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  1. Hello. Yes, almost all parts are replaceable. These printers are almost the same. Difference only software, driver, maintenance utility, cover color and cartridges with ink. It is easy to make Epson from Fuji and Fuji from Epson ( have use other software, driver, maintenance utility, upgrade printer firmware, use other maker cartridges ) .
  2. Yes, default password is 2260. When password changed it can be different. You can remove password using boot CD.
  3. E905 - Control Data Abnormal. Reset Data. The setting data are checked every 5 minutes during the drive is OFF. If they exceed the upper or lower limit, this error message is displayed. Then the check is discontinued but the error flag can not be cleared. The error message can be cleared by pressing the [YES] key, however, it is displayed again when the drive is attempted to start. Setting Limits: Setting Temperature: Replenishment Rate: 1.0 to 99.0 ml N1 to N4: 30 to 40°C Pump Output: 10 to 99 ml Dryer: 40 to 70°C Evaporation Rate: 0.0 to 50.0 ml Water Replenishment Rate: 0 to 300 IX240 replenishment Factor: 40 to 200
  4. Did you install optional .pdf print software on EZ controller?
  5. No LVDS communication between computer and image processing pcb. Can be driver, LVDS/ACNET board, LVDS cable, image processing pcb and power supplies connected to it. Check all that and you find what is wrong there.
  6. On Epson SL-D700 ( the same - Fuji DX-100, Frontier-S ) can't be transported shorter paper than 89mm. Only one you can do - use two pictures template to print smaller print size. Of course after that have divide these pictures using manual cutter. Then you have two smaller prints - less than 89 mm.
  7. What are MS01 and MS13 versions? You need upgraded version for MS01 version 4.2.
  8. Just upload picture on some server and post link here. Even can embed picture into your message on this forum.
  9. Version 3.01 is quite old. I have version 7.01 for QSS33 SD PRO.
  10. Hello David. I just answered his question. Some people do not understand that it is international forum and they have write messages in English. If his message was not translated to English then my answer also. For you I can translate my answer. Here he asked about margin of print. One side margin is narrower than the other side. I wrote "if I reading your message understand well all people should understand all languages. Then I do not mind translate my answer also. Which side you are talking about - paper movement direction, or other sides. Both can be corrected - just should know which side you are talking about" . As you see he didn't provide additional information. Probably he doesn't need to get an answer.
  11. What is "red bar" ? Maybe it looks like thermometer? Does your minilab connected as tethered printer ( server → scanner → minilab ) ? If it is thermometer then two possibilities - chemicals not preheated, or broken AOM driver ( wrong thermosensor output signal from AOM driver ) . Go to maintenance menu and look processor and AOM status there.
  12. Scanner settings are very important. If some of them wrong - even with normal chart have error. Where you bought EZ controller there ask to provide manual. When I sell some software I always provide manual and help to install. Many from this forum can confirm it. I have EZ controller version 6.80. Contact, if want to purchase and upgrade. With software will get all EZ controller manuals - for flatbed scanner also.
  13. Which version is installed? Ask your service engineer for it. I have the latest - version 6.80 and you could upgrade. Write private message, if want to purchase it. Then I upload it for you and can download. Free of charge can give only old version.
  14. Original chart is Kodak IT8.7/2 Q60R-1 color input target, 5x7" ( 10 x 15 cm ) Q-60R1 printed on Kodak Ectocolor reflective paper. Yes, have to load cie_tag.txt file. Use settings, which are on EPSON A4 flatbed scanner connection manual. It is .pdf document, which is together with EZ controller instillation manual. Try upgrade driver. Look how scanning works directly from Windows.
  15. Can use many flatbed scanners. Instillation manual is for Epson. Recommended models EPSON GT-X820 (Perfection V600 Photo), GT-X770 (Perfection V500 Photo), GT-X970 (Perfection V750), GT-X900 (Perfection V700 Photo) . You need calibration ( with data file ) to make scanner calibration on EZ controllers. Also scanner should have driver for Windows, where installed EZ controller.
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