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  1. Hello everyone, The short story is - after 14 years with FUJI SFA 238 with Digital Carrier eFilming my dad bought used Frontier 340. I`m not sure the software installed on in but company who installed it said it is customized software from Frontier 500. Probablly FE with some additions. The computer is Dell Optiplex 960 with core duo and Windows XP. Is it possible to install imaging cotroler software on widows 7 X64 and have more than 4 gb of ram? Is there newer possible software for computer and Frontier? MS01??? I need to tell that working with this software is pain in the A$$ compared with some old chinese software for eFilming. The biggest drawback is working with resolution 800x600 to see 6 images full screen ( I know that it is from 2004 but still ... ) and no posibiliti of reviewing order before print or reprint additional photos from it.
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