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  1. The boss changed the lamps on the scanner and MLVA at the end of the day on Tuesday, the next morning on startup, doing the normal Daily setup, the color of the daily setups is way out. The black have an absolute blue cast, and the MLVA values show the Yellow on the higher density strips as reading around 1- 1.0, way below the M & C values of 2.2- 2.3 etc. We have tried another lamp, performed the lamp change setup, done a full paper setup, restored backups, done the Load voltage adjustment, checked the process control, reconfirmed the calibration card data, calibrated the colorimeter etc etc. Have cleaned and checked dichroics in MLVA lamphouse also........ We cannot print so we are desperate for some assistance. Any ideas on where to start? Thanks in anticipation Nikki
  2. kodakman7

    Kodak VC Problems Anyone?

    Hi yes I have had the same problems with VC- green tinge to blacks etc. I am running a 2901- loved the old Supra- but VC has been a pain. Apparently the data was in Profile 7.08 or around that version but has been omitted from later profiles. I have a beta profile version from Kodak which is a huge improvement over V7.01 which I had and V7.11 which doesnt have the data- it is emulsion #153 in the profile data. Apparently as someone else noted, it will be all caught up in a version 8 profile.