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  1. Run ARCNET diagnostic to make sure that you have good communication with this board ( other boards also ) . After laser control pcb changing you have run software upgrade ( enough for this board - service mode, software upgrade from HD ) . Also have load backup ( enough for this board - service mode, read write data, service data ) .
  2. Run ARCNET test software. At least you should see connection between computer and laser control pcb. Only this board connected to computer directly. All other goes through ARCNET hub, which is on laser control pcb. If you have not connection between computer and laser control pcb then can be faulty PCI/ARCNET board on computer, laser control pcb or connections. You can disconnect scanner ARCNET cables ( from laser control pcb ) and connect them to computer board directly. Then run ARCNET test software. This time you should see connection with scanner. This way you will test PCI/ARCNET interface.
  3. Sorry, do not understand your question. If you asked does Frontier 350 can be installed using MS01 then answer would be yes. This minilab can install as tethered printer or with FMPC.
  4. Hello. All QSS30 minilabs run on Windows 2000. What kind of help do you need - need software, help to run it, or some other? Latest QSS30 software version is K001. It is for all QSS30 minilabs ( except DLS ) . If your minilab is DLS ( from Kodak ) then latest software version 3. Have both of them. If need - write private message.
  5. Rename CD drive to N.
  6. Hello. Using print driver can print from any software ( for example Photoshop ) . Of course it is not very comfortable. If you want to have Fuji printing software you will need MS01 + MSP48 + optional MS modules ( MS12 - MS21, your choice what you need; I would recommend to install 6 frames view MS16 at least ) Have all software ( main and optional ) . Have manuals and know how install and make settings there. Write private message, if need. To install Fuji LP7900 need MS01 + system software + MS optional modules . Have all them also. Fuji LP7900 can be installed using Noritsu software ( EZ controller ) . Have latest version ( 6.60 ) . Can be installed on any Windows ( even W 10 x64 ) . Ez controller can be installed with dongle or without it. To Ez controller can connect 8 items at the same time. There can connect Fuji 7000 - 7900 , some Fuji dry printers, all Noritsu dry printers, Noritsu minilabs ( QSS3101-1 and latter ) , some Epson wide format printers, few DNP printers. Have all that and know how to install.
  7. Hello. Which Ez controller do you need? Do you have dongle? Can offer these options : 1. Version 6.60 . You can use it with your dongle. Can be installed on any Windows ( even W 10 x64 ) 2. Version 6.60 working without dongle. Will be activated on one computer only. 3. Version 5.01 working without dongle. Can install as many as you need. Disadvantage - version old, designed to work on Windows XP ( in compatibility mode works on W7 x32 ) , can't open big images, do not support RAW files and has not all features, which can find on latest version. All these three versions are not free. Free can offer just old Ez controller (version 2). It has a lot of bugs. You will need dongle to run it.
  8. DS1 and DS2 are DIP switches on PRINTER CONTROL PCB. DS1 and DS2 have 8 bits. All they should be OFF. DS1 is beside connector J/P112 and DS2 - beside J/P105.
  9. 6901-0080 - ARCNET communication error with Image processing PCB . 6820-0006 - the data cannot be written to the data output PCB from the expansion memory PCB. These errors related with image processing pcb. Check power supply ( might be it is too low ) . Also try to cut ends of optical fiber cables ( both sides - on image processing pcb and on printer control pcb, where they are connected on other side ) . I do not think that image processing pcb can cause wide blue line. When some noise in image processing pcb then this noise position should change, if print different size or different width of paper. If noise or line on the position ( on MLVA head ) then problem with MLVA or application. Try reconnect all flat connectors on the board under MLVA cover. Also can test MLVA internal board on other minilab. If it is OK - then problem with MLVA head. 6081-0004 - backup data error, drive voltage ( line B ) is out of range. Check DIP switch settings on printer control pcb. DS1 bit 1 ( setting the MLVA impressed voltage ) should be OFF ( all bits on on DS1 and DS2 should be OFF ) . If DIP switch OK - go to service mode and load backup for printer control pcb.
  10. how much is the order it with manual last version? my mail is     pablo_ham@yahoo.fr

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    2. surviving


      no i dont have it how can i get it?


    3. Minilab service

      Minilab service

      Sorry, do not know where to get this card. This admin card looks like bank card. Have put to card reader, which is connected to USB. If admin card missing software will not work ( can't run some modules ) . 

    4. surviving
  11. Hello , this is Anton from Belgium and i have a Konica R2 super 1000 minilab.

    I have the following problem : the ecojet drum of the R2 is continue in proces even when i set the machine in idle mode.  I have tried to reset the machine on the CPU board but still  have the same problem. Can you help me please ? The CPU board is probatly broken and i don't know how to fix it.

    Kind regards





    1. Foto Vandevenne

      Foto Vandevenne

      My emailadress : info@foto-vandevenne.be

  12. Do you have communication on network? Try to ping from Windows. Might be bootloader on IF pcb failed. Then have replace or repair board.
  13. Hello. If you have XP version with dongle can upgrade it to version Ez controller 6.60. If you want can help move your XP version to new computer running on any Windows ( even Windows 10 x64 ) . If you have XP version working without dongle can offer new instillation on new computer running latest EZ controller without dongle. All settings from previous computer can be transferred. Can run it on any Windows. Contact, if interested.
  14. It is file from Adaptec SCSI driver. Just install this driver and you have this file. Probably you tried to install C4/C5 5.5-0E-976 ? This is the latest FDIA import - export software version. When install it have proper configurate both computers ( computer names, drive names, computer working groups, passwords and etc. I have recovery DVD to install Windoiws XP on server. When all installed on minilab you have go to menu and select connect to server . Only after that ( if have not connection error ) can open digital print. Also this feature should be enabled on Frontier settings ( depends on Fuji minilab model ) .
  15. Have all optional modules for EZ controller. Software to make frames also. Write private message, if need some of them.