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  1. price of  gate for im1500

    I don't know the price, but I may have a second hand one. I need to check my box.
  2. HD movies

    If you don't compress the file, the quality should be alright. If you want to enhance the quality, probablly you need some pro. hardware and software, taht may cost you fortune. I use Ulead Video Studio. it is support Blue-Ray. I am happy with that. But some customer bring some very bad quality video source, even worse than VHS. I still do not know how to make it better.

    If you didn't touch super user setting. you can try shut the machine down ,wait a few minutes and reboot the machine. I am not sure it will work, just try.
  4. Now I will go Dry Lab, I need find a place for my DKS 1500. If anyone want it, please contact me. I am in Australia. Pickup is highly prefered.
  5. Kis System KODAK1500 80DLS

    I got the same problem, Paskro said it is 24 pixel problem. I am suffering.
  6. Dear all, I got a second hand G3 Kiosk, but I urgently need a initialization CD and Application CD, anyone can share to me? I got Recovery CD, if anyone need it, I can share. Thanks a lot.
  7. Initialization CD and applicationCD for G3

    Anyone can help? :'(
  8. Dear all, Is there anyone can share your initialization CD and application CD for Kodak G3 Kiosk. I tried my local Kodak service team, they said they won't provide service to G3 anymore. Can anyone help me? otherwise... I 'd like to pay a reasonable price for the CD. and If anyone need Recovery CD, I can share. Thanks
  9. Thanks a lot ,Pskaro, I think I need sometime to read all the messages. Have a good weekend.
  10. Thank you frenchman for you reply. I am waiting Pskaro now. Hope he could help me.
  11. Hi, there, Anyone can help me, I am nearly despaired.
  12. Hi there, I use recover CD recovered the OS this morning successfully, but the Kiosk as me to insert application CD. I tried V4.1 V5.0 v2.1 For G4, the kiosk just like dead. I remember Frenchman had told me, I need install initialization CD and then install application CD. They both need to be early version. But I don't have them. Can anyone give me some suggestion? or can share with me? Thanks a lot
  13. Hi,All I tried again to activate the DLS enabler 2.0, but the system says "fatal error"( PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT), I don't know if I did something wrong? and anyone can tell me how to uninstall the Noristus -Non DLS enabler. Thanks
  14. Hi, Pskaro, I got new trouble. Yesterday, I got a 600 standard prints order, but after 60-80 prints the photos come out with strips, please see the attachment( I marked with yellow arrow). Later I found if I give the lab about 10 minutes break. the prints will back to normal, but after 60-80 prints, the strips come out again. I don't know what the problem. Can you give me some suggestion? Thanks and regards,
  15. Hi all, I just come back from the seller, he does not have a enabler for DKS lab, if anyone can share it or where I can download one. Thank you.