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  1. kpk-apex v7.2/2.2+ flashdrive

    Does anyone have the files on this flash drive? I managed to corrupt my transcend 8gb need to upgrade 7.1 to 7.2 thx george
  2. kpm g4 remote manager

    I have a g4 KPK4.0 SP2 Have it setup working 100% for facebook etc. During the nite it goes and grabs Walmart pricing and over-wrights our pricing. If I go into diagnostics -app health check- I see that walmart canada enabler v1.0 and several other walmart related lines show up. How do I get it to stop getting this information? without disconnecting facebook? Heeelllppp
  3. g4 monitor elo

    Turns out it is a FPM 1025 monitor. Any idea where I can get a new screen for a reasonable price?
  4. g4 monitor elo

    I need to order a new monitor for my g4 does anyone know the elo part number? There are loads of elo touch monitors on ebay, wanna make sure it fits.
  5. kodak g4 usb port

    Thx for your help, took all of 2 minutes....armed with info...The customer managed to break the little white connector in the usb port OUT and gone. I sure hope they wrecked their USB stick. Thanks all!!!
  6. kodak g4 usb port

    Thx for the help. I got a used board on ebay for $50. Is it possible to pop the grey cover off and simply swap out the card? Is there a trick to it? Thx
  7. kodak g4 usb port

    Some idiot destroyed the usb port on the front of my G4. Does anyone know offhand whether it plugs into a 2.0 port or directly onto the motherboard? I want to order the part before I open it up to replace it. There are several relacement options I see on Ebay Thx in advance

    I tried these patches but they made no difference

    Just upgraded G4 from 1.7 to 2.0 no problems. Is working great, except in ID photo's, fails with "EDIT HELPERS 80FEA16B-608" It then copies an error file onto a CD any ideas? I have the error file saved. thx
  10. g4 touchscreen problem

    Well I upgraded to V1.7 and got the touchscreen going, but I cannot get into the calibrate the screen area becos the driver is wrong. It works sort of ok but not great. I need a new driver for the touchscreen can anyone help? Thx
  11. g4 touchscreen problem

    I have a new to me G4, I have installed system reinstall software and 5.2 and 5.2 sp2 patch but the usb mictro touch ex11 touchscreen cd fails with a Newdev.dll Not Found error i have tried everything i can think of. can anyone help
  12. KPK G4 Windows Embedded user and pass

    check for PM thx a lot
  13. KPK G4 Windows Embedded user and pass

    What is the procedure to ghost my G3 V1.7 running on Win2000? Is there a hidden menu which allows you to create a ghost CD? I have a machine I cannot get going. Also will it ghost onto a XP machine?