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  1. Noritsu QSS-3000 - scanner lamp problem

    Some of these cheap lamps are ones that failed quality checks and are badly manufactured, i've seen a lot where the lamp is not in the centre of the reflector. What you can do is try roatating the lamp a 1/4 of a turn, if it fails the light source, turn the lamp again to a different position. The QSS-30 scanner is incredibly fussy with lamps.
  2. Noritsu QSS 34 PRO

    Great! Some further detail would be helpful. What was the software version that was giving you the trouble? Which model from the 34 series is it? Thanks for posting the solution.
  3. Except they use different chips on the inks so you can't use the Epson ink in the Fuji or vice versa.
  4. Need Rollers for Noritsu 120AFC

    The rollers are the same between the 120AFC and 120AFC-II. Just the 120AFC-II has a (removable) lens for the LED light source, otherwise they are identical.
  5. Noritsu qss 2901

    Have a look at these posts: http://www.minilabhelp.com/forums/topic/17833-2901-issues-with-blown-highlights/?tab=comments#comment-20702 http://www.minilabhelp.com/forums/topic/17646-help-with-noritsu-2901-highlights yellow/?tab=comments#comment-19884 http://www.minilabhelp.com/forums/topic/18925-noritsu-2901-highlights-are-messed-up/?tab=comments#comment-26259 http://www.minilabhelp.com/forums/topic/19555-noritsu-2901-x-over-in-bw/?tab=comments#comment-29628
  6. It is LED 12 in the photo. It shows the status of the MLVA lamp relay, it has nothing to do with this problem. Check the 2 cooling fans in your photo are working, I suspect they won't be as they look like the original fans which are known to fail. Error 6909-0006, can be also be caused by the power supply that sits underneath the image processing PCB inside the black cage.
  7. Yes you can download it from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/illdghwcppbmwwq/V series RA C002.exe?dl=0
  8. I don't think spiking the Power 1 PCB would cause the issue you are describing. It's mostly an output circuit board that switches the heaters on and off, etc. It may be better to change the software from SM to RA, then use the CD-A, BL, Fix & STB rep pumps instead. You can swap the pumps with the tiny bellows around with the water pump ones. You can turn off the replenisher tank level alarms in standard setting 3. I'm not sure it does pump the exact amount each time, it uses something called Lack Time to increase the time the pump runs, so you may find for one film it doesn't replenish at all, but the next one it replenishes twice. I've never checked the pump output per film to know exactly how it operates.
  9. Are the whites "pink" on the paper control strip? If they are then there is a problem with the chemistry. The CD temperature for the RA-4 process is normally 35oC or around 38oC depending upon the chemistry you are using and replenisher rep rate. Are the unexposed leading edge prints white? If these are magenta either the laser is slightly fogging the paper or the chemistry is bad. You can check for laser fogging by using a piece of black tape to mask a small section across the centre of black guide that covers the laser window. The other possible causes are a bad colorimeter calibration plate, but this would not cause the unexposed leading edge paper to be magenta. The last cause is the laser itself.
  10. I think the LED not turning on is the least of your worries! That PCB is beyond repairing, had you posted this picture in the first place it would have prevented wasting everybody's time.
  11. It looks to me like the laser beams are badly aligned causing the laser beam/s to expose/fog the paper all the time. The laser beam should only expose on to the paper when the AOM crystal has been turned on (Green & Blue in your case as there is no Red AOM). The other possible cause is the laser control PCB is faulty and sending an on signal to the AOM's /laser head when it shouldn't.
  12. Hi Dave,

    I have no time to support our forum on Noritsu category.
    Could you register there and I will assign you to be a moderator.
    It is not difficult, not so many visitors so far but I hope we can make it a good source of information for all.

    I want to grow it up and I need a qualified engineer for support.
    What do you think of it?

    Hope you will agree.


  13. There is no suffix number for error 6073 on the 32 series. First I would check all the connections are good on the laser control PCB. What do you mean " the colors do not match in the print" ? Is your chemistry good? Have you tried doing a Printer Profile Calibration?
  14. Sorry Minilab Service, maybe you misread the manual? As it says LED 1 should be on when the colorimeter is attached, and off when it is removed. I would check the connector plug for the colorimeter unit is good and there is nothing in the socket like a small piece of paper that is blocking the pins. 37 Processor IO PCB 2.pdf
  15. 6913-0004

    Check the communication in the system version check display is stable. Make sure the files you are opening do not have any non English characters in there file name. 0-9 A-Z is best. If there is any doubt, open the files in Photoshop and save under a different name.