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  1. I have 6.60. It can work on any Windows ( even W10 x64 ) . It can work with dongle, or without it.
  2. Hello. What details you need? All technical details written here. To run as Fuji you need MS-01, DL-430 connecting software, DL-430 system software, DL-430 image processing module, profile data and optional software for MS-01. Your choice, which optional software to use. At least would be recomended to use MS-16 ( six frame view; without it can see one frame only and print one by one ) . Fuji software can run from Windows XP or Windows 7 32 bit To re-program cartridges you need programmer or just change the chip ( can get them separately ) . Noritsu and Fuji cartridges are the same - just printed different text on box ( drylab do not see it ) and different information in the chip. Ink is the same ( made by Epson ) . If chip changed or reprogrammed for drylab that will be enough. By the way - now many third party companies make cartridges for Noritsu or Fuji branded minilabs. They sell the same cartridges - just use different chip. When you use Fuji software on cartridge chip should be information that cartridge was made for Fuji dry printer. If will be used Noritsu software then on chip should be information that cattridge is for Noritsu drylab. I have latest Fuji software with all manuals. If need - I can supply them, The most my customers use Fuji DL-430 with Noritsu software and Noritsu cartridges, but choice is yours.
  3. Hello. All depends how you want to use your printer - as Fuji or as Noritsu. To run as Fuji you need MS-01, connecting software, system software, image processing module, profile data and optional software. Can run from Windows XP or Windows 7 32 bit. Have use ink from Fuji, or re-program Noritsu cartridges. To run as Noritsu need Ez controller, system software, image processing module, profile data and optional software. Can install on any Windows ( even on Windows 10 x64 ) . Have use ink from Noritsu, or re-program Fuji cartridges. Have all software for both systems. If I install for myself I'd use Noritsu software. It is new, modern and user friendly. How looks printing interface can see on any Noritsu minilab or drylab.
  4. Yes, these software names are similar. Latest QSS printer has version 18 and it is designed to work on any system - even on Windows 10 x64. I tested it there. I have printer driver version 5 for MAC. It can be installed on Mac OS9 and OSX . MAC is not very popular in our area, so do not know which version is the latest. Printer driver part number can be Z811288-01 or Z811289-01 . Z811289-01 is upgrade ( CD2 only ) . The latest version can be installed on Windows 10.
  5. Hello. Can help to upgrade your system. Version 1.50 is very, very old ( even I have not it - have 1.51 only ) . To use on Windows 7 at least you need 5.7 ( 5.8 on 64 bit ) . Can offer 6.60 - the latest, can use on any Windows ( even on W10 x64 ) . You didn't tell what are minilab and scanner versions, but I'm sure they will be old. Then you need upgrade minilab system software and scanner system software. I have them also. You will be astonished, when see how big difference between first version and the last. If to upgrade you can open big image files ( now you have decrease size, because have error ) , will be loaded RAW files from most cameras, will be solved yellow tint on white area ( some minilabs have it with old versions ) , have better image correction, upgraded red eye and many other features. You can upgrade your Ez controller or do new instillation. Procedures will be different. I explain how to do, or can help do it online.
  6. Yes, EZ controller perfectly works on Windows 7 x64 and Windows 10 x64. All EZ controller versions work with QSS3501 PLUS. The latest version is 6.60. To install on new Windows EZ controller not enough - might be you have upgrade system software ( depends which version you have ) . I can offer latest EZ controller and latest system software. They work on any system ( from W2K to Windows 10 x64 ) . You can use your dongle. Your choice which Windows to use. Write private message, if you need them. Also have manuals for these software. If need can help to transfer your system to new computer.
  7. Hello. Which scanner model do you have? Do you have manual carrier? If yes - try to scan with it. Then you can test scanner. It is difficult to say what cause this problem - electronic or mechanical parts. Go to input and output check to test carrier there ( motors and sensors ). Try to run carrier adjustments, clean sensors and then see. Maybe you can borrow other carrier or test your carrier on other scanner. On your screenshot I see you have D ICE option. Would you like to have more options : Caption Edit, CD-R, HCDR-A, ICC, LUT select, Printer tone setup, Red eye, Scale adjustment, Tone customaize. All they can be added online.
  8. On these printers can print using any printing interface. Just enough that new software can work with print driver ( Epson or Fuji ) .
  9. He used C4/C5 . It was not designed for W7, but works. You can upgrade system from Windows XP PRO to W 7 PRO and all should work, as worked before. Do not think that it work on 64 bit systems, because software was designed to work on 32 bit only.
  10. If led 2 and led 5 on Booster F are ON than it should work. Might be you have some software problems. If you suspect that booster faulty just remove it. IF/PCB should work without it ( Noritsu QSS3701, QSS3501 PLUS, Fuji 7100 have not any boosters ) . Did you look what IP on your minilab ( can find browsing display module menu ) . Did you run ping from computer to minilab? Do you have errors, or all OK there? Use correct LAN cable to connect computer and minilab. If connected directly ( without hub ) should be used crossed LAN cable. If connected through hub - LAN cable should be straight. On computer LAN settings ( IP, mask ) should be static. Do not use automatic mode there. First you have know that have communication between computer and minilab. Only after that can work with software.
  11. Yes, R1 workstation works with Windows XP.
  12. Yes, you can do it, but do not think that will be better. Using Fuji software can print using print driver, but is not comfortable. To have normal printing interface have install MS01 ( Fuji software ) , MSP48 ( connection software ) and Fuji drivers. You can use MS optional software modules ( MS12 - MS19 ) to have more features ( for example ID print, templates, hot folder and etc ) . At least should install MS16 ( to have 6 frames view ) . Even the latest Fuji MS01 ( version 4.2 ) can work on Windows 7 32 bit only. Epson software can work even on Windows 10 x64. If your Epson software is old you can upgrade it. If it is old it can have bugs. Have all software - for Fuji and for Epson. All software have manuals ( user, instillation, maintenance and etc ) .
  13. Hello. I01920 means capacity booster key was not detected. You didn't tell you changed İF/PCB or not. If yes - probably you did not all steps, which have to be done after replacement and that is the reason why you see this error. Booster F has 5 LEDs. LED1 - OFF, LED2 - ON, LED3 - OFF, LED4 - OFF and LED5 - ON . On display module you can browse to network settings menu on your minilab ( IP and mask ) . There default address and mask . In this case from computer should run text ping -t to see connectivity between computer and minilab. If you have not ping errors then run Fuji printer software. Then try to add your printer ( enter settings, which where there before ) . Set miunilab specification, read backup and all should work.
  14. On L1179 troubleshooter written : Reinstall film scanner driver. Check input PC 1394 circuit board and 1394 cable. Replace film scanner power unit.(2700YE600D, 6-3-5, 2850YE600A, 6-3-4) Replace image capture unit.(2700YE600D/2850YE600A, 6-3-1) First try remove scanner driver and install it again. Try remove scanner from Phenix and register it again. One is clear - system should work.
  15. What do you see on display module? Check IP and mask from display module. Are LAN settings well on computer ? Run ping from computer ( Start, run ''ping xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx -t'' ) . Instead x - your minilab IP address. You shouldn't have errors. LP7500 has not separate LAN card, so what you changed? LAN is integrated on İF/PCB. There can change IP address using LAN or from display module.