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  1. T15 Lcd Totally Black

    The display for the T-15 is different to the V series. The part number of the display you mentioned will not fit the T-15.
  2. T15 Lcd Totally Black

    Your link is for the keypad not the display. You just need the display nothing else. Noritsu part number I079036-00
  3. Great, thanks for coming back and posting what the solution to the problem was.
  4. T15 Lcd Totally Black

    It's a common problem. The permanent solution is to replace the LCD display itself. The new display units use gold contacts on the ribbon cable instead of carbon.
  5. At a guess I would say the P1 tank is being contaminated with P2 solution. Check the overflow pipe in the P2 tank is not blocked and causing it to overflow back into the P1 tank. Either that or some pipes have got crossed over in the replenisher system causing P2 replenisher to go into the P1 tank.
  6. Well the AOM driver should be the first thing to replace. You are seeing magenta light because red and blue make magenta, there is so little green getting to the paper. This is why you are getting green prints and double exposures. Either the AOM driver is bad, the green laser is bad, or it's very poorly aligned.
  7. The cause is your green laser is very weak. Where did you buy your replacement Green laser from?
  8. Noritsu IP64 driver

    Here it is again! https://files.fm/u/db5pbvm7
  9. Distorted image!

    Probably your new green laser or the laser driverboard is bad then, assuming your AOM driver and AOM crystal are good. It seems like the green laser is either not emitting or is weakly emitting intermittently.
  10. Distorted image!

    No, show the diagnostic contents screen. I need to see the results, not the photo!
  11. The only other thing I can think of is doing the initial setup again, together with the load voltage adjustment. Clearly it's some kind of data problem, so may be worth trying to swap the hard drive for elimination purposes.
  12. Qss 2711 DLS Software needed

    If it has the IBM PC it was a 2711 running Kodak DLS software. The 2701 had a control station with 2 PC's built in to it. Personally I think you will be wasting time with this machine, it was not a great machine when it was new! Now it's 20 odd years old it will be terrible! You will spend more time fixing it than printing with it! You'd be much better of with something like a Noritsu 3201 instead.
  13. Distorted image!

    Enter the service mode, go to Menu → Extension → Maintenance → Self-diagnostic Post the results here. My guess is it is a bad LVDS cable from the CS-1 to the printer.
  14. The first thing to check is the chemistry is spot on. For example if the BF is weak it can struggle to control the light areas on the 18 step setup prints. Check the rep pumps are outputting correctly. Next thing to check is the colorimeter unit, make sure the pressure plate is good and is pushing the print up towards the colorimeter head. I wondering how you do a trim maintenance on the SSD drive when operating with Windows 2000? I personally would be wary of using an SSD with Windows 2K. The machine does a huge amount of temporary file writing when printing, so this could be causing problems with an SSD. It may be worth going back to a standard SATA drive just to eliminate this as the cause of the problem.
  15. That's great news Big Dave