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  1. Chopper

    Dry Labs

    Epson D700 unit all the way for us the unit comes with a full warranty which can be extended for three years and the quality is amazing we use it for all our studio print work. When i grow the business i will be looking at the SLD 3000 Epson Lab
  2. Chopper

    Fujifilm Kiosk Terminals

    Kodak G4XL11 widescreen kiosks will output to some models of Epson printer, whilst others would need Kodak Apex to manage the orders.
  3. What paper do you recommend for use in a Inkjet drylab, has anyone tried the Spectra jet range ?
  4. Tetenal Uk can help with all paper and chemical supplies 0116 289 3644
  5. Epson SLD-3000 comes in two models which are the Single Roll and Double roll units both have the three year warranty including the print head !
  6. Epson D700 units are now in stock at Tetenal, the quality is absolutely amazing !
  7. Epson now have released the D700 sure lab which is the same as the Fuji DX100. Also the Epson SLD-3000- Sure lab is the same as the DL650 from Fuji , However the Epson Lab comes with 3 years warranty covering all items including the print head! Big saving big piece of mind !
  8. Chopper

    Dry labs

    Thermal is waterproof
  9. Chopper

    Dry labs

    Many people are keeping there existing 5 year + minilabs the machines are all paid for, so the only cost is maintaining them. No matter what part goes wrong it will never cost as much to fix as purchasing a new drylab! Well this is simply not true in relation to cost, if you need a laser on a Certain Noritsu and other digital models then the cost could be 15k, well a Kodak Apex can be yours for considerably less than that !!!!
  10. Chopper

    Dry labs

    Wet labs are not cheaper to run. In fact if you work all the costs and the increase in silver prices, power and labour costs then Dry labs are a much stronger bet and additional service. As for dmax I would put all the dry labs up against wet labs
  11. Chopper

    Dry labs

    Well Mark we finally agree look at DNP and Kodak Apex
  12. Chopper

    Noritsu Film Processor required

    I have one full working condition though, you can buy it if you want! Private message me and I will talk to you qbout it. Regards Chops
  13. Chopper

    Driver Kodak 7000

    Actually Mark it was replaced by the 6850 not the 605, the 605 was for the gs compact
  14. Chopper

    Driver Kodak 7000

    If you have the 6800 machine you have the most reliable printer on the market !!!
  15. Chopper

    Driver Kodak 7000

    You can't run a 7000 6" printer from a PC