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  1. Minilab service

    QSS 3212 ARCNET communication error 6901-0010

    When you installed QSS-3201/3202/3203 Software Version 6.00.013 you had only scanner AFC communication error, but you didn't have communication error with other boards. After that was enough to install PRO software and this error should disappear. You didn't need to make recovery. If after that you did not recovery then PCI board should work, as it worked before. Maybe you accidentally disconnected one of ARCNET cables ( transmitter, or receiver ) from minilab computer. Now you have not communication between PCI/ARCNET board and Digital ICE control pcb ( all other boards connected through it ) . When you removed hard disk you probably moved computer, or even disconnected it. Might be one of ARCNET cables is connected bad ( pulled out ) , or messed when connected back ( messed transmitter and receiver cables ) . Try to remove PCI-ARCNET board from Windows device manager and install again. Check ARCNET cable connections on computer and Digital ICE control pcb. One is clear - until on ARCNET test software you will not see Digital ICE control pcb then you will not see all boards on minilab. You can't update boards now. Only when have ARCNET communication you can upgrade them.
  2. Minilab service

    QSS 3212 ARCNET communication error 6901-0010

    It is very interesting - got software from Noritsu and how to install we have to explain. When software get from me I support customers, explain how to install and make settings there. On first your message I see "I have the error "6901-0010 ARCNET communication error. Scanner AFC" on a QSS3212". That means you had Windows and software installed. Then why to make recovery? It was enough to upgrade software to PRO version. If you did recovery after Noritsu software instillation you had on device manager remove PCI-LVDS/ARCNET board. After restart driver should load properly and you should have ARCNET and LVDS connections. Try do it now. After that you have to make software upgrade manually ( because automatic upgrade failed ) . If even then have ARCNET errors disable QSS startup and run ARCNET test utility ( it is on your computer ) . Then can check all ARCNET. Do not load initial data. You better load backup. On backup settings are current. Using it all settings will be restored and can work the same, as you worked before. On initial data minilab settings when it left factory. Since then minilab had many changes. Also initial data will not restore your print channels. They are only on backup. Backup files can be on floppy, or some other.
  3. Minilab service

    QSS 3212 ARCNET communication error 6901-0010

    During instillation you missed one thing. Ask your software supplier. He will explain what to do and you solve all in few seconds. One more thing - it was not necessary to run recovery, when you want to make PRO from minilab with scanner.
  4. Minilab service

    Used fuji minilab seller in Singapore

    If you working in UK you can buy minilab here. There can buy quite good minilab , or dry printer at low price. Here can buy many Fuji LP7700 ( can be installed as Noritsu QSS3704F ) , Fuji DL430 ( can be installed as Noritsu D703 ) and prices very good, if compare with other countries.
  5. Minilab service

    Error 1761-0 printer offline , Lp7500

    Hello. Do not write on my profile. Forum has private messages to do it. Why did you make data initialization? You shouldn't do it. Just was enough go to minilab maintenance interface, go into service mode ( using password 2260 ) and load backup, which you did earlier. Fuji LP7500 has display module. Browse menu and find IP and mask there. Confirm that on your computer the same network settings ( mask the same and IP - just last digit different ) . Connect minilab and computer directly using crossover network cable ( not straight cable ) . On computer should be disabled firewall and UAC. Then on Windows run ping from computer to minilab ( run text ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -t ; instead x - minilab IP address ) . You shouldn't see communication errors. If previous test OK - run testing tool and make sure that ping is OK there. Do you have any errors, when access minilab directly from Fuji Printer software? On Fuji Printer can try to remove minilab and add again. After that remove printer from MS01 list. Then add it again. Make port settings ( network and enter correct IP ) . After that all should work. LP7500 software is very old and outdated. Maintenance interface can work only on W7 32 bit and the latest system software - version 4. Paper profiles very old also. All this software - about 10 years old. If you want can help to install your minilab using new and modern Noritsu software. It was released about three month ago. Software can work on any Windows ( recommended W10 64 bit ) . The latest system software - version 19. Profiles new - all new papers are there. I upgraded software for many customers and they happy about that. All jobs can be done online. You have just to install Windows. All other I can do myself. Tell, if interested.
  6. Minilab service

