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  1. how much is the order it with manual last version? my mail is     pablo_ham@yahoo.fr

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    2. surviving


      no i dont have it how can i get it?


    3. Minilab service

      Minilab service

      Sorry, do not know where to get this card. This admin card looks like bank card. Have put to card reader, which is connected to USB. If admin card missing software will not work ( can't run some modules ) . 

    4. surviving
  2. no answer???
  3. I changed the PWR23 board everything is normal now
  4. hello i need to know wich board is responsible for displaying processor temperature cause my frontier 570 shows 0 degrees on all tank's and the temperature does not rise up thank's
  5. i think so??? i am not sure
  6. when i checked my PS1 and PS2 alpha ii on another machine it work's fine so i am sure that's not the alpha4s problm i suspect the pwr 23 the second thing that when i swap my CTL 23 on ANOTHER machine the second machine gave me now E_2809 and E2888 E2889 E2890 i checked the fuses on the LDD23 no fuse is blowout i confused please your help
  7. does MS01 work with ASK300???
  8. also the led's of 24v output on the PWR 23 are off
  9. trevsterkorskikoff thank ui got the distribution message only when the Fr570 initialises and the temperature dispaly 0 for all tanks
  10. it seems to be the alpha power supply ps1 i am not shure but i ll tell u more in few days
  11. thank's for reply but i am just usin FMPC no Scanner table
  12. i got this message on the starup of the fr570 that i can t print the display of the temperature are all on 0degrees any help i ll appreciate
  13. hello can anyone send me the msp48???
  14. hello i have a FR570 these days a i got message W2603 paper in dryer but i looked for this paper no way there 's no paper just this message sometimes when i turn on my minilab it gives me other errors message as PAPER IN PR same think looking for paper but no paper inside the machine i suspected the emetor receptor i tested it and clean it but still the same errors i am confused any help i ll be gratful thank's