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  1. Hi When I calibrate the densitometer with the calibrate chart the reading of the chart is O.K I replace the densitometer bulb and the white gray and black sticker The reading results of the paper test is O.K The problem happened when I tern off the printer and tern on when I ran anther paper test there is no results on the monitor and I can't complete the test. It work again only after I run again the calibrate cart again. ( the problem is that the data of the calibrate chart is not saved after I tern off the printer). Dks3 ver. 4.8 Pleas advice Thanes Arie
  2. In urgent need of help 急需帮助

    Hi, Laptom problem, the IMPAG PCB can't see the TANK PCB , no connection from the two pcb's you can tern off the and on the printer sam time it help to solve the problem . if not check if there is no 5 V volt on the TANK PCB ARIE,
  3. Urgent problem

    No, just under the board there is tow boards on is optical and the other is motor board you can switch between the boards but before change the Deep switch for the right position. Arie,
  4. Urgent problem

    Hi, Tray to reversed between the optical BCB and the motor PCB , and check if the problem is from the optical board. Arie.