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  1. color not stable on frontier 350

    thanks have send you a mail with print screen
  2. color not stable on frontier 350

    Hi, have a problem on frontier 350 (without any error), for example the last print it's ok, print again and print it with more cyan or more yellow, Change the AOM blue but not change the results. Please if is possible help me
  3. How To Do Laser Beam Sync. Fine Adjustment Print

    Hi i also have this problem!
  4. Problem With Black & White Print

    No unfortunatly i don't have any update.
  5. Consultation Ms1 V3.1

    0802 Print Size Setup
  6. Consultation Ms1 V3.1

    Go to manteinace, 08 product and installed your format/size
  7. Problem With Black & White Print

    Hallo, sometimes i have this problem with B&W print see "Magenta" in photo (print). Please help me thanks fotoper P.S. have Frontier 350
  8. System Requirements For Ms01 4.2 Win 7

    Hi, i need Windows hotfix it's possible to send me if need buy this. Thanks
  9. Firewire Card & Cable

    Hi, i have one problem with Frontier S (DX100)... the installation is ok MS01+MPS48 the connection in ok initialization but don't print i see under production status ERROR Please help thanks
  10. Buy Msp 48 For Frontier S Dx 100

    Hi i need to buy MSP 48 for DX100. Thanks
  11. Fuji Frontier S Dx100

    i need MSP48 who have this? Thanks
  12. Fuji Frontier S Dx100

    Hi, I have MS01 v4.2 for Win7 and want to buy Frontier S what other software i need to print whit MS. Thanks
  13. Ms01 Installation For Dx100

    I need also
  14. Ms01 V4.2 E5201 Error

    Thank's good idea !!!