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  1. I think the LED not turning on is the least of your worries! That PCB is beyond repairing, had you posted this picture in the first place it would have prevented wasting everybody's time.
  2. It looks to me like the laser beams are badly aligned causing the laser beam/s to expose/fog the paper all the time. The laser beam should only expose on to the paper when the AOM crystal has been turned on (Green & Blue in your case as there is no Red AOM). The other possible cause is the laser control PCB is faulty and sending an on signal to the AOM's /laser head when it shouldn't.
  3. Hi Dave,

    I have no time to support our forum on Noritsu category.
    Could you register there and I will assign you to be a moderator.
    It is not difficult, not so many visitors so far but I hope we can make it a good source of information for all.

    I want to grow it up and I need a qualified engineer for support.
    What do you think of it?

    Hope you will agree.


  4. There is no suffix number for error 6073 on the 32 series. First I would check all the connections are good on the laser control PCB. What do you mean " the colors do not match in the print" ? Is your chemistry good? Have you tried doing a Printer Profile Calibration?
  5. Sorry Minilab Service, maybe you misread the manual? As it says LED 1 should be on when the colorimeter is attached, and off when it is removed. I would check the connector plug for the colorimeter unit is good and there is nothing in the socket like a small piece of paper that is blocking the pins. 37 Processor IO PCB 2.pdf
  6. 6913-0004

    Check the communication in the system version check display is stable. Make sure the files you are opening do not have any non English characters in there file name. 0-9 A-Z is best. If there is any doubt, open the files in Photoshop and save under a different name.
  7. PC NRT RD4 power supply trouble

    No you misread what I posted, it uses the same power supply as a QSS-3011 not a QSS-3001. The QSS-3011 uses a twin CPU motherboard and a huge power supply with a COM port on, very different PC hardware to the QSS-3001.
  8. Roller marks on prints from QSS-3300

    Have you checked that it is replenishing properly? What chemistry are you using? Are the replenisher rates correct? My guess is the problem is algae. What happens is you clean everything and it's fine for a few weeks then the problem starts again as the algae starts to grow back. The solution is to soak the STB crossovers and STB Racks in diluted household bleach overnight to kill off the algae. You may need to do the STB tanks as well. You can get anti algae additives for the STB to help stop the issue.
  9. PC NRT RD4 power supply trouble

    It's the same power supply as fitted to a QSS-3011. Noritsu Part number I038354 Made by Nipron NSP2-375-D4
  10. Looking for V50RA software

    Here you go: https://files.fm/u/uk8p9bdj
  11. Arcnet communication error Qss 3212

    Ever thought of using google? There are so many posts on the subject of "Arcnet communication error" All the information is already out there you just need to do some reading and you will find the answer. I don't mind helping end uses, but I object to giving free help to someone who clearly is working as a "Technician" and charging for their services. Nobody spoon fed me my knowledge, I learnt it by myself through hard work. I suggest you try doing your own research before coming on here and expecting everyone to jump to your aid.
  12. Noritsu 430 ailing

    The usual cause of this is cracked solder joints on the Solid state relays that control the heaters. The vibration of the machine cracks the joints, then they start to arc and burn the circuit board. The solution is to check and resolder all the bad joints.
  13. Check the fibre optic cables are installed properly, you may need to clean or trim the ends with a craft knife or the proper fibre optic cutter. Check there is no debris inside the fibre optic ports. If you leave the machine on the initializing screen, after approxomately 20 minutes it will probably give you some ARCNET errors.
  14. The simple answer is No. The S-900/1700SA workstations use hardware to do the processing, where as the QSS-3300 uses software to do the processing. So the software for S-900/1700SA will be not work with 3300 PCI card. The CS-1 workstation can be changed into a S-900/1700SA by loading different software. In theory the QSS-3300 PCI interface card could be used to run a S2/S3 standalone scanner, but the trouble is Noritsu never wrote any software to make this possible. They created the LS-600/1100 and HS-1800 scanners instead.
  15. Enter the service mode, go to Menu → Extension → Maintenance → Data Transfer Test Click Yes Data Transfer. Check the results are all showing Good.