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  1. Fuji DX100 air in ink lines

    Hi, should have posted my results- couldn't get the Epson software to communicate properly with the Fuji printers, so no luck with the ink charging. Thanks anyway for the help. Regards,
  2. Fuji DX100 air in ink lines

    Thanks, much appreciated. I will try it and post if it worked with the Fuji printer. Again, thank you for your help.
  3. Fuji DX100 air in ink lines

    Thanks- is that different to the software that we use for head maintenance etc? Any idea where I can get that one?
  4. Fuji DX100 air in ink lines

    Anyone using the Fiji DX100 printers had any success getting air out of the lines? Doesn't seem to be any way to bleed them manually- not sure if repeated power cleanings will force the air out? Thanks, Roger Marshall
  5. Dlab 2 Deveolper Problem

    Definitely look at the stabilisers- we had this before and that was it (repl pumps not working) Roger Marshall
  6. Internet Printing Software

    We've been using Lifepics for our internet orders for a couple of years and are very pleased with them- we still have our silverwire software running onthe kiosks instore. Roger Marshall
  7. urgently need iip3 software

    Found a free storage website to upload them to- i"ll email you when the upload finishes with details- probably stil la couple hours.
  8. urgently need iip3 software

    I have Agfa Fit/DPU software v 5.06 and also update v 5.24. Is that what you are looking for? 5.06 is nearly 600 mb and update is 65 mb so not sure how to send them to you.... I also have a working iip3 shut down when we dumped our msc100d Roger Marshall Photofinish one hour labs Barbados
  9. dlab1 densi firmware

    Anyone know how to download the firmware for the dlab 1 densitometer? After a reinstall, the firmware for it shows 0000 and when I try to download from service it tells me to select the file- what is the file name and where do I find it? Everything else seems to have gone correctly with the reinstall. Thanks, Roger Marshall Barbados
  10. Green in black condition print

    The aom only has green connections, the blue are just holes in the housing, no way to connect the cables.
  11. Green in black condition print

    Thanks- our LP5000 only has one aom, so we can't swap to try that. The green tint is only in the black of the condition strip, the grey bands are perfect- I should have mentioned that before. Roger Marshall, Barbados
  12. Green in black condition print

    Our LP5000 is giving a green tint in the black bar of the paper condition setup print. Fogged paper processes a good black, so chemistry seems to be good. We changed the AOM in September after losing all colors except green and has worked fine since then. Could the aom be going again? Roger Marshall, Barbados
  13. We've been using Lifepics for a couple of years and are very happy with them. They have a pretty reliable service and offer a huge range of products you can have made by suppliers or you can make them yourself- books, canvas, large prints etc. Roger Marshall
  14. D-Lab 2 Prints lines on enlargements

    Definitely not the belt issue- I agree, try cleaning the mirror as suggested.
  15. What paper for folding cards?

    We actually ended up using 7x10 scored paper, 80LB" cover silk", available from Fuji. I believe it is actually a Xerox product, the fuji SAP # is 600007427- not sure what the xerox would be. Roger Marshall, Photofinish, Barbados