD100 works and other models not.
  14. Minilab service

    Aom driver unit 3501 PLUS

    Only very beginner can say that Cyan is Blue. Experienced engineers and minilab operators know what is CMYK. Red laser beam on paper makes Cyan color, Green laser beam makes Magenta and Blue beam makes Yellow. Blue color on paper can be when missing Blue laser beam and on paper missing yellow color. On your test prints I see color changes between Green and Magenta. That means problem is in Green channel. You are right - first change AOM driver and then see. It is typical fault on minilabs. If AOM driver changing will not help you be prepared to change G laser head. Sorry, but it is typical fault also.
  15. Minilab service

    Aom driver unit 3501 PLUS

    As I told you many times can use any Noritsu AOM driver. Can use new, or older models ( even from QSS3000 ) . Of course replacement should be working. Red color will be good. There used laser without AOM drivers. Faulty Red would cause changes between Red and Cyan ( not Blue ) .