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  1. Hello everybody in the forum. Is there any way that a frontier 340 prints up to 15 inches long?
  2. Hi HighTech. I can share the software, but first I want to solve my problem. If you help me with my problem, I sent you gladly software
  3. you may have problems with the LVDS cable. LVDS board computer. image processing board. if you can send calibration strip and this goes well, then discard the card failure images processing. You can also change the card port LVDS
  4. how I can reduce the percentage of color and density correction I searched in image correction, but I find nothing to indicate how to reduce correction percentages
  5. probably you need the recovery disk. I have a recovery disk for noritsu 2711 (IBM ZPro). if it serves you, I can send you. post your email
  6. check the fuses in the DC power source( all LEDs should be lit). can be a voltage failure. reconnect the cable scsi main unit. also the software may be damaged not to be so, you may have problems with CTP22
  7. I sent an invitation by Dropbox for you to download the software installation manual MS3.0, I hope you serve
  8. printer does not start, only displays a message ¨ "initializing, please wait" Please help
  9. you can remove the scanner using MS01 software
  10. Hola clpu22. yo soy ingeniero de servicio aca en mexico y da gusto ver que alguien postea en español. Si te puedo ayudar en algo, no dudes en enviarme un PM
  11. Hello Someone in the forum can guide me, what should I do to use a LED20 fuji paper. I have tried to balance the color with profiles kodak paper but the result is not good. Thanks to all
  12. the software is ready in your email
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