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  1. erwannsmall

    Im1500 help needed

    Hello when i had a DKS 750 i had change the lamp of the im 1500 and he work fine all lamps are not the same for color
  2. erwannsmall

    DKS 3 - all pumps make strange sound

    I have post the picture but i also don't see any picture I retry
  3. erwannsmall

    DKS 3 - all pumps make strange sound

    Hello if you have the same pumps look at the picture.maybe it is this little thing Have a good year!
  4. erwannsmall

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    You to and for all the photographers family
  5. erwannsmall

    Dks 750 Problem

    hello have you a pci hr card or ravage? i had this problem with pci hr and i change this card because the memory was out. also maybe the cable is out have a good year
  6. erwannsmall

    Icc Profile Dks 750

    hello it is not a ink printer and you have not a icc profile.
  7. erwannsmall

    Etalonnage Dks 750

    Hello I change the sensor monday and it work fine today. MERCI ENCORE !
  8. erwannsmall

    Etalonnage Dks 750

    thanks for your replay. i have another sensor and I will try this weekend Thanks
  9. erwannsmall

    Etalonnage Dks 750

    Hello depuis quelques jours l'étalonnage de la dks ne fonctionne plus . la lampe du densito fonctionne mais le switch ne fonctionne plus uniquement quand la lampe s'éclaire. le comptage des photos refonctionne aprés une minute suite à l'arret de la lampe. J'ai changé l'alim derriére la dks mais pas de changement. merci d'avance pour vos réponses.
  10. erwannsmall

    Dks 750 Hardware

    hello i have put xp sp3 on my dks but after a crash i return to sp1 and now windows want install "other pci bridge device" and don't find it have you a solution or a copy of this driver regards erwann.
  11. erwannsmall

    Dks 750 Problem Picture

    hello have you see that before : i stop the work saturday and this morning i cannot have a good job 2 pictures on the same picture and no complete it's on a old dks 750 with pcihr not ravage. is my MB out or another problem thanks for all responses regards from France
  12. erwannsmall

    Voltage Pcihr

    thanks Perica
  13. erwannsmall

    Pci-Hr Card Dks 750

    hello you can send me those and i will test if they are good for me. regards
  14. erwannsmall

    Voltage Pcihr

    hello everybody i am searching voltages p 1 to p 15 for pcihr 3.1 (old dks 750) i have find for pcihr ver 4.0 but is not the same thanks for all regards
  15. erwannsmall

    E-station problem

    hello the pictures are upload in disk c: and not in disk d: and disk c: is full try to change the path of work