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  1. 3702 poor output on red object

    I'm not sure what your point is? You are comparing two completely different printing methods, one is a photographic print the one is an inkjet print. Yes inkjet printers have a wider colour gamut range compared to a true photographic print, but does this make the prints from these printers better? It's all down to personal choice as to what you prefer, personally I like my prints to look natural and to not have that over saturated over contrast look that inkjet prints tend to exhibit.
  2. 3702 poor output on red object

    Actually in some areas it exceeds sRGB! Yes I agree that the red gamut is not quite as wide as sRGB, but it's the closest colour space to work from. I suspect that on today's Fuji paper it would be a bit better than on this graph from 2003. The professional papers will give a wider gamut range over the non professional paper. If the machines monitor is calibrated correctly, it should pretty much match the output print very closely (assuming the lighting you are viewing the print in is daylight balanced). The only way to ensure you can use the full colour range of your printer is to have a custom profile made for it.
  3. 3702 poor output on red object

    Yes the output colour space for Silver halide printers is very close to sRGB so you will never get bright vivid reds. https://www.drycreekphoto.com/Learn/color_spaces.htm
  4. Ez Controller Software Download

    What you need is NetOrder Printer Connection Software, this allows EZ controller to communicate with the 32 series via Net Order mode.
  5. Ez Controller Software Download

  6. The most likely problem is bad chemistry. Try changing the BF first, if the STB looks dirty change that as well. If that doesn't help the CD will probably be contaminated, in which case you will need to drain out the CD tank solution and fill up with clean water twice to make sure it is clean before mixing fresh CD tank solution. (Tank solution= CD + Starter + extra Water).
  7. Where do buy chemicals?

    Really 35mmDSLR? What you’re saying is simply untrue. Minilab service is one of the most honest helpful guys out there, I’ve worked with him for many years, he has great knowledge and he often goes above and beyond to help people out. I think you need to look in the mirror 35mmDSLR.
  8. For the Synchronous Sensor error, the error number will be 6073, there is no suffix number for this error on the 33 series. Try replacing the Red AOM driver.
  9. Kodak G3 not sending orders

    The connection issue I was having was between a Kodak Kiosk and a Noritsu 3011DLS minilab, this is a completely different setup to your APEX system. So the problem is not related to the one you are having with APEX.
  10. Does anyone know of a reliable independent engineer that can repair and service Epson wide format printers in the London area? PM me if you like.
  11. The connection with the Noritsu is just the same as networking any 2 computers together. The only thing that can be a bit tricky is connecting the old Windows 2000 OS to newer OS's like Windows 10. I'm guessing you had a network share on your laptop that was accessed by the Noritsu? If so, as long as you keep the Laptop computer name, Workgroup name, (folder)share name and IP address the same as it was, you shouldn't have any problems connecting to the laptop from the Noritsu after getting it fixed.
  12. Drivers for a lab Pc

    The PC-NRT-RS13 came with a 2 disk recovery CD, there were no separate driver disks. It's listed as a Ricoh FB14Q. I know the Ricoh FB11 is actually manufactured by Supermicro (P8SGA-V) Look for different model numbers printed on the motherboard, sometimes hidden under the Ricoh labels.
  13. This post was made in January. I think it's likely to have been fixed by now!
  14. Noritsu Calibration

    The MMC has an Auto focus motor that moves the carriage up and down to adjust for different thickness of mounted slide. It does this on every slide that it scans, or on the first slide of the order depending upon the setting in operator selections. Check the operation of the AF motor in output check. Make sure the 2 AF mirrors are clean.