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  1. I need the full error message number.
  2. With a wide band like that it will most likely be an internal issue with the MLVA head itself. Unfortunately you will have to replace the MLVA head.
  3. Those values look pretty normal. Have you tried doing the uniformity pattern 2, 3 & 4 again after doing the cleaning? Can you make a 12" (305mm) width light grey print, and scan it with a flatbed scanner at at least 300dpi so I can see what the uniformity looks like. You can use a free file sharing site like files.fm to upload the image to so you can share it here.
  4. I'm aware of the Noritsu Non DLS enabler, all the enablers are in the service menu on the Kiosk, but this can only be accessed with a service dongle which I don't have. That's why I'm asking how you enabled it?
  5. Can you please share how you solved it? Thanks
  6. Clean the integrator section (bottom of filter wheel under MLVA Lamp house) Clean the MLVA lamp house optical parts + Dichroic filters Check the MLVA Lamp voltage is correct with a voltmeter (it should be DC 27.7±0.2 V) Replace the MLVA Lamp with a new one Does the calibrator move normally across the MLVA head, does it move smoothly? Is the front sensor part of the calibrator clean? What are the values for the internal calibrator gain adjustment? Does it do the Load voltage adjustment normally? What values is it showing?
  7. Did you follow exactly the post above? What is the exact error message number you are getting?
  8. Measure between the 160 lines. Select the 160 width, enter the measured value. Then make a confirmation print and ensure it is actually 160mm.
  9. The exposure magnification should be carried out on the widest paper that you use (normally 12 inch paper).You can't adjust individual paper widths, it's automatically calculated from the 12 inch correction that you input. Check the pressure guide rollers are clean. The problem may be caused by incorrect mechanical adjustment of the pressure guide rollers. Make a test print using the Exposure Advance Adjustment, Exposure Advance Pressure Inlet Roller Test and Exposure Advance Pressure Exit Roller Test, use 12 inch paper for the test. Measure between the 0mm line and the 254mm line on the left and right side of the test print. The difference should be within 0.2 mm between the left and right sides. If you are getting white lines on 5 inch prints, firstly check the paper magazine centre core and exit guide widths are set correctly (it's very easy to be 1 notch out) If all good it will most likely be the exposure centre correction (for each magazine) or the Arm Unit 1 Zigzagging Correction that needs to be adjusted.
  10. Wow this is going back in time! From memory I think you need to press Mode A and CLR keys together to clear this message.
  11. Check the focal plane guide is fitted properly.
  12. Can you tell me the what the step 22 (last step) readings are for the daily setup? Maybe take a screen shot (ALT Print Screen, open Paint and click Edit, then paste) attach to this post.
  13. Is your chemistry good? Are the whites of unexposed paper good? Does fogged paper give you a good black? Take a screen shot of the readings from the daily setup print, it may give us a clue as to what the issue is? Have a look at this post
  14. See this post
  15. I think you misunderstood the post. QSS Kids will run happily on Windows XP, But the printer PC (QSS 32 in your case) must be running Windows 2000. The OP (juan804041) had changed the operating system on his printer PC (QSS 33) from Windows 2000 to Windows XP, this is what caused the problem.