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  1. Frontier 370 Developer Startup from CP48LR

    Hello All, I was curious if anyone has ever changed out their developer working tank on a Frontier 370 using the mix from CP48LR box instead of buying 4 boxes of the developer startup that would cost a $$$. A tech friend of mine heard it was possible but is not sure of how to do it. Thanks!
  2. Frontier 370 E-2504 E-2505 E-2506

    In case anyone happens to see this... I solved the problem. The AC to DC converter box went bad and was not supplying any DC current to the machine. Replaced the power box and problem solved.
  3. Frontier 370 E-2504 E-2505 E-2506

    Hello, Lately we have been having an issue were the Frontier 370 will start up and then just shut off without any alarm while it is booting up. Sometimes it will just shut off out of no where. Now when trying to start it up we get Errors: E-2504, E-2505, E-2506 with a continuous alarm going off and no start up on the Frontier. These relate to cooling fans for the AOM, Scanning lamp and FM. Also P1 heat sensor trips. I am assuming that there may be a problem with either PDC20 or CTL20 boards. Hoping for some ideas or thoughts other than just replacing these $$$ boards. Thanks a bunch. -Bob
  4. Fp563 Film Processor Heater H1 Error

    Hello, We have a Fujifilm FP563SCAL film processor and its throwing a H1 heater error. A quick fix was to turn off the machine, wait a few minutes and turn it back on. Then two solid state relays burnt out and we replaced them. Things were ok for a little while and now H1 error is coming back. The solid state relays look fine. A friend of mine told me there is a fix or patch that you can do by adding a wire to the back of the board to keep the heater from tripping off but he can't find the instructions on how to do it anymore. Anyone have any thoughts on this other than spending $600 on a board? Thanks, Bob
  5. Frontier 370 Worm Gear

    Thanks for the images... I have that page in my book... but I highlighted the gear that I am referring to in this image.
  6. Frontier 370 Worm Gear

    Hi - I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out. I need to replace the worm gears on the upper part of the Vertical Shaft Assembly for all the racks. In the parts book it is only listed as the Vertical Shaft Assemble with one part number 319H0043 (currently looking at P1) Fuji and others have worm gears listed with part #327F4128R01 http://www.cinidyne.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=123_67_10_57&products_id=808 But this part is only for the lower worm gears, the first one is a bit different and I can't find the part. Rather not have to pay for the whole assembly. Thanks if anyone knows this part #
  7. Frontier 350 paper magazine problem

    Hi, If you get more jams near the end of a roll it may be from the humidity. If the air is really dry it may cause the paper to curl more and then cause jams. Durring dry times we use a humidfier to help with this. Also check to see if there are any damages to the magazine itself. There is an adjustment nub near the corner of the magazine, sometimes people try to adjust this with a screwdriver and break it off... if its missing then this may cause the magazine not to sit right in the machine. Let me know what you find out... Good luck!
  8. Frontier 370 White Edge on print

    Hi All, I am printing with a Frontier 370 and I am getting a small (1-2mm) white edge on the ends of my prints. The white edge is slightly crooked, being thicker on one side and getting thinner towards the other side. I only get this when I print 3.5x5" prints with 5" paper loaded. I tried callibrating the paper feed for 5" paper but even with shortening the calibration it it still there. I'm not sure what could be causing this... Is it possible the paper is going through crooked perhaps? Thanks for any help! Robert Attached is a sample print to look at...
  9. 370 Back Print Problem

    Cleaned the pins... its comes and goes... my guess is they still maybe dirty. The more prints I run the better it seems to get... but there is a small scratch going down the back of the brint between but back print lines... don't know whats causing it. Will search a little more to see the cause of the scratch.
  10. LUT CD Installation help

    Hi All, I Received a new LUT cd from Fuji ver 3a and of course it didn't come with any instructions for installing it. I tried running it from explorer and I get an error... could not write to printer backup memory, call a rep. Anyone have the proper procedures for installing a LUT cd or anything else that can help would be great! Thanks, Robert Frontier 370 Pic 2.6
  11. 370 Back Print Problem

    Frontier 370... Sorry I had the model # in the message topic.
  12. 370 Back Print Problem

    I can't seem to get both top and bottom of the back print working. The Bottom is fine but the top is coming out with only some lines here and there. Removed ribbons, checked for debris around print heads, put ribbons back in. Ribbons are brand new. Can't see anything physically wrong with print heads or the assembly. Anyone have any ideas? I also switched ribbons around and still the same problem. Thanks A Bunch!