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  1. Hey! After cloning my HDD does not working my index print. I klick on index button and sendprn and nothing happens, no error messages no order with one print, all the pictures all selected then pictures are coing to print waiting line but still no index. thinking that may be with cloning went some fail missing or some setting in program was changed ? Wich files should be there for index print or where is it possible to disable/enable inside program index print ( except the index button on main screen ) ? Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Hei! A colleague has on his Dks1550 burn out message. the problem appears if kis does not print 4 min. or more. If he keeps printing after less then 4 min. then is no problem. It does not matter if stop/go is green or red. Problem solution is right now restart the Dks program, then is no burn out messages unless he stops more then 4 min 1. Lamp changing is no solution 2. Term fuse near lamp is working, change it and it does not eliminated the error. 3. Lamp vent is working normally. 4. Magnet on the hood is OK. Could it be something with power ? but why is it then again okey if i restart only the program ? Maybe software ? Any ideas !
  3. Kis1550 Stb Chemistry Goes Bad

    the pumps are working fine and the refresh quantities are accurate.
  4. Kis1550 Stb Chemistry Goes Bad

    If i drop a silver spoon into fresh water tank...would it help ?
  5. Kis1550 Stb Chemistry Goes Bad

    would the cole filter to the same thing ?
  6. I-Magus Film Scanner Error Help Please..

    My is right now 19100 , should i change it to 19500 ? It scans fine but sometimes scans the space between frames....
  7. Kis1550 Stb Chemistry Goes Bad

    i'm using right now tetanal 2000sp, I try to figure out can i get the tetanal algenex colour in my country. Yes relaxia , its the middle tank...as strange as it is .... the first one and third one are getting not so fast bad, i change 5 or 6 time the middle one then i have to change 1 and 3 tank. I change the filters regulary and the turbins are working well , i changed even the turbin and the little O washer under the turbin. The water is pumped into 3 stb tank and from there it flowing to 2 and from there 1 , the same goes to the stb, the overflow canal are clean too.. STB pump amount is right now 43ml and water 212ml .
  8. Kis1550 Stb Chemistry Goes Bad

    thanks....i buy 10 L drink water from food supply and try with this ...see if this helps need to find also FUJI tablets in my country
  9. Hey! Problem is with middle stb tank. It goes bad with 5 - 8 days. ( starts smell bad and also takes onto self goose-flesh ) I emptied all 3 tanks from chemi, cleaned them with hydra, cleaned rollers also with hydra and with running water, but clean water onto tanks and started machine and printed some pictures to be sure that all places get cleaned. Cleaned tanks agin and filled with stb. Changed also filters. All this does not help. STB goes still bad with a week or less debends on how many work i have. This problem hunts some of friends to..they exchange the STB even after 2 day and all 3 tanks. Changing filter often does also not remove the problem Should i clean the tanks with some other chemie to kill the bacteria ? Could it be water ? i work in shopping center and it 3 year old , have central water. have to say that 2 years ago i never had that problem...machine worked well with same amount work and stb never got bad. Filter pumps running nicely Any advice !
  10. Hei! I m using Kodak Ektacolor RA-4 paper with my KIS 1550 and the colors are correct and fine. I bought one box Tura Platinum RA-4 for try and the colors are significantly worse , green hue is over the ohter color. I did paper setup and it shows the perfect score. Do I have to change in SU mode something more for this type of paper ? Paper response do something ohter ?
  11. 1510, Image A Litlle Rotate

    For ghosting hard disk is very nice and simple program like " O & O Diskimage " You do with it the backup with working software do another harddrive and when problem occurs with the software you just change the harddrive with 10 minits and it-s working again. try change the sensor position manually. 0.5 mm right or left and see if that helps...
  12. Please Help With Sensor Location

    Machine is working and the problem was the impaq 2 board. Probably it was the short circuit on the optic board what caused that problem.
  13. Please Help With Sensor Location

    i gave it for repair ..thumbs up and lets hope the man can do a magic
  14. Facial Skin Smoothing Function

    Hi I found the best thing for photoshop is IMAGENOMIC PORTRAITURE. http://imagenomic.com/pt.aspx why is it the best! there you can create a separate transparent layer with changes and then delete on the layer those areas you dont want touch. Also you can change everithing you want there, but the automate settings are good enough. works with CS and ELEMENTS and with 64bit. i use it years and i'm happy with it. PS! it works with one photo at a time.
  15. Please Help With Sensor Location

    Thanks relaxia. Yes i changed the motor and there was no difference. I had today a luck to try my impaq board ( on the picture brown ) on a second machine in another city and it gave the same results. the stepper motor does not work with my board. Is it possible to repair the board or have i buy a new one ?