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  1. I have post the picture but i also don't see any picture I retry
  2. Hello if you have the same pumps look at the picture.maybe it is this little thing Have a good year!
  3. You to and for all the photographers family
  4. hello have you a pci hr card or ravage? i had this problem with pci hr and i change this card because the memory was out. also maybe the cable is out have a good year
  5. hello it is not a ink printer and you have not a icc profile.
  6. Hello I change the sensor monday and it work fine today. MERCI ENCORE !
  7. thanks for your replay. i have another sensor and I will try this weekend Thanks
  8. Hello depuis quelques jours l'étalonnage de la dks ne fonctionne plus . la lampe du densito fonctionne mais le switch ne fonctionne plus uniquement quand la lampe s'éclaire. le comptage des photos refonctionne aprés une minute suite à l'arret de la lampe. J'ai changé l'alim derriére la dks mais pas de changement. merci d'avance pour vos réponses.
  9. hello i have put xp sp3 on my dks but after a crash i return to sp1 and now windows want install "other pci bridge device" and don't find it have you a solution or a copy of this driver regards erwann.
  10. hello have you see that before : i stop the work saturday and this morning i cannot have a good job 2 pictures on the same picture and no complete it's on a old dks 750 with pcihr not ravage. is my MB out or another problem thanks for all responses regards from France
  11. thanks Perica
  12. hello you can send me those and i will test if they are good for me. regards
  13. hello everybody i am searching voltages p 1 to p 15 for pcihr 3.1 (old dks 750) i have find for pcihr ver 4.0 but is not the same thanks for all regards
  14. hello the pictures are upload in disk c: and not in disk d: and disk c: is full try to change the path of work
  15. Hello i have a problem with my film developper aks 32 did you know where i can find or buy pieces for this machine ? salutations from france