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  1. Hello,

    I saw on an old post that you had the software for a Noritsu V50RA, I am desperately looking for this since months, would you be kind enough to give them to me ?

    Many thanks, have a great day !

    1. kodak_service




      I did not encounter any problems that required the replacement of software in these devices. What happened to your V50?

  2. 2901

    Try replacing the MLVA lamp power supply.
  3. NORITSU 3300- laser settings adjustment

    Reconnect the connectors 1532 and 1540 on Laser I/O PCB.
  4. This is possible, but requires a lot of effort from a qualified engineer. In short, you need to do the following: -turn off all circulation pumps and all heaters (in tanks and drying); - block the level sensors of working and replenishing tanks; - replace all thermosensors with constant resistors of the appropriate value; -pour out all solutions.
  5. Blue blocks on test strip

    Try to exchange the Printer Control PCB.
  6. help me error ez controller

    15000-00003 Photo Retouching Module does not exit. Try reinstall EZ-Ccontroller.
  7. A silent (dumb) QSS-3501 Plus after FLOOD

    Check the lighting of LEDs 1, 2, 3 and 7 on Laser Control PCB. All have to shine.
  8. Noritsu S-2 Error Message

    The suffix 5000 is equivalent to the sum of two suffixes 1000 and 4000. You have two problems at the same time: 1000 The scanner status is BUSY when checking at startup. 4000 The communication between the image processing PCB and AFC/scanner control PCB has some problems.
  9. You shall upgrade the software to version 4.01 or later..
  10. 2901 intermittent lines

    Please, make the scan of one line with high quality (more than 600 dpi).
  11. 2901 Printing Problem

    Try to reconnect the flat cables on Data Output PCB.
  12. 2901 Printing Problem

    This problem often appears in 2901. You need to replace Drive Voltage PCB J390638.
  13. QSS-Smart printer

    See here http://www.noritsu-precision.com/en/info/detail/11
  14. Problem with black

    You must change calibration plate.
  15. Noritsu 3300 + S2 Scanner Banding Lines Issue

    Usually such problems happen because of faulty green channel LED-unit. Part of green LEDs burn down and the green line in LED-unit becomes faltering. Look at a condition of a LEDs in Input Check. It should be done with a remote negativemask and by means of dark glass.