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  1. Great. Fuji paper is much more slippery compared to the Kodak paper. It's a common issue when people change from Kodak to Fuji paper.
  2. Have you cleaned the rubber rollers inside the magazine?
  3. The short answer is no. The scanner needs the image processing hardware, power supplies and the software from the printer to operate. For a standalone scanner you need a USB model like a LS-600, LS-1100 or HS-1800
  4. Distortion from the film carrier would be from left to right, this distortion appears to be from top to bottom, assuming this is 35mm film. So this issue can't be caused by a film carrier advance problem unless it is half frame or from 120 6x4.5 film.
  5. Is it giving any error message? Check the power supplies are all working for the scanner.
  6. Have you tried cleaning out the replenisher tanks + rep pumps & pipework? How about the water tank?
  7. In the service mode Initialise the scanner data and setup the scanner again. It will most likely need to be refocused again with the special Noritsu focus plates afterwards.
  8. Or you could print it on Positive with the digital ice turned off, then change it to monochrome.
  9. You need to check the temperature of the main tank solution and the sub tank solution with a thermometer. They should be close.If the readings are very different the problem will be caused by poor circulation, blocked chemical filter, blocked pump etc. If the temperature readings are similar, the problem will be electronic, most likely the heaters are not fully switching off. If this is the case, the Main relay board (J391274) will be the most likely cause.
  10. Have a look here lots of W2K stuff http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1299806.html Personally I would just use a G31 or G41 motherboard with a core 2 duo processor, these have standard drivers for W2K.
  11. If it works with XP I'm sure you can find drivers to make it work with W2K. There are hacks that can be made to W2K see more than 2 processor cores. What is the exact motherboard model you are using?
  12. Go back to using Windows 2000 then it will work.
  13. Dave S


    What versions of Windows are supported?
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