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  1. Anthy

    Upgrading Kodak G3/GS Order Station

    Hello Brajt, You can better buy a second hand G4 instead of upgrading a G3. In my opinion it is much easier and cheaper in the end. And I don't think 8.1 will be running on a G3. Kind regards, Anthy
  2. Anthy

    Kodak G4 HDD to SSD

    Hello, I changed my HDD for a SSD and now a got a blue screen? Do I have to change settings in BIOS? Thanks in advance.
  3. Anthy

    Kodak 6800 White Vertical Lines

    Thanks for your help. I changed the thermal head and the problem is solved. I used one from my "spare parts printer".
  4. Anthy

    Kodak 6800 White Vertical Lines

    Hello, One of my Kodak 6800 printer shows two white vertical lines. I cleaned the head and the rollers but no positive result. Can someone please point me into the right direction so I can solve the problem. Thanks in advance.
  5. Anthy

    Kodak 6800 "paper Empty"

    Hello, I have firmware 235 on my machine. This is, in my opninion, the last one.
  6. Anthy

    Kodak 6800 "paper Empty"

    Hello, When I try to start my 6800 printer I get, after "initializing", the message "paper empty". But there is enough paper and ribbon in the machine. The advice in diagnostics is to clean "paper edge and paper size sensor". Can someone please tell me where to find those sensors? Thanks in advance. Anthy
  7. Anthy

    Density Adjustment 6800

    Hello, I have to adjust the density on one of my Kodak 6800 printers, but don't know how to do and also can't find the answer on the forum. Can anybody please tell me how to do it? For the better understanding, I use the printer standalone. Thanks in advance.
  8. Anthy

    Windows Control Panel

    I tried to enter safe mode, but I always got a blue screen. Thanks anyway for your help.
  9. Anthy

    Windows Control Panel

    I'm not familiar with Hiren's boot CD but I'd like to install different drivers and that is quite easy in control panel. But I'll be glad if someone has a better idea and likes to share. Thanks in advance.
  10. Anthy

    Windows Control Panel

    Thanks anyway for you answer. Kind regards, Anthy
  11. Anthy

    Windows Control Panel

    Thanks for your answer. I already tried this one, but when I push the windows key, nothing happens. There must be an other way to reach control panel.
  12. Anthy

    Windows Control Panel

    Hello, Can someone please help me to find out how to enter windows control panel on a Kodak kiosk running version 5 software. Thanks in advance, Anthy
  13. Anthy

    Upgrade hardware on G3

    Hello, Is it possible to use version V5.0 software te upgrade G3 or do I have to use version V4.0 first? Thanks in advance.
  14. Anthy

    Looking For Kodak 6850 Paper Flange

    Hello Simon, If you habe a KODAK sercive contract, you can get a pair of flanges for free. At least, that is how it works in the Netherlands. Kind regards, Anthy
  15. Anthy

    Kodak 6800 Photo Printer

    Did you look in the BIOS if the USB poorts are enabled?