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  1. Hello technicians. Please I need help. I have some strange and difficult problems with QSS 3201SD. I don't have any error messages but I have bad and strange photos, images are doubled on the same pieces of paper and so much parasite & Noise. Some times I have normal print with good sharpness. I already changed original laser gun blue with driver, B-AOM, Laser control PCB, Printer I/O PCB, Main PCI PCB. I also checked the laser power supply and the multi power supply, everything is working good and nothing changes, sometimes I have normal print, something like 10 good photos, but no more than that. I will get really crazy form this problem. Can you please let me know what how I can solve this problem .I changed the LVDS cable from another machine Qss 33. But I still have the same problem . Please I need help Thanks a lot. See here some samples of the photo's: nikonimagespace.com http://img.gg/BiNhjF7
  2. I Like To Bye New Lcd Kis 1550

    Hello Friends I have problem with my LCD for KIS1550 i Like to bye New new LCD block how can sell this please and how can make me understand how Upgrading Lamp with LED Thanks Friends
  3. Dks 1500 Service Manual

    Thanks So much akis GR for your help.
  4. Ciclone Board & Lcd Problem Dks 1550

    Thanks So much Studio01
  5. Hello friends, I have a problem with my DKS 1550. The photos is black and had a lot of lines. Can someone help me please?
  6. Dks 1500 Service Manual

    Hello please I need the instruction manual for DKS 1550 can you please send this for me