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  1. Hello good afternoon everyone knows where I can get the EZLAB see 2.01 thanks

  2. T15F scratching film

    Support for QSF-T15F and all other QSF-T15 film processors discontinued at the end of 2017. Can buy parts, if they still on stock. Still supported QSF-T15LV film processors ( until end of March 2021 ) . The most parts on QSF-T15 and QSF-T15LV are the same.
  3. If you need to buy bigger print size minilab ( 305 x 914 ) cheaper can buy not HD model. You will not see difference. Also can buy Fuji branded minilabs - LP7500 ,LP7600, LP7700, LP7900 . They can be installed using Noritsu software and will be equiv with Noritsu QSS3702 - QSS3705. There is Photobook print software. It can be used with Noritsu EZ controller. If QSS37 too expensive then to print the same size can use something from QSS32xx or QSS34xx.
  4. Noritsu QSS 34 PRO

    If you have QSS3411 ( SI-2400 + LP-2300 + PP-1223W ) and want to make QSS-34PRO then instead scanner ( SI-2400 ) have connect workstation CS-1 ( the same, which used with QSS32xx minilabs ) . LP-2300 has not LAN cable. It has LVDS + ARCNET. You can connect it only to scanner, or workstation. When use scanner ( SI-2400 ) have to install QSS-3411 Digital system software. If instead scanner connected workstation ( CS-1 ) then have to install QSS-34PRO system software. QSS-3411 and QSS-34PRO can be connected to EZ controller, but through scanner, or workstation computer. Need new version EZ controller and connection software.
  5. 370 Hot Folders vs Software

    Yes, can do it. Can use print driver - to print from Photoshop or some other software. Have to make print size, select paper and print the same, as on regular printer. Also can use hot - folder software. Just drop edited picture files and they will be printed. Have printer drivers and hotfolders for all servers - FDIA, FE and MS. Also have manuals. Can help to install. Write private message, if need something.
  6. 6136-00001 - Exposure advance pressure change sensor 1 does not turn DARK from LIGHT even though the exposure advance pressure change motor 1 has moved for the specified length. Can be faulty sensor, motor, or control boards. Open printer doors and put magnets on sensors. Then go to output check and run exposure advance pressure change motor 1. Look this motor rotates, or not. If rotates - make sure that exposure advance pressure change sensor 1 is closed well. If it is opened and closed, but you do not see status changes on menu then can be sensor faulty. If motor doesn't rotate can be faulty motor, burned fuse F32 on Printer I/O PCB 1, faulty printer I/O PCB 1, printer control PCB, printer power supply 1. If sensor doesn't work can be printer I/O PCB 3, printer control PCB, multi power supply.
  7. Need Ms01 Software

    This is Fuji forum. Why you posted here question about Noritsu? Regarding blue black first try in working tank to change developer ( developer + water + starter ) . Also check replenishment pumps. Check replenishment rates and temperatures ( on processor menu ) .
  8. 2901

    Which size do you print? Maybe you have good prints on one side of MLVA and from other they goes white. Try to make print on wide paper ( for example 305 x 100 ) .
  9. Overlay designing.

    On Fuji 350, 355, 370, 375 and 390 eprom can be upgraded only to version 2. Only system software can be upgraded to version 7.7. To upgrade eprom you should have UV erasure ( or new chip ) , eprom content and programmer. Eprom content is different for 390. System software also. I have all to upgrade minilabs.
  10. E-2592 Frontier 570 error..??

    Probably you have E-2529 error. Often can see this error on Fuji. If yes - on synchronization sensor R laser beam is missing, or too weak. On this model this error can"t cause faulty AOM driver. Can be R laser, connections, LDD board, power suppliers and maybe some other problems. If really have 2592 error it means exposing process failed. Exposure time-out detection. Paper is detected but exposure process does not complete within the specified time. Remove paper, close door and try again. If have error again then can be problem with image processing box, or LDD circuit board.
  11. SP3000 Film Scanner Standalone A1 Setting

    Yes, on scanner have install both software - A1 for scanning and C4/C5 for export. C4/C5 will be installed different, than on server. I removed old messages and now can be sent new.
  12. MS11

    MS11 can be for two scanner models. They are different. Have MS11 version 2 for both of them. Write private message, if really need them. Software will be with manuals, but not all can find there. I had to install few hundreds of scanners, so perfectly know how to do it.
  13. SP3000 Film Scanner Standalone A1 Setting

    Toshiba HD was wiped, or just do not start? If not wiped you can copy scanner settings from there. If to use FDIA software on scanner computer have to install A1 ( load backup during it ) and C4/C5. Also can install optional modules. Original computer is made by Toshiba, but there can use some other computer or motherboard. On server have to install only C4 and C5. I believe that you have floppies, but have to check are they readable. In most cases impossible to read floppy with scanner backup. Put scanner flkoippy into some computer and try to copy file "In_Unit". This is archive with scanner backup. If can read - copy file to some HD, USB, CD... Then you can be sure that have backup. SP-3000 also can run using FE and MS software. Have all software ( FDIA, FE and MS - main and optional modules ) . Aso have recovery CD to recover PE55204PFF31 ( older model computer ) and PE55134PFF11 , update CD and CD with Fuji firewire driver. Write private message, if need some CD.
  14. Error 6082-0504

    6082-0504 means setup error, the Dmax setting value is out of allowable range when carrying out each setup. (Red) . Run laser test and look results. Might be R AOM driver faulty. Can try replace it. If you have backup when you didn't have this error then can load it ( only printer backup ) .
  15. 2901

    Why you need book? I think electronic document more comfortable. I have CD with all possible manuals - service, circuit diagram, instillation, options, user, troubleshooting and all other documents. Write private message if need this CD.