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  1. ignore me (was right - had a moment) , the printer had been deselected somehow.
  2. Hi All, Got an issue (or i am having a moment) with my dks1550, gone to do some prints this morning and everything seems ok but can't seem to send prints to printer. It is forcing me to select output selection as star, archive cd etc but can't get it to actually print, any ideas? thanks in advance. Steve
  3. Haven't changed pc, only added ssd and gigabit network card, images from kiosk work quicker to ssd, thumbs seem to load marginally quicker but thought that as the machine is working and transferring to archive folder it may speed up a fraction if they went to the ssd instead of the ide drive?? Any thoughts??
  4. Perhaps if i explain a little better the reason, i have a solid state drive installed as a second drive and was hoping to send the archive to and from there rather than the ide to see if it helps speed up the machine (even if just a little)?
  5. Hi, Am wondering if anyone knows how to change the archive location in the dks1550 software so that the files go to a different location and the archive button looks at a different location for those files? thanks in advance
  6. I had this issue a few years ago, if i remember correctly when you open up the back of the screen on the left/right depending on how you are looking at it there is a small pcb board about 2cm x 10cm with a couple of 2/3 wire plugs into it, i replaced it and it fixed the problem. I got the part from photo-me which was surprisingly cheap, i seem to think about £15-20 (at that time).
  7. Hi,Relaxia/Pskaro, I seem to have solved the problem, the ribbon cable in the turret going to (presuming called sequencer) board was catching the lenses when rotating, don't know why it should have been as issue suddenly, have tucked it up out the way and seems to be all ok. Should there be a clip for it?
  8. Does this make sense to anyone?
  9. have spoken to a tech support person who suggests it is a fault with a cable refered to as an x9 problem. It goes between machine, impag & squencer?.
  10. Hi Pskaro, Tried the 6x4's and they seem to be ok again but haven't printed 5x7 again, it really seems as though it could be a sensor or motor for the positioning of the turret, almost like it is jamming when rotating to a certain position. I have tried greasing the bearings but it didn't help, i found in another thread but can't find now something about how to adjust sensor or position? Would like to leave boards until last resort/fully explored these other avenues. thanks steve
  11. To add to this it seems as though the len/lcd isn't rotating correctly as have just had some 6x4's through that are rotated 15-20 degrees.
  12. Hi All, Seem to have a problem with the lens/lcd turret mechanism. It makes an awful knocking noise (which is then reverb'd through the turret panels) sometimes when activating and end up with blank white prints. I am getting some prints through, the best i can work out is that it seems to be 5x7 prints that causes the issue, would 5x7 use it's own lens part? Does anyone have any pointers? many thanks in advance. Steve
  13. Hi Relaxia, Wished I knew enough to help you as you help soo many others. regards
  14. Hi Tony, How are you getting on with your e-station?
  15. Hi Tony, No experience of these however you have checked the places I would have, can you message the people selling to find out where they currently get from? I used to have an early noritsu drylab till they stopped selling the ink so I had to junk a working machine! Thought you had a minilab?