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With almost 10,000 members we have grown to be perhaps the worlds largest forum for Mini Lab Help. 
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      2017 - Minilab Help could face closure at the end of the year. Our outgoing running cost and time is no longer being covered by our sponsorship. 
      With almost 10,000 members we have grown to be perhaps the worlds largest forum for Mini Lab Help. 
      We would now consider the sale of this web site, please contact us if you wish to discuss. 

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  1. Noritsu Calibration

    Hello. Probably your focus was lost when you disassembled carrier. Make sure that you assembled it correctly. What do you mean won't auto focus? Auto focus adjustment can make only when have focus adjustment chart ( mount ) . As I see you have not it. Usually Noritsu engineers have all set of adjustment charts ( 135, 240, 120, mounted slides ) . By the way to adjust focus 135 and mounted slides used the same chart - just for slides it is mounted into the frame. If have 135 adjustment chart easy can make chart for mounted slides. No some special adjust charts for HS-1800. Noritsu adjustment charts can be used to adjust all Noritsu scanners. I have set which got with QSS29 and used them on all latter scanners. It is possible to adjust focus manually. Of course it will not be as good as automatic adjustment. To make focus manually have use film, where in the middle of frame can see focus ( some test film, or self made ) . Then go to focus adjustment menu. Instead focus adjustment chart put mounted test film. Then look graphs. Manually adjust focus. Find the best position and enter value. Then change magnification and do the same for other zoom.
  2. Frontier 570 on Windows 7

    Hello. What is your system configuration ( printer with scanner, FMPC or both of them ) ? What software you use now - FDIA ( C4/C5, D20, A1 and optional ) or FE ( S2, S9, S1 and optional ) ? Only one software, which can work on W7 ( 32 bit only ) . It is MS01 version 4.2 ( or older 4.0 ) . The same software will be installed on server, scanner and FMPC. On scanner you need MS11. You can't run this software on your old computers ( except scanner ) . Software need more powerful computers. With MS01 can be installed many optional modules. To transfer settings you have to make backups on old systems and load them during scanner or FMPC instillation ( depends on system connection ) . Also can save and load print channels. After software instillation minilab software will be updated to version 3. If have configuration with FMPC then on 570 can install long length software. After that minbilab software will be updated to 3.1 and will be enabled long length print. Then can print 640 mm ( instead 457 mm ) . Have all software ( main and optional ) and all manuals. Know how to install and make configuration. Write p.m. if need something.
  3. Profile CD for QSS 3011

    When reinstall you need install system software ( latest K001 ) , profile ( latest 7.20 ) , optional software ( red eye, digital ICE, multiframe and etc ) When installed profile CD version can see only when minilab is in service mode. Profile data version can see on software version check menu ( click ''profile''.) .
  4. Error On Production Status And Transfering Failed

    Did you read this : http://www.minilabhelp.com/forums/topic/23914-error-e5201
  5. EZ Controller service menu password?

    35mmDSLR, if you are so smart guy then in the future do not ask any questions. All your messages will be ignored. Nobody here will not tell factory mode password, which you demand to tell me on private message. It is secret information and is not on Noritsu public documents.
  6. EZ Controller service menu password?

    On my computer all versions can work without dongle. All options installed also. It is very curios why you can't access service mode. If you want can test your version on my computer. Can upload your version on files.fm and send link on private message. Also can try access service mode on your computer - just it should be connected to Internet and have Teamviewer. On all versions service mode worked - should work on this also.
  7. EZ Controller service menu password?

    Before I had to install EZ controller on W10 x64 ( version 6.60 ) . There service mode worked. Just small difference between 6.60 and 6.70 ( small improvement for one dry printer ) , so there should work also. Maybe you have installed Twain driver ( not EZ controller ) ? My is full EZ controller.
  8. EZ Controller service menu password?

    It works. Right now tested on my laptop, where have installed Windows 7. Just from main window click button to open menu ( do not go forward !!! ) . Then press F1 and F9 and enter 2260. This way will be enabled service mode on EZ controller and scanner system software. Scan resolution can edit without password. Can do it in print channel. There can set resolution and scanning method. With password additionally can see all EZ controller menu. Additional options are displayed in blue color. For example can make EZ controller specification settings, read - write custom date ( without password can read - write all date only ) , can do EZ controller data initialization and few other settings.
  9. EZ Controller service menu password?

    Yes, password 2260. To make EZ controller adjustments have to enter it on Ez controller. If you want make adjustments on scanner system software then doesn't matter where to enter it - can do it on Ez controller or scanner system software. You didn't tell your scanner model. To enter password have enter menu ( on EZ controller or system software ) . Then press F1 and F9 on big keyboard ( F and -1 on small Noritsu keyboard, if have it ) . On pop up box enter 2260 and press enter. Focus adjustments will find on scanner system software ( not on EZ controller ) . To adjust focus you need focus adjustment charts for each carrier ( 135, 240, 120, mounted slides ) .
  10. Program error on FMPC II

    Hello. Sorry, I was wrong. Have disable connection for LP1500SC/LP2000SC/LP2500P. For LP5500/LP5700/LP5900 should be enabled. IP and mask are correct, so all looks well.
  11. Program error on FMPC II

    You have not communication between FMPC and printer. Check firewire IP and mask on minilab ( LCD display ) and firewire IP and mask on computer. Look VDentry value. Also look firewire connection status ( for 550/570 should be disabled ) . Settings should be done before software instillation. If all OK - will be hardware problem : firewire cable, firewire card in FMPC ( FW3 model ) , firewire card in minilab ( FW4 model ) or image box.

    Probably level is OK - just float sensor stacked or sensor is not working. Try to clean it. Also disconnect sensor connector and check resistance with multimeter ( should be 0 Ohm when sensor ON and no connection, when sensor off ) .
  13. Program error on FMPC II

    Do you have good communication between FMPC and printer? Try access processor or printer from FMPC maintenance menu ( use password 7777 ) . Look will you have errors there.
  14. Printer I/F PCB for QSS3702HD

    Marcelozorzi, 我知道如何解決它。
  15. You from Kilburn and have bad reputation among UK engineers. Have repair minilab yourself.