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  1. Hi guys! I replace my Noritsu 2611 with Fuji frontier LP 1000P. First month I’m cleaning all machine, tanks, replenishent pumps because was too rusty. While I was brushing my Frontier I see is similar like Noritsu. After cleaning - first picture - I was wondering!!!! were excellent!!! First problem is: with Frontier LP 1000 I did not get any instalation FD or CD with software for Scanner or Image processor. Fuji PC is made 1997 and OS is Win NT 3.51 and I'm afraid that the PC weakest link in proces In user manual I see that installation CD contains setup softw and app with name DIPPSET .EXE And FD with name “A” i “B” conatains LUT dat . if someone could send instalation software or tell me wher I could find ? Thanks! My screen
  2. Hi my Noritsu friends! There was a time to change my 2611 which me faithfully served, I buying a used minilab, but I do not know what to get… Budget is limited to 4.000 Euro…. In offer I have 1. Konica R1 1000 price 3.500 Euro 2. Kodak system 88+ price 2.500 Euro 3. ??????? So please everyone give me your thinking which is better in reliability and laser-lcd endurance/ cost repair. Number 3 is your suggestion
  3. Thanks Dave!! Problem solved! Im needed 4 x -5.0 Densiti it would be good. Dave you are the King
  4. Hello friends! I have problem with printing pictures from negative film, pictures a too black (exposure time is long). (Dihronic filter slowly work) No errors- I clean completely lamphouse section and dihronic filter sliders, clean zoom lens. I change reflector lamp and make setings and its OK (picture 1) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-cKjmOYpKc6N21MSzM1blk5ZlE/view?usp=sharing I try Emulsion number change and test is OK (picture 2) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-cKjmOYpKc6M0FRa2xMc0xrVlU/view?usp=sharing But when printing from 35mm negative on 135 ANM picture are dark (picture 3) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-cKjmOYpKc6bVdIYUp2VFRCTU0/view?usp=sharing I try put value of Density before printing to “A” (density value -1.-2, -3, -4……-9, A, B, C, D, E) (picture 4) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-cKjmOYpKc6U2FhVlVjZVVubW8/view?usp=sharing Any good idea that I can use to fix the problem…. Thanks!
  5. Hi! I need poppet valve for 2611 I find some valve on ebay for 7-8 $ but shipping is too much for this. I searching for less shipping! Thanks!
  6. Hi all! My 2611 with VFP8 working perfectly Only I hawn't Noritsu "white grease" for lubrication bolt of VFP8 head. What else grease I can use for lubrication VFP8 bolt? Thanks!
  7. Hi Toufik! do you mean on System Software (1-A ... 1-F) Floppy disks for 2611?
  8. I haven't more Kodak paper to do test, and can remember how look Kodak test, but I think Fuji test is lighter. I buy Kodak paper and try make again test and will see I make 18 step setup but speed is same (each of color vfp make for 1 min).. I can't select "Shif 3" not exist, only "Shift 2" Maybe, how you say Dave, Fuji paper needs a slightly longer exposure time, but is no logic. Thanks Dave.
  9. Dave I not understand this: I make daly setup: - put paper magazine - Kodak - surface (1) speed VFP-8 is 58pct/hr - take out Kodak paper and load paper magazine - Fuji - surface (2) speed VFP-8 is 40pct/hr Is not same CD temperature for both of them? I try again make 18 step setup print, and before clean densitometer...
  10. I use Kodak paper 4x6 inch and processing speed VFP-8 was 58 print/hour. And, I want to cross on Fuji paper, I change paper in paper magazine and make only "emulsion nuber change" after this procedure processing speed VFP-8 is fall down 40 print/hour! Where I mistake? And how back processing speed on 58 print/hour? Thanks
  11. I just upload video and see what happened http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBN4W_jxtNU
  12. Colopt, yes paper is getting creased before exposure, but I put in paper magazine new 102 paper but same take, seems to me that paper pass exposure deck unit but paper advance unit does not take paper and send to chemical process (cd-bf-stb) Error code 6017-22 6017-32 6017-02
  13. Today all day I have problem with this message. I cleaning all sensors buth nothing... First in morning I successfully produced 150 photos, and then began crease paper before cutter unit, or pass exposure deck section, but paper advance unit do not switch cut paper in upper guide 1. Sometimes manages to send 3-4 photos and right side paper advance unit rolled paper down...help what can i do?