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  1. Hi! I have Epson d700 printer and would like to start make double side photo books and other photo gifts. Can anyone here like to tell me what kind equipment i need to start? I allready make some greeting cards on mat paper and its great. Anyone with some information or idea would be great. Thanks.
  2. New life explained it all.
  3. Well nice, but in my country epson paper is cheaper then fuji paper. And prints with epson paper in epson printer are just great.
  4. Hi! Here is price for each paper size 9x13- 0,057 euro, 10x15- 0,078, 13x18- 0,11 , 15x21- 0,15, 20x30- 0,31, 20x60- 0,63, 20x100 - 1,11 euro. Epson technician say print head lifetime is 100000 prints but he say that will print more for sure. I have kodak 6850 printer and technician say that i can print with that printer about 70000-100000 prints before print head is broke,well i print 320000 prints and then print head broke. Price of head is about 600 euros.
  5. Epson d700 is in shop. Well instaling was finish in about 1,5 hour that include driver,software and calibration of paper. I only calibrate my monitor with spayder elite before they come. Pictures are all the same on all papers. Matt.lustre and glossy. What you see on the screen that goes out on prints,great. They put all this calibration data in firmware and that is it. We try to print 20x30 picture on lustre in sq and hq mode. You cant see diference,maybe in details but that is so litlle diference. Quality is great real great. I have kodak 6800 printers and using new apex paper in them but you just cant compare that in quality. Epson is much better. I saw many other dye sub prints but really cant compare with quality. And with wet lab in my opinion glossy is more glossy ,matt is better for sure and luster is same or even better, litlle in blacks and have more realistic colors. Oh and black and white is really black and white. On all papers whites are more whites and blacks are real blacks. Software order controller is nothing special but is good. You can adjust color,brigthness,contrast,sharpness,gamma,skin tone,red eye... But what is real great well for me that you can put in software any size that you like. For example put 15 cm width paper and of course you can make 10x15,15x21 but you can if you like put 15x36,or 15x55 and that you can make with any of paper sizes. They bring some photo books that was made with d700 just to say impressive. They bring and one photo book made with d3000 even better. Only bad thing for now is that pictures dont have any water mark or some epson sign on back of photo is just white back like on regular home ink jet papers. But of course this paper is much thicker and better cant compare. Well that is it for now any questions just ask. Tomorow is new day and new opportunity to get to know printer and software. But for now im really impressed with printer,paper,quality. Sorry for my bad english.
  6. On Thursday 11.12.14. technician from Epson coming with printer to install in my shop. If anyone have some question about printer and software just ask here or send me pm.
  7. Anyone here have Epson order controller software for Epson d700 printer? I would like to buy that software.
  8. Hi, please can anybody compare this two printers? Is the picture quality the same? I will buy one of those two but dont know wich one. Please help. Both printers are same price. Epson have litlle cheaper paper and catridges about 2%. But software is much more expensive then Fuji. I will buy one of those two for sure but please help me choose the right one.
  9. Try hama wi fi data reader device. You put a app on iphone,tablet... Conect your device with hama device thru wi fi network and then customer pick only pictures that like to print and send to hama device. I have one and work great. Other day one customer send me 280 pictures thru that conection all files transfered in about 3 minutes. Its super fast.
  10. Thanks! Well for speed no problem i have two kpk with 6,0 software and two kodak 6800 printers. Easy ,well i think kodak kiosk software is one on the best for easy use. For phone android ok, put out memory card and for iphone i have hama wi fi data reader its great stuff. Studio01 dont know what you say here about fb,whatsapp... i know quality is awful. Is there some software that can make it better or? I really thinking to buy new fuji s dx100 printer. For what i heard its a real game changer in our buisness (well thats my opinion). With that i can offer more sizes like 9x13,10x15,13x18,15,20,10x20,20x25,20x30,20x60,20x100.Im from town of about 100000 people here we have 6 foto shops including me. Maybe i need to offer something diffrent and more and of course better then my competition.
  11. Hi! Anyone here have some good advice or idea how to get people to print more and less keep on pc or cd/dvd...? Some good ad,lower price anything... Please help with some good advice or idea. I have feeling that here in my town i just need something good to get people going and they will start to print more. Thanks in advance.
  12. Anyone here own fuji frontier s dx100 or know about print quality?
  13. Hi! Can anyone tell me how much prints 4x6 can be made before need to replace the catridge and how is quality of prints compered to frontier lab wet lab?