    Noritsu D1005 Clogged Print Head

    First have to enter service password. Only then can see power head cleaning 2. It use a lot of ink. Use new, or almost full cartridges.
  7. Minilab service

    Daily setup print error

    It will repeat. Your level sensor is dirty, or doesn't work ( top sensor ) . Try to clean and check on input check. If even after cleaning top level sensor will not work have replace sensor. When this sensor doesn't work system tries to fill water to reach correct level. Really level is too big and CD goes to waste tank and instead it added water. After some time CD is too weak.
  8. Minilab service

    Help with SP2000

    Yes, this is recovery CD. Using it you should restore Windows NT4 on your Toshiba computer ( 5500F ) . There NT4 image made by Norton. Just Norton DOS environment is compatible with Windows 98, but you shouldn't care about it. Do not know why you can't recover. Can be only three reasons - bad CD, bad CD ROM ( or DVD ROM, if replaced ) and bad HD ( can't store recovered file ) . Only you can see what is wrong there. Try other recovery CD, other CD ROM and other HD to find what is bad.
  9. Minilab service

    Daily setup print error

    When B, or R AOM driver faulty you will have blank ( white ) prints. It depends which laser board used on your QSS33 ( three different models where used there ) . Replace G AOM driver with Blue and try to print. If you have Green prints then AOM driver is faulty ( which you put to G channel ) . If no changes ( photo still blank ) then change R AOM driver with G AOM driver and try to print again.
  10. Minilab service

    Help with SP2000

    All correct drivers included into recovery CD. Use it to recover your Toshiba. If have not recovery CD find it, or buy somewhere. I have image files to make any Fuji, or Noritsu recovery CD. Do not remember how on SP2000, but on Fuji 340 used special SCSI driver. If to use regular driver ( from Windows ) then on device manager all OK, but Fuji system software can't find scanner. When used recovery CD this special driver loaded automatically.
  11. Minilab service

    Help with SP2000

    When all worked you could to make HD image file and now didn't have problems. Some SP2000 computers had two HD. On second HD can be working software. You had to use recovery CD to correctly install Windows NT on your computer. If to use NT4 instillation CD then have to change many Windows settings manually. If all worked before probably you have some problems with SCSI board ( driver, connections and etc ) . Check all that. X-1186 occurs when timing signal is not emitted properly and communication with CDS20 fails. It means error occurred in communicating with ScanSH. It is communication error between CCD20 and CDS20 circuit boards. Can be faulty CCD20 circuit board, CDS20 circuit board, cable between CCD20 and CDS20, poorly connected connector, faulty CPU/SCSI. Between GMB20 (GMC20) and CCD20 board: the RS422 serial interface is used to exchange information about scanning timing and others. Communication errors that may occur include offset or light intensity adjustment errors, including X -1186 (Scan SH communication error), E -1130 (automatic light intensity adjustment failure due to an excessive CCD output), and E-1131 (offset cancel failure).
  12. Minilab service

    Printing on a D703

    Print nozzle check and test prints from Image Quality Adjustment menu and Printer Calibration menu. This way you can test your printer.
  13. Minilab service

    Printing on a D703

    I already answered all on private message. Why did you ask the same again ( just copy - paste ) ? Read my answer and find all information there.
  14. 07117-00001 - When pressure was applied to the ink cartridge, the pressure sensor did not detect DARK. Possible reasons - the tube between the pressure pump unit and ink cartridge unit leaks air, pressure pump doesn't work, depressure solenoid is opened, burned F4 on I/O pcb, bad connections, or faulty I/O pcb.
  15. Minilab service

    D703 5Mm Banding

    It is typical on these printers ( D701, D703, D705, DL400, DL410, DL430 ) , when printing head is older. Have to clean head well and then you have not these stripes. Sometimes power cleaning 2 is enough. When it doesn't help have to clean head and cleaning unit manually, or even clean whole system using cleaning cartridges. Nozzle check test use less ink than normal print and that is the reason why you do not see stripes there. Clogged pipes, or bad pump also can give these stripes, but only few times saw it.