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  1. G, B Laser (SHG) Optimal Temperature Setup

    Hello. Warming-up of laser not stabilized is not error. After some time it should disappear. Might be your B laser was dead during optimal temperature setup. It is typical problem on 330 and 340 minilabs. Have to repair laser head, change B laser head with other ( working ) , or replace laser unit. It is bad to make optimal temperature setup daily. Minilab ask do it it, because you didn't get "OK" after test. But why to repeat the same, when know, that do not get positive results? Better to ignore message. Laser works on maximal temperature and even it still not optimal. If you see that laser doesn't work ( have laser errors ) and want to make laser working again have turn off minilab, wait some time and try to make optimal temperature adjustment again. After test laser temperature will be set to maximal allowed. Of course results will be NG, but some time you can print. Daily you will have B laser optimal temperature error, but have to ignore it - laser temperature will not be higher than maximal allowed. "Warming-up of laser not stabilized" message also can give AOM driver. Look voltage on pin 7 ( last pin on AOM driver connector ) . There should be 0V ( when AOM driver pre-heated ) . If you have +5V there ( even after longer time ) then AOM driver faulty ( have to replace, or repair it ) . If need can repair AOM driver, or laser.
  2. Fujifilm Frontier Reborn, anyone knows about it ?

    If model 550 - then it is made by Fuji. Noritsu made only Fuji 7xxx minilabs and DL400 - DL450 dry printers. It is strange, that Fuji reborn 550 model. The latest Fuji models where 5500R and 5570R ( with possibility to add long length option - 914.4 mm or 36 inch ) . 550 model is older and worse. 550 was made with Fuji 570 and 590 and it is the worst, if compare with them. I think it just last stock selling. If they restart to make minilabs they would make the latest and the best model, but not the worst from this series. Something wrong with this DE-100. It was introduced on 2016 September, but for sell available only now and not in all areas : http://www.fujifilm.com/news/n160920_02.html http://www.fujifilm.com/news/n180416.html
  3. Problem Changing Green Laser Gun QSS3501

    Where it is? Hope couriers are there and could be sent.
  4. HS-1800A Conversion KIT, p/n Z811254-01

    Can buy from Noritsu, or some other sellers. Kit - part number Z811254-01 or board part number J391472 ( AFC/scanner control PCB ) . To use all scanner features working with scanner you need professional software - EZ controller + system software + optional EZ controller modules ( for example Digital Masking, Red eye, tone curve and etc ) . Can be installed on any Windows ( even W10 x64 ) , or on MAC using virtual system.
  5. Problem Changing Green Laser Gun QSS3501

    Glad to hear that all well. Which laser head you have? Maybe you do not need this faulty head? I would like to get it.
  6. Frontier PC Upgrade

    A1 is necessary for SP-2000. Doesn't matter how it will be connected - with minilab, or stand alone. It is working interface. A1 do not need if to connect Fuji 350, 370 without scanner. Export, correction and other software can use FDIA, FE, or MS. Need one of them. FDIA, FE and MS are packet names ( not exact software ) . Can use modules from them ( for example for export C4/C5 software from FDIA packet ) .
  7. Frontier PC Upgrade

    You can upgrade SP2000 computer, but new computer should work on NT4. Have disable autorun, find all drivers and only then run software. Software designed for NT4, so do not think that it will work on latter Windows. To run SP-2000 you need A1 software. MS01 ( version 3.1 or version 4.2 ) will be used just to transfer files to server. Only SP-3000 and SP-500 has MS software modules, which can work instead A1. Before experiments go to Fuji menu and make scanner backup there. Backup can make only to floppy, or any disk named "A" ( USB, shared folder and etc ) . Only then you will be protected - if something wrong can recover all. Settings are stored on scanner and computer. When you make backup - you have them.
  8. how do i download ez controller?

    Hello. Ez controller has not trial version. If you want to see how it works can go to any Noritsu minilab, dry printer or stand alone scanner. Working interface will be the same, or very similar ( on older models ) . Also can see EZ controller manuals. EZ controller is very comfortable, professional printing software. Can be installed on any Windows ( even W10 x64 ) . To run software need dongle. If have not it - software should be activated online. To one EZ controller can connect 8 printers and few scanners. Can be connected Noritsu minilabs ( QSS3101-1 and latter ) , all Noritsu dry printers, Noritsu USB scanners, Fuji minilabs ( LP-7xxx models ) , some Fuji dry printers, some Epson printers, few DNP printers. EZ controller has many additional modules ( correction, frames, document print, digital masking and etc ) . Have the latest EZ controller. Can help to install and activate online. Have all optional modules, system software for printers and scanners, profile data and all other. If interested - write private message.
  9. Really error number is 6909-0006. You have two errors - 6909-0002 (printer exposure section error) and 6909-0004 (paper advance section error). Do not see LED number on your photo. You'd better make good quality picture, or write LED number there. Guess it is power supply LED. If yes - you have intermittent power supply fault and it cause these two errors. Can be faulty printer power supply or multi power supply.
  10. Fuji FRONTIER 500 paper condition setup

    Probably have the biggest changes on Green ( Green - Magenta ) . If yes - change AOM driver. If you have not single channel AOM driver then can use double AOM driver ( which used on other Fuji models ) .
  11. Need Ms01 Software

    Pirmas klausimas kaip ruošiatės naudoti Frontier 350 - su skeneriu ar be jo. Jei su skeneriu tada reikia A1 versijos 7.7. Jei naudoti be skenerio tada bus reikalingas FMPC. Ir su skeneriu ir be jo galima naudoti MS01.
  12. X-4299 & E-4213 errors after Frontier SP3000 installation

    Doesn't matter it is stand alone, or with minilab - for scanner need the same software. Guess you wanted upgrade software to MS. Software can get from your friend, or buy somewhere. I have all software to run scanner using FDIA, FE or MS.
  13. X-4299 Error Sp3000

    Do not remember. It was long time ago. They wrote few messages to me and all where fixed. Messages already deleted, so do not know what was wrong there.
  14. Lines on prints parallel to transpor

    Not necessary to clean polygon - it can't cause these stripes. Stripes can cause only output part - lenses and mirror. Have clean them again. To avoid this problem better on time to replace ( or at least to clean ) filter. If stripes are very sharp they will be caused by threads from foam ( beside shooter ) .
  15. X-4299 & E-4213 errors after Frontier SP3000 installation

    Scanner software mismatched with version on computer. They have be the same. Only then have not errors. Have upgrade scanner software. You can use image from friend computer, but have modify computer and Fuji software settings on HD. Otherwise your scanner will not work correctly. I think more easy to upgrade your original software, than use image from your friend